Running the Streets of Starkville!

Sunday, Got in a bit of an upper body/ab type workout early, then worked in the yard a bunch. That meant digging a drainage ditch, putting some railroad ties down, tilling some soil – stuff like that. Workout in itself!

Later that day, had an awesome run with Kamau, Brent, Joseph, and Jorge. Cruised thru the campus, Cotton District and downtown for 5 miles. Continuing with our trend at this time of year, we started off slower then picked each mile up. The last couple of miles felt really good, and not coincidentally, the temperature was quite pleasant by that point! We took turns picking up the pace at about the halfway point. With 1.5 miles left, I was happy to be even near Jorge, Joseph, and Kamau. They were flying, and making it look easy. Managed to mostly keep up with them, but Joseph and Jorge finished a good 15 seconds ahead of me, although I pretty much was able to hang with Kamau today! Not sure what pace we went for the run, but very decent. Always good to have Kamau out there, he seems to bring some mystical runner energy/passion with him that makes everyone have a good run.

Monday, Jorge, Juan, and Steve Shoto got in a run at the South Farm. This was Steve’s first run with any of us. Steve was an incredible high school runner at Pearl High, and now runs for MSU. He was redshirted with an injury this year (stemming from a basketball incident), but has already run a 1:50 800m race and has 3 more years to improve on that. He is hoping to run under 1:47 this year, and if his conviction and work ethic mean anything, he will do it! Meanwhile, Joseph and I got in 12 X  400’s on our trail at 6:30 pm. Warmer today! Same deal as last Wednesday, every 2 minutes started a new one, so it was a 24 minute session essentially with little rest between each 400. Just trying to cruise thru at a pace that might be nice to be able to maintain in a 5k one day, if I could ever make myself run that pace for the duration of a 5k! Today, I was between 1:19 and 1:23 for each 400, and Joseph was a few seconds ahead of me on all of them. I tell ya, the last couple were getting hard with the limited rest between each 400, but we made it! Got done and shot basketball for about a half hour. Shots were actually going down today!

Tuesday,  Got up early before work and did some pullups, pushups, and ab stuff. Stretched  a bit. Nice way to wake up. At 7 pm, I met Joseph, Jorge, Juan, Brent, and Steve Shoto at the South Farm, and we ran our 6 mile route thru town and beyond. Juan did 4.5 at a 6:48 pace, which was his best run since coming back from his hamstring problems he dealt with when he ran for MSU. Brent cut off a bit early too, ran probably 5 to 5.5 miles? Steve ran with us for about 4 miles or a bit more, then took a short cut back for a 5.5 mile loop. The rest of us finished up pretty good and we caught up with Brent on University Drive. I am pretty sure each successive mile was a little faster than the previous one, at least according to Jorge’s Garmin! First one was 6:50 and the last was 6:04 or so for Jorge and Joseph. I did not keep up with them on the last mile, but finished about 10 seconds back. Hotter today!! But, not unbearable. We were all sweating like crazy mugs! We will be without Brent for a month now, as he is going to the Bahamas for some geology class! Then, on vacation to the Dominican Republic! Punk.

Joseph Joe, Jorge, Brent, Steve, and Juan

Joseph Joe, Jorge, Brent, Steve, and Juan

Wednesday-Friday, Did not get to run! Crazy stormy weather on both Wednesday and Thursday, at least at the time I could go, and just could not fit it in on Friday. Rats. But, I got in a great upper body/ab workout on Wednesday, so it was not all bad.

Saturday, back to it with an 11.4 mile run with the Boardtown Running Club. Joseph did not get to go, as he had an ACT test to take. Bummer. Lots of his running peers were there and several from our Starkville Striders group. Jorge Villarreal, Kamau Bostic, and Damian Grady all ran 8 miles. Jorge kept me company for the first 4 before turning around. I ran the rest of the way on my own today. Beautiful morn, not too hot, breezy! Got done in 1:16.32 for a 6:42 per mile average, then chilled in the pool for a bit! Nice. None of the MSU men were there today, but some of the women were again, as was Meggan Franks. I don’t know what pace she ran, but considering that she just ran and won a crazy mountain trail run last weekend in Canada (The Canadian National Mountain and Trail Championship), she was cruising along very well. Micah White, Renee Masterson, Simone Dominque, and Cornelia Griesche all appeared to be running along effortlessly as well. Nice to see the crazy bearded wonder Cleat Morris again, and several of the SHS runners such as National Houston, Christian Kingery, Nick First, Haley Jenkins, the Musser sisters, Mary Elizabeth Stringer, and some others! This is a super awesome group to run with and I am glad to see these young punks taking advantage of it!

Will be back running tomorrow evening at 7 pm, meeting at the South Farm. Same for Tuesday and Thursday. Come on out!




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2 responses to “Running the Streets of Starkville!

  1. Enjoyed the blog. Jealous of how many group runs you get in. I’m alone 99% of the time. With my schedule most of my runs are between 4:30 and 6am. I think that’s one of the reasons I blog about running is to connect with other runners.I also think I’d be a faster runner with others pushing me. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Hope to meet you at a race one day.

    • man yeah! It is great to run with others regularly, and boy, I have some great guys to run with! I don’t do a bunch of races, but maybe will see you one day. Nice to see other semi old jokers hanging in there;) I will be 49 next week myself! If you are ever up this way, let me know, and maybe you can get a run in with us!

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