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Sunday, Joseph got back in town, so he got to run with us again. He and I joined Juan, Jorge, Arash, and Will today for a 6 mile jaunt thru town. Not bad at 7 pm, but not easy either. Ended up at 38 something minutes with Joseph and Juan a bit a ahead. Jorge and Will lost us somewhere, but made their way back. Arash only did 4 miles, as he had already done a morning run, so he was waiting when we got back.

Arash - Mad dog runner

Arash – Mad dog runner

Monday, Ran 6 mile fartlek type run with Joseph out here in Sessums. Some parts felt pretty good, but it was rough here and there and I was sweating like a mugg by the time I was thru! One part of the run was a 1.1 mile stretch. Man, that was fun. Just kidding.

Tuesday, did some pushups and ab exercises early morn to start the day. Joseph got in an easy run on our trail. Nothing crazy he said. Later, at 7 pm, we joined up with Will and Thomas for a run thru campus and the Research Park loop. Jorge and Juan both opted for running on the grass around the Sports Plex again. Did not seem quite as humid today at first, but by the end of the run I felt like maybe I was wrong about the humidity! Either way, easy run today. Not sure exactly how far, but I added about a half mile at the end and got in 41 minutes total. We all ran together at first, then after a mile or so, picked it up some. Thomas kept the original pace more or less, but the lanky philosopher stayed with us for probably close to 3 miles before dropping back. And, he did not finish too far behind us. Not bad considering he had run 13 miles the day before in the heat of the day. Same for Thomas, who did some speed work yesterday, and prior to our  run today played basketball for an hour then jogged 1.5 miles to where we started! He was pretty beat!

Thomas, "whew!, that was hot!"

Thomas, “whew!, that was hot!”

Wednesday, Crazy run today with the kid. We ran at noon today, around 95°F. HOT! 5 mile run, with 1.1 warm up, then 2.8 mile run, then 1.1 cool down. Joseph was 15:24 and I was 16:21 for the fast part.

Thursday, met near the South Farm again today at 7 pm. Had a great group join Joseph and I today. Of course, Juan and Jorge were there. The new guys Will and Thomas made it and were fired up, The speedy Steve Shoto joined us as wall, as did new new guys Robert Morgan and Matt Taylor. As we were getting ready to start MSU XC runner Jessica Comer stopped by a chat before joining her one of her teammates on a run thru the South Farm. The rest of us took off like a gang thru the campus, downtown, and Greensboro District before heading back. Not sure how far we went. Some folks either shortened their route, or in the case of Shoto, added a mile or so. Apparently we got got going at a good pace, which, according to Super Shoto was 6:20 for the first mile. We dropped to 6:30’s mostly after that for a while, with Joseph and Jorge later picking it back up. Of course, as we were getting going, various members of the group settled in to their own pace. Not sure what the newer runners’ pace was for the first mile and the rest of the way, but I think they were pretty happy with it.

Will, lean, mean, running machine

Will, lean, mean, running machine

Friday, no run, but did an upper body workout that was split between morn and lunch. Joseph joined me during the lunchtime workout.

Saturday,  Boardtown run! Wow! Bunch of runners today! Surely over a hundred people. Yeah. Some pretty fit people all together in one spot. This never ceases to amaze me. Here we are in Mississippi with 100+ runners getting together weekly for a long run. Yes, Mississippi, the state that leads the universe in obesity and all of the medical problems that are associated with obesity.  How crazy, small town Starkville with people exercising.  Watching some of these people get fitter from year to year is awesome, and everybody there is super encouraging. And, there seems to usually be someone of similar pace to run with. A great group of Air Force folks have turned into regulars, and these guys and one girl (Claire), are in spectacular shape! One of them, Justin, has posted some crazy fast times for the 5k and other races, with his PR 5k time being 13:37! Yes, you read that right.  Several Starkville Striders were there today again with the likes of Arash Taheri, Kamau Bostic, Damian Grady, Ethan Musser, Will Kallfelz, Matt Taylor, and of course, Joseph and I. Today, Arash had not run with this group for a while, so it was good to have him out there. I believe this was his longest run in quite some time, and he did quite well, only fading around the last mile or so. Some of the MSU female runners were here again this morn with Renee Masterson leading the way (actually Renee just finished up her MSU career), and Carmen Brothers and Jessica Comer also cruising along well.  By the first water stop, a nice lead group had formed with Houston Franks, Joseph, David Dycus, Micah White, Jeremy (air force dude, don’t know his last name), and Kevin (tri guy). Arash and I were not far behind them. Thru the next two water stops, Jeremy, Houston, Joseph, and Kevin ran together with David and Micah following, then Arash and me. After the last stop, Renee, who was not too far back, ran with me, Arash, David, and Micah. Joseph and Jeremy were flying on that stretch, and on the last part of the third leg. Houston ran with Kevin between Joseph and our group. Renee and I finished hard with a nice last 400m pseudo sprint, mainly because she was making fun of my elderly state. I showed that blond phenom though and got her at the end;) Finished my 11.4 mile run in 1:17:23 for a 6:47 minute mile pace. Not bad, not great. Joseph and Jeremy were probably under 1:15. I don’t know. We could not see them. Will had a good run and mostly ran with Phillip Young, who has seriously improved over the last year! They said their time for the route was just over 1:26!



Will be running again as a group this week at 7 pm on Sunday and Tuesday meeting at the entrance to the South Farm. Not sure about Thursday, since its the 4th. I know some members of the group will be running in the Watermelon Classic 5k in Jackson that day. Good luck to them!


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