Summer 400s

Sunday, Awesome 6 miler with Joseph, Jorge, and Brent. Our downtown Sunday route. Since its warming up, we are starting later now, began at 7 pm today. Very nice out! Brent and Joseph were trying out their new kicks, Brooks Pure Flows, and I think they both liked them. I know I like mine!  Brent hung with us for about 2.5 miles, then headed back for the 5 mile route. Although we started out somewhat slow today (normal beginning pace), we ran pretty well for an easy day finishing up under 40 minutes with the last 4 miles being the fastest by far (last mile was fastest). With probably about 2.5 miles to go, we caught Brent, who had stopped to talk to his dad who happened to be out walking. Brent rejoined us for a while until Joseph decided we should pick the pace up further. We  ran the last couple of miles pretty fast. I almost kept up with Joseph and Jorge until the end, but they got a  few yards ahead of me with about .5 miles to go, and I got caught briefly at a stoplight. Still ended up being not too far back, maybe 5 seconds. Brent had dropped off a minute or two by the end, but still ran very well. Especially for a 200 lb joker!  Jorge said that according to his Garmin watch, our last 2 or three miles were at 5:20 – 5:30 pace. Not sure, but it did feel good!

After the run, we all headed home for a quick shower, then checked out the new Star Trek movie. Very action packed! Not much to to the story line, but still enjoyed it.

Monday, Hot! Joseph and I did 8 X 400m intervals  on our trail  at noon with the interval between each being 45-60 seconds. This is not an easy 400m loop. The corners are tight, so tight that when wet you will fall if going fast. Even when dry, you have to almost stop to make the corners, especially the one just before the halfway point. The loop is slightly windy, with exposed roots here and there, overhanging branches, dips, and a nice hill for the final 80m or so! Yep. Good loop. So, Joseph was 1:15-1:16 on his, and I was 1:19-1:21 on mine. Not sure what this translates to on a track, but I would guess its several seconds harder per 400. We don’t do a lot of hard speed stuff in the summer, but we like to do some. Otherwise, it gets stale. Yeah. Also, we typically keep the pace and number of reps down.

Later in the day, some of our running buds came out for burgers, since it was Memorial Day and all that. Brent, Jorge, Juan, and Arash joined for some beefy fun. After ,we all attempted to shoot basketball.

Tuesday, Joseph, Brent and I had a great run thru the MSU campus and Cotton District today. We meandered all over the place and were cruising along pretty good. Started the run a 7 pm, which really helped. As we were getting started, we met Juan, who just finished his run on the South Farm. Said it went well. Brent kept up with us for first couple miles, then, we started to ease ahead of him and we parted ways. Joseph and I ended up with around 6 miles, and the last couple were awesome possum! Starting to feel like I am getting in shape. Maybe. My knee has been sore this week though since my weekend hiking. Who knows.

Wednesday, my trail again. Today, just me. Did 12 X 400m. The first few were 1:24-1:25, and the last few were 1:23 or so. For each one, I rested until the 2 minute mark and then started again. So the workout took 24 minutes with 35-37 seconds rest breaks. My 400m loop is actually a bit long, so the rest pretty much worked out to me walking from where I finished to where I started. I did have about 10 seconds to actually rest though.

Thursday, another 7 pm run. It was awesome out! Me and the kid, plus Brent, Arash, and Juan. Juan, still rehabbing his hamstring injury from a few months ago, only did about 3 miles, Arash was doing 9, and the rest of us did our 6 mile downtown route. Pretty steady pace, ended up about 39 minutes. Brent took a short cut and did a bit less. He was running well when with us.

Friday, no run…

Saturday, We got up early and headed to the Boardtown Running Club Saturday morning run. Today’s route was 12.4 miles. Lots of folks here today including some MSU runners, a former MSU runner, and MSU’s XC coach! Yep, Matt Cameron, who ran for MSU up until a couple of years ago was in town for a bit. Nice to run with that tall joker. Many folks don’t know it, but this Mississippi native who ran for Madison Ridgeland Academy in Madison, MS, is the best high school miler from Mississippi. When he was a senior, he posted a 4:07 placing 4th place at the Nike Outdoor Nationals and was ranked 6th in the nation at the time! Cameron Vernier, an awesome fast XC dude also ran today, as did our crazy super fit bud Renee Masterson, the trippindicular Katie Huston, and Cornelia Griesche, a freshman from Germany who just set the new 3000m steeple chase for MSU. Cornelia made it to the NCAA National Championships this year and will next be competing in the national championships in Germany in a couple of weeks! Sweet. Then, of course, the regulars, many of whom are so ridiculously fit, it is mind boggling! Coach Houston Franks, who is 38 years old and still running like his collegiate runners, made the run look effortless again! His talented wife, Meggan, was not here today, as she was competing in the Canadian National Mountain and Trail Championship Race, which she won! The run went pretty well considering it was our longest run since last summer! I ran with Joseph and Matt for the first 8 miles or so, but then slowed up, or they sped up. Houston ran the first 3 miles with us, then did some kind of fartlek with his girls, then rejoined us around 6.5 or 7 miles (whatever the 2nd water stop was). Was on my own for a couple of miles until the last water stop, then ran the last mile and a half or with Renee. We kept each other going. I forget to turn my stop watch back on at the last water stop, so not sure exactly what my time was, but my overall pace was decent, under 7 minute miles. So, that was cool. Houston, Joseph, and Matt were probably a couple minutes ahead. Can’t wait to get back out there with these crazy running dudes and dudettes! Sure makes it easier, especially when the humidity is almost 100%!

Will be meeting Sunday evening at the South Farm at 7 pm. Same deal on Tuesday and Thursday, 7 pm. Will pretty much do this all summer, except when out of town.



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  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out, Joe. Looks like a great training week!

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