Arash is granted the gift of a Camry

Sunday, got up and ran at 7 AM with Arash. Hit the streets of Starkville for an easy 40 minute run. Arash had run 7 miles the evening before with Steve Superstar Shoto, so this was at an easier pace. Beautiful morn, not hot, a bit sticky of course! After the run, I went home for some pullups, pushups, and the rest of the routine. Great start to the day!

Arash and his new Camry!

Arash and his new Camry!

Monday, ran with Jorge, Arash, and Juan today at 7 pm. Not as brutally hot today, but very humid! Went about 6 miles and hung with Jorge most of the way. Somewhere near the last mile he got ahead of me. I was feeling it! Tired and probably not enough food today, coupled with the humidity. That last mile or so was hard! Jorge looked good though. That suave joker is getting in better and better shape every day. Juan did around 5 miles today and said he felt good also, as did the crazy Arash, who more or less followed Jorge and I. After, I did six strides with Jorge. Maybe a hair too fast trying to keep up with that speedy custard eating punk. Could feel my thighs getting tight! Since he has started back running more seriously, Jorge has lost about 20 lbs and is now around 152! Same for Arash. At this rate, they will be back in top running form by this fall, and the only time I will see them will be at the beginning of runs!

Tuesday, got up in the morn to some light rain. Planned on getting up earlier for an easy run, but stayed up too late. Slacker punk. Instead, got in an upper body and ab workout.

At 7 pm I ran on the South Farm with Kamau, Arash, Juan and Jorge. Had not run out here in a while, so it was nice to get back out here on the gravel and hills! Got in 44 minutes. Nice easy run. Not too hot today either!

Arash, Jorge, me, Kamau, and Juan

Arash, Jorge, me, Kamau, and Juan



Wednesday, got up and jogged 25 minutes super easy on my trail. First time around involved knocking the spider webs down! Got done and did 3 sets of pushups, showered, and headed to work!

Later in the day, a bunch of kids from Bug Camp came out to my property for some afternoon insect collecting. Found some good things! That was fun. Later, at 7:30 pm, I ran a 5 mile course out here in Sessums. First half mile to mile was rough, my thighs were still sore from trying to keep up with Jorge during the strides the other day. Obviously, I did them too fast for me!! Also, my right knee is still sore as hell from a hiking trip three weeks earlier in Tennessee. Twisted it walking down a rocky trail. On the inside part of the knee is where I feel it. To be honest, it does not overly hurt when running, but hurts the most when driving, or even sitting at my desk!! I have been wearing a tendonitis band while I run the last couple of weeks either way, and I think that helps. I hope I did not do anything serious. I have done crazy stuff to that knee in the past while playing basketball and volleyball, so I am not really sure what is left in that knee. Really,  I guess I could say the same about both knees!  The run went pretty well once I got going and I averaged 6:23 per mile. So, cool enough for this old guy!

Thursday, 7 pm, ran with Juan and a couple of new jokers Will Kallfelz and Thomas Cermack. Jorge also came, but his shins were a bit sore this week, so he ran on a grassy area. Will is a professor in the Philosophy Department here at MSU and has too many degrees to count! He is a tall gangly dude who ran cross country way back in high school, which was a while ago as he is only a couple years younger than me,  and he was on a collegiate cycling team as an undergrad. Still in great running shape and can run 7 minute miles for some distance. Thomas is another tall feller who is a junior at state majoring in chemical engineering. In high school he ran XC and pole vaulted at Pontotoc High School! He ran a mile and half or so before getting to our starting point, than ran the 5.5 mile loop, hung out with us a bit as we stretched, then ran home! Pretty easy run today, mostly just ran along with the guys for the first 3 miles or so, then Will and I picked it up a little (or maybe Juan and Thomas slowed down). With about 1.5 miles to go, I picked it up further and finished really well. Felt awesome! Best part was my knee actually felt better today.

Friday, my birthday today, 49 years old! Got up and instead of going to work, took the kayaks out to Tibbee Creek.

Saturday, got up early and ran with the Boardtown Running Club. Today’s route was 10.9 miles. Not many of my usual running partners around today. But, Will Kallfelz, who ran with us Thursday showed up. Apparently, when he heard we were running with the Boardtown group he thought we meant meeting at the Boardtown Bike Shop in downtown Starkville. Finally figured it out and showed up basically running his own route. Said he thought he got in about 13 miles total! My running bud Renee Masterson was there today, and I basically ran with her the entire way finishing up in 1:16. Not a hard run today, did not push it at all, just barely averaging a sub 7 minute mile pace. On the other hand, Houston Franks was cruising today! He ran with us periodically, then added a couple of loops here and there probably doing about 13 miles total. He said he was averaging 6 minutes per mile, except the last one, which he did around 5:10 or so. Man, that crazy skinny joker has still got it. I think he is around 39 years old. When he hits 40, he could do some damage on the Master’s running circuit around here!

Headed back over to the South Farm at 7 pm on Sunday if anybody wants to join us for a 6 or 7 mile run.


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