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Sunday, Started out the morning with a weight/pushup/pullup/ab workout with Joseph. Listened some Beck while exercising. Nothing crazy this morn: 4 sets of pullups (10-12 reps), 6 sets of pushups (50 reps each), 2 set of bench press (175 lbs, 10-12 reps), dumbbell curls and shoulder presses (40 lb dumbbells), dips (3 sets of 20 or so), bicep curls with curl bar, and several set of various crunch like deals.  Joseph’s workout was similar, but less weight on the weighted stuff, and he did not use the bench press.

After the workout, I took my bike to town and pedaled on the trails in the woods behind the Research Park near the MSU North Farm. I have biked on and off on these trails since before there were really trails there and before mountain bikes actually existed. Over the years, the trails have been maintained by various volunteers. In fact, back when I was younger, I used to make trails out there. Not much time for that these days, but I feel like I put my time in. Unfortunately, the woods where these trails are located has been consistently dwindling due to progress. The Research Park itself, which houses several great research buildings, has taken over parts of the trail, the Hwy bypass that was put in a few years back took out a lot, and more recently a wide powerline cut. So, now, the trails are but a remnant of the ones from the glorious past. What trails are left are strangely looped with no obvious direction. I found myself at some points riding back and forth in weird “Twilight Zone” like loops where I always returned to the same place.  I finally just left the trail to join up with others that were visible, but not connected to mine. But, at least there are still a few trails left, and this is pretty much it in Starkville. The next closest trails are the longer ones at Tombigbee National Forest about 30-40 minutes away. Much like two weeks ago at the national forest, I was the only one biking this morn.

bike in the back of my Tahoe

bike in the back of my Tahoe

After riding the trails for a while, I rode around the gravel roads that surround the MSU agricultural research fields. Various experiments are conducted out here by member of ag departments on the campus, and many of those researchers work in my dept. They do a wonderful job maintaining these fields, and as viewed from the hill top, the scene is beautiful.

MSU North Farm

MSU North Farm

Later that day, we met Arash, Zach Marsh, Brent Wallace, and Will Kallfelz for a run at 6 PM. That crazy red-haired and wildly bearded Zach just got back in town and seemed ready to run.


We all started out pretty slow, first mile was around 7:20, then gradually picked it up. Arash turned off early at about 2.5 miles as he was doing a 5 mile route, then at about 3 miles, Brent and Will took a short cut for about a 5.5 mile loop. Joseph, Zach, and I picked it up from there and did a 6 mile (at least) route finishing a few seconds over 40 minutes. Our last three miles were at 6:20 or better pace. The last mile and half was probably closer to six!  We finished up just behind the other jokers as the sun was starting to set. Today was crazy with all the MSU students back in town! Several cars full of college girls yelled at us, and Zach responded by blowing them kisses.




Monday, Joseph and I met Brent and Ian Prester, who just got back in town, for a nice workout on the gravel roads of the MSU South Farm. We started at just after 6 pm with about a mile warmup jog, loosened up a bit, then got ready to start. As we were about to start, some random MSU student named John Mooney who was running on the farm roads stopped by to chat and ask about running routes. Turns out he is a triathlete and he had some mutual acquaintances. When we told John that we were about to do hill repeats, he got so excited that he joined us for a while. The routine was pretty simple, run pretty fast uphill on a not too steep, but steep enough gravel road for 60 seconds, then jog back down. Six of these, then 8 X 30 seconds up the hill. Of course that skinny mug Joseph smacked us all, but I was able to maintain the second position throughout! John did 5 X 60s with us, then he needed to get out of there. When the rest of us got done, we jogged back, stretched a bit, then took off.

Tuesday, 7 mile run at 6 M with Arash, Will, and Joseph. Leaving from our normal meeting place near the south farm entrance, we ran thru campus and town to Greenoaks neighborhood then swung back around down Gillispie St., the Cotton District and back. Pretty nice out at 6 PM today. First part of run was nice and easy, picked it up some later. Nothing crazy, last couple of miles were decent.

Wednesday, AM- started out with 4 sets of pushups and crunches to wake up! Stayed up too late the night before. PM- Joseph and I met Arash, Ian, and Brent for a tempo run in Longmeadow neighborhood at 5 pm. After doing a 1.25 mile warmup, we loosened up a bit, then got started. Pretty warm today, and yes, that made it harder! Depending on our goals, we all did different distances and paces. I did a 24 minute tempo at pretty close to 6 minute mile pace, Joseph got in 30 minutes and was going slightly faster than me, Brent looked good as he did about 2.5 miles (4k) at a pace just slower than me, Ian also did the 4 k route, and Arash looked pretty good for about 10 minutes until he started feeling the effects of a very late lunch! Don’t do that Arash! Pretty hard today!

Thursday, Easy run at 5 pm with Joseph, Ian, and Brent. When I say easy, I mean it was hot and I sucked! I think the tempo run from the day before must have sapped me a little. We weren’t going very fast, but it was harder than usual. At least the last couple miles were better, or at least faster. It was a crazy run too, as several cars seemed determined to run stop signs before we could cross the crosswalks! Punks. When we got back, we saw Will’s car. We must have just missed him when starting.

Friday, No run today, but I got in a upper body/ab workout at about 7 pm. Nothing crazy, but not bad.

Saturday, We ran with the Boardtown Club this morn for a 13 mile run. I took the first miles pretty slow today, but picked up the second half and ran a decent pace. I ran with Will for the first 7 miles or so, and he looked pretty good. Joseph, Jeremy, and  Micah were mostly in front, with Micah falling back a bit in the middle. Jeremy said he and Joseph ran the middle 7 miles at a 6 minute mile pace. Pretty good, as there was lots of gravel today. I finished up right around 90 minutes. Not bad. Juan and Jorge Villarreal also made for the run this morn, but did shorter routes, 9-10 miles I believe. They ran the first 3 or 4 with us before heading off in a different direction. Brent brought his new roommate Max from Germany out this morn, and they did about 6 miles. Max said it was his longest run ever! Way to go wild man!


Sunday: AM-weights/pullups/pushups/abs, mountain bike on trails (1 hour); PM– 6 mile run, easy pace (40:09)

Monday: PM – 1 mile warmup jog, 6 X 60 second hills on gravel with recovery jogs back down, 8 X 30 second hills with jogs back down, 1 mile cool down jog, leg swings, hamstring stretches, and quad stretches (stretches were not long and not too hard.)

Tuesday: PM – 7 mile run, under 6:45 mile pace

Wednesday: AM- pushup, abs; PM – 4 mile tempo, 6 minute pace; Joseph did 5 mile tempo, a little faster.

Thursday: PM – 5.3 mile easy run (38 minutes)

Friday: PM – upper body and ab workout

Saturday: AM – 13 mile run, 90 minutes; Joseph also did 13 miles, faster.



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  1. Awesome post. These weekly summaries are shaming me in to working harder!!! Hate to hear about the lack of trails and MTB’ers around Starkville. Hope that situation changes.

    • Haha! Awesome Pat! yeah, our Starkville trails are disappearing, but we do have a nice bunch of trails about 30-40 minutes away at the Tombigbee NF. They are really nice.

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