gettin’ hot

Sunday, Easy run with Brent. Steve Shaffer also came by, but he walked today. Went about 6-7 miles, chillin. Joseph ran on his own earlier.

Monday, did not get to run, as at work we hosted the North American Dipterists Society Field Meeting, and I was out catching bugs and stuff! Fun though. We also saw several snakes over the weekends. Folks saw a pygmy rattlesnake, a couple of timber rattlesnakes, some cotton mouths, copperheads, a rough green snake, and a ring necked snake.

Tuesday, ran at 3:45 pm and it was pretty dern warm!! Kamua, Arash, and Brent joined Joseph and I as we did a 5 miles route thru town after starting at the South Farm. After the first mile, we picked it up and ran pretty fast for much of the rest of the way. I started us, then Kamau and Joseph pulled me the last couple of miles and starting pulling away, but I caught those punks at a light and we finished up together. Brent and Arash dropped off a bit after about a mile and a half, and actually took a short cut back! We ended up catching them and finishing up a good bit ahead. It was hot! Did I mention that? Yeah. Even so, I was just over 31 minutes for the run.

Kamau and Arash

Kamau and Arash

Wednesday, Chad the wild drummer man Anderson joined Joseph and I today for the first time. This crazy art professor joker started running somewhat recently and has lost 60 pounds since he started! We are about the same height and now he weighs less than me! Showoff. Chad has been running some 5 and 10ks here and there with his 5ks somewhere around 26 minutes. Today, he kept up with us for about two miles at a pretty easy pace for us, but a very good pace for him. If he had made one more mile at that pace, he would have had a fantastic 5k PR! Way to go dude!

Thursday-Saturday, No running! Believe it or not. Well, ok, maybe a little here and there on some trails. Hiked some nice trails up in Big Hill Pond State Park, TN and Tishomingo State Park, MS. Probably 11 or 12 miles on Friday in TN and another 5 or 6 at Tishomingo. Beautiful weekend! Collected a few ants here and there.

Sunday,back in town and ready for a nice run. Will start going later in the day now that it is turning into summer here in the deep south! Meeting at 7 pm at the South Farm for those crazy muggs who would like to join us.


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