15 mile run, yeah, or something like that

Sunday, easy run with the jokers thru town and then added some after on the South Farm. Had crazy Lucas Muniz back in town. Kamau Bostic and Brent Wallace also joined Joseph and I. Not a bad run today. I think I got in about 7 miles, Lucas was up for 12, and everyone else did 5.3 or so.

Monday, got up early and drove down to Vicksburg, MS with Brent to collect ants on his dad’s awesome 350 acre hardwood forest. The property is mostly covered with a variety of hardwoods, with scattered pines on sloped terrain. I was hoping to find wonderful ants of course! The area was very dry however, so I was worried that the dusty conditions might make the collecting less than ideal. As it turned out, I noted mostly common species foraging. I collected several gallons of leaf litter/soil samples to take back and process for ants just in case. Just glancing at one sample, I found several really cool species such as Discothyrea testacea! So, maybe the trip will prove to have been productive after all. Either way, it was interesting to see Brent’s dad again and to explore his property.

me looking at ants on a tree

me looking at ants on a tree

So, no run today, but lots of walking up and down ravines and hills. Joseph said he got in a good fast paced 30 minute tempo in Monday afternoon.

Tuesday, Finished up my collecting in Vicksburg, then we headed back to Starkville. We got into town late afternoon, so had enough time to run later at 6 pm. This evening it was just Brent, Joseph, and I as we did some semi random route thru campus and the cotton district. Another pretty easy run, but harder than it should have been because my legs were somewhat tired from hiking those Vicksburg hills!

Wednesday, Joseph and I went over to the research park at 5 pm for some mile repeats. The idea was to do between 4 and 7 at tempo pace with 2 minutes rests. After doing some easy warmup running, we got going. I ended up doing 6 X 1 miles and averaged about 6:07 for them with the best being 6:01 and the slowest being 6:13 or so. Joseph only did 5, and although he was obviously ahead of me, he did not really have a great day.

Thursday, I met Joseph, Brent, Will, and Meggan Franks for an easy 5.3 recovery run at 6 pm. Very casual run with everyone chatting the entire way. Richard McCrory also ran, but he went off on his own.

Saturday, Joseph and I ran with the Boardtown group again. Lots of our buds were there, even wild man Nick Pettit joined us today!  Kamau came, but rode my mountain bike because  he jammed his toe doing some crazy adventure or another. Lots of Starkville High XC kids were there this morn too, but mostly they just did a short run of maybe 8.8 miles or less depending on who it was. Three of the boys, Christian Kingery, Alex Ross, and Armon Borazjani ran the first 3.5 miles to the water stop with Brent and I and looked pretty good. After that, I believe they finished up with Brent on the 8.8 mile route. Alex is a senior at SHS this year, and with Joseph not running for the school team this fall, he will be their fastest boy on the team. He had a great track season last spring running the 3200m event in the low 10’s, so he could have a great year. And Christian will be their 2nd best after him. Good to see them out here running with the quality runners that frequent the Boardtown club. I introduced them to Justin Tyner, and they were properly amazed to learn that he ran a 13:37 5k 3 or 4 years ago and an 8:32 3000m steeplechase. He was actually 3rd in the nationals in the 5k! When you have the likes of Justin, Houston Franks (MSU XC coach), and other crazy awesome runners, running with Boardtown is an opportunity that should not be missed.

After that first water stop,  I picked up the pace, as did the other crazy people who were doing the long route! Today’s route was 15.2 miles. We had not been this far since last summer, so we started out pretty slow as did all of the veteran runners such as Houston Franks, Meggan Franks, Micah White, and Justin Tyner. Joseph lead the way on the first couple of sections even so, and looked good again this weekend. He and Coach Franks killed the third leg, and all of those jokers had a good run I would say. They added a small loop near the end to get in an even 16 miles. I don’t know how fast Joseph was, because he does not seem to know how to use a watch. But, being able to even run with Houston and Justin means he did pretty well. For my part, I was right at 7 minutes per mile, which was maybe too slow, as it seemed way too easy today. At least I did not have any cramps in my hamstrings today! After leaving the White’s I still had plenty of energy and did yard work until 1:30 pm! May go mountain biking in the morn.


SUNDAY: PM – 7 mile run easy (6:50 mile pace)
MONDAY: AM-PM – Hiked sloped hardwood forest (Joseph did 30 minute tempo)
TUESDAY: AM- 5 Sets of pushup, then more hiking while collecting ants; PM- 40 minute easy run.
WEDNESDAY: PM- 6 X 1 Mile tempo paced workout (average 6:07 per mile, Joseph was faster)
THURSDAY: AM- Pushups/pullups/abs; PM-5.3 mile easy run
15.2 mile run (7:02 minute pace, Joseph ran 16 miles, faster pace); 4 hours of yardwork!


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