ladder workouts can be fun, right?

Sunday evening, Joseph and I joined Brent and Will for a 5.3 mile run thru town at 7 pm. Easy pace tonight following our decent 10 mile morning run. Pretty evening, not too hot. At some point, as Will and I pretty much talked the entire route, Brent and Joseph got a head of us. I kicked in the last half mile with a loose stride type run and caught them at the end. Finished up at 37:40 for 7:08 pace.

Monday evening, me and the scrawny kid joker joined Arash and Jorge for a workout at the Sportsplex soccer fields. After warming up, we measured an 800m course around the perimeter of some of the fields. After warming up, we started the workout, which consisted of 4 X 200m (with 200m jog s after each), 2 X 400 (with 400m jogs), 1 X 800m (800m jog), 2 X 400m (400m jogs), and 4 X 200m (with 200m jogs). I was shooting for around 40 on the 200s, 1:20ish on the 400s, and 2:40 on the 800. Worked out pretty close. My 200s were mostly 38, one was 40, and the last one was 37. My 400s were 1:19-1:22, and my 800 was 2:42. Arash pretty much stayed a couple steps in front of me. Jorge and Joseph were hitting 35-36 for 200, except the last one, which was about 32. 400s were 1:12-1:14ish, and 2:29 for the 800. Pretty good considering we sometimes were eluding random soccer folks! Great workout for sure. Cooled down a bit and headed out.

Tuesday, we had a nice group for our jaunt thru town with me, Joseph, Brent, Juan, Will, Matt Taylor, E. J. Hibbler, and Robert Morgan. Just prior to the run, it rained and thundered like crazy! We had thought about running on the farm, but with all the rain, we opted for a 5.3  route thru town [pdf of the route].  Joseph, Brent, Will, Juan, and EJ headed out at a pretty quick pace, and Robert, Matt, and I hung back a bit and talked about running, music, and life as we know it in the universe. At about the 2 mile mark, I was 14:29. Then, I picked it up and tried to catch those other mugs! Snagged EJ, then later Will and Brent. Joseph and Juan had put some space between themselves, and everyone else, but I with some tenacity, I basically caught them, or just about, at the end. Actually, I got ahead of Juan just before the last mile, but only because he made a pitstop, and he pretty much caught me at the end before he added a bit more to get in 5.5. miles. Good run, even with the slower first 2 miles, I ended up at 34:50 for a 6.34 average pace.  But, even better, the last 3.3 miles were at a 6:10 pace! Cool. Brent finished up pretty soon thereafter, and Will was about 1:30 behind, with EJ sliding him next. Matt and Robert had a good run at about a 7:49 pace. Robert also ran a mile or so before our run, then ran back home the same distance.

Wednesday at 6:30 pm, I met Joseph and Matt at Meadowview Baptist Church for a run thru the neighborhood  there. The plan today was to do 2 X 4k tempo runs with 3 minutes rest between.  Matt jogged a couple miles to get there, so he used our warmup run around the loop as the first loop of the two loop 4k route. Matt was shooting for something  around 7-7:10 pace per mile, I was looking to be around 6 minute pace, and Joseph somewhere in the 5:30s perhaps. We forgot to take into account the humidity I guess, ’cause it was hard! Anyway, it went ok. Matt’s first 4k was just over 7 minute pace I think, and he said the second one was 6:50. Awesome. Mine first one was at a 5:54 pace. Pretty happy with that. But, I only did one lap of the second 4k. Was way too tired. Not enough sleep this week or water I guess. The 2k part was right at a 6 minute pace. Rested a bit, then ran the opposite way to run in with Joseph. His first 4k was at a 5:49 pace, but his 2nd one was only a 5: 53 pace, neither of which were outstanding. He seemed completely worn out today. Said he had not slept well.  Matt jogged home, and we jogged, walked around a bit, then headed out.

Did not run on Thursday because I had the opening for my art show at the Rosenzweig Arts Center in Columbus, MS. The show went really well, with lots of folks attending, even several of the running crew! Read more about it at:

Also took Friday off. Man, long week getting ready for the show and working! Stayed up late, drank way too much Monster and not enough water. Feeling it! Have not really eaten right all week! Even so, got up early Saturday morn, barely, and ran with the Boardtown group. Joseph spent the night with friends, so did not join me. A bunch of Starkville Striders were there though with Will, Jorge, Juan, Brent, Kamau, Damian, and others. Lots of fast folks there today for a 12.4 mile route. Man, was it humid!!!!!  Yep. I felt pretty good early, but by about mile 8, I started feeling my left hamstring cramping! Not good. Changed my running posture a little and slowed down hoping to not lock up before finishing. That helped. Eventually, I could feel both legs cramping. Almost made it to the finish, running in with Jeremy and Justin, two fast Air Force jokers, but both legs locked up with about 100 meters to go! Had to stop and stretch for a bit. Walked a little. Jorge was coming in, so he walked with me for a minute, then I felt loose enough to jog in. Whew! Man! Managed  a 6:50 pace for the run, not great. Surprised I got that in with the cramped hams!

Spent the day getting in lots of water and even ate good today!! Plan on doing some mountain biking in the morn, then maybe getting in an upper body workout later, and, of course, our 7 pm run beginning at the South Farm.


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