Walmart Zombies

Sunday, Got a really good upper body and ab workout in the morn. Later, a nice 40+ minute run at 7 pm with Joseph, Will, Brent, Kamau, and Damian. Had not seen Captain Brent in a few weeks as he was in the Bahamas and then the Dominican Republic. He apparently did not get to run during that time, but you could not tell from today. He was running well, as was everyone. Great easy run.

Monday, On my own today. Felt really good today! I ran 4 miles thru the MSU campus at 7 pm with miles 2-4 at a good pace. First mile was a warmup, at  7:30 pace. Ran the next 3 miles (2.96 miles) at 16:43 for an average pace of 5:38 per mile.  After, I jogged another mile or so. Here is an image of the route.

4 miles thru MSU

4 miles thru MSU

Tuesday, Joseph started his day with a 7.5 mile run with some jokers in Jackson, MS. Later in the day at 7 pm, he joined me, Will, Brent, Arash, and Juan for steady 5 miler thru the MSU campus and Research Park Blvd. First mile was a slow warmup, but then we picked it up to a steady pace of somewhere near 6:35 per mile for Joseph, Juan, and I. Arash cut the run a little short and ended up averaging a 6:55 per mile. Brent and Will hung right with us for about halfway, then dropped off a bit and both finished up really well. Another great day to run in Starkville!

Wednesday, came home for lunch and got in a pushup, pullup, dumbbell curl, dumbbell shoulder press, and ab workout. Not bad. Just long enough to get a slight pump! Joseph had already done some crazy workout of his own, which he said involved spastic dancing. Later, at about 7:30 pm, he and I ran out here in Sessums. After a warmup jog, we both did a tempo type 3.4 mile route. He averaged 5:53 per mile, and I was 5:57 per mile. Felt ok today, but nothing like on Monday. After the run, we went to the movies and checked out World War Z. Thought it was an awesome movie. And those zombies could move! Made me glad to know that I can run ok. Followed the movie with a late night jaunt to Walmart, where the real zombies were;) Man, that was scary.

Sessums 3.4 mile route

Sessums 3.4 mile route

Crazy Will said he got in a 12 mile run today, which included some intervals. That yoga stretching philosopher dude is getting in some miles, both running and biking. Said he was planning on biking 50 miles the next morn.

Thursday, July 4th! Big 5k in Jackson, MS this morn called the Watermelon 5k Classic. Some of our buds ran it, but neither Joseph or I really wanted to run a race right now, so we skipped it. Jorge came in 5th overall with a 17:04! Arash also ran, but not quite as well as he had hoped. Still, he said he had lots of fun at the race. We opted for a 5.3 mile run thru campus and downtown. Just ran easy. First mile was really easy, but we did pick it up. Averaged 6:38 per mile today, and the 2nd half of the run was a good bit faster than the first. Temps were great this evening and it was a very pleasant run.

Friday, pushup type workout to start the day, but most of the rest of the day devoted to some art stuff. Nice to have this extra day off!

Saturday, 12 mile run with the Boardtown Running Club. The run was looking iffy because of bad weather, but the weather cleared up. The temp was awesome, but the humidity was crazy. My run was only ok today. Actually, I think it was probably my worst run in a while. Just felt stiff and slow the entire way. I ended up running the route at 1:22:12 for a 6:51 per mile pace. That sounds ok, but it just was not smooth and easy today. Joseph ran pretty well, especially the first 6 miles, which he did around 38 minutes. He started back pretty well too, but at mile 7 he stopped for a minute. Said his stomach hurt. Then picked it back up for a mile or so, then slowed down. He ended up running the last leg with Micah, David Dycus, Some guy named Justin, and Carmin. I stopped to tie my shoes, which would not stay tied with the humidity, and finished up a little behind them. I guess Joseph was probably 1:20 or so for the route today. Kelly White was not far behind me, and Haley Jenkins was not too far behind her finishing up at 1:32 for a 7:40 per mile average. HALEY! Awesome run. She has only been running a couple of years. She started running XC at SHS her junior year when I was still helping with the coaching, and at that time, she could not even run a mile. She ran again this past fall, but did not run track, instead running on her own.  Wow, since then, she has turned into a running beast, running probably 60 miles a week and steadily getting better. Haley , who will be a freshman at MSU this year, is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! If you want to run with her, you better do it soon, because it won’t be long until she will be too fast for mortals to keep up with at the rate she is progressing! Carmen Brothers also had a great run today. She added 2 miles at the end for a 14 miler, her longest run ever! Sweet! Of course, Meggan and Houston Franks, who ran 18 miles, made it look as easy as ever! Running machines they are. Will Kallfelz ran the 15 mile route, and had Cade the crazy ultramarathoner as a running partner today! Brent and Jorge also ran today, but decided on only doing 7 miles. Jorge was recovering from his 5k on Thursday, and Brent did not even go to sleep last night! I don’t know how that guy does that!!! Crazy.

Sunday evening, 30 minute run thru town and campus with Joseph. Supposed have rained today, but did not. It was very enjoyable running this evening, not hot and not morning!  I hate running in the morning!


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