6 X 200, 200, 400 workout!

Sunday, 6 pm run with some crazy jokers. Met at the South Farm and just did our 5.3 mile loop. Pretty good group tonight with Joseph, Brent, Will, Arash, John Mooney, and Brian Laird tri guy. Kamau even ran over and started the run with us, but got sidetracked by a frisbee game. Started the run out pretty slow, first mile was average. Not sure what it was, but not crazy. After that, we picked it up pretty good. Will and Bryan dropped off a little, but not much. Will had already run 18 miles on Saturday and biked 80 miles this morn, so he was taking it easy. Of our easy runs, I have noticed that the Sunday ones tend to be faster, and today was no exception. Joseph, Brent, Arash, John, and I pretty much ran the entire route together until the last half mile or so when Joseph and I picked it up, but basically everyone was right there. I finished the loop at 33:52, which felt pretty good for this time of year. This was an awesome run for Brent I thought. 6:23 or so pace for the entire route including our warmup mile, and after the first mile it was more like 6:12-6:15 per mile. And John too, as he was right behind us. Don’t know him really, but apparently he is a speedy triathlete. In fact, he was the overall winner of the Possum Town Triathlon in Columbus, MS last weekend! His bud Brian who joined us today, won his age group in that same race.  More info about this race can be seen at: http://packet-media.com/2013/08/23/possum-town-triathlon-huge-success/

Brent, Arash, WIll, Bryan, and John

Brent, Arash, WIll, Bryan, and John

Monday, started the day by talking to the Air Force ROTC cadets about good running form. Brent asked me to give them some pointers because apparently a lot of them have a tendency to lean forward, run with their arms too high, and other things that make running more difficult.

Later that day, I met Joseph, Brent, Arash, and Ian at the MSU North Farm for a workout. I measured out 200m and 400m on a relatively flat old gravel road that is now mostly grass. We did 6 sets of 2 X 200 (jogging back to the start between each) then a 400 (jogging back afterward), and at the end of the workout, we threw in one more 200 for good measure. This gave us a total of 6.25 miles running (3 fast, 3 intervals between), plus warmup mile and cool down jog. Pretty hard workout. It was moderately hot, and the terrain was less than smooth. I averaged about 38-40 seconds on my 200s, except for the last one, which was 32, and 1:18-1:21 on the 400s. Brent was right there with me, but only did two sets as he had some volleyball action upcoming. Joseph lead the way averaging about 35-36 on 200s (last one was 29 or so) and 1:14-1:16 on the 400s, except the last one which was 1:08. Arash was pretty much just in front of me on everything except the last 200 when I somehow got by him reminding him that he is a punk;)  Ian also did well, doing 3 sets at between 40 and 45 for 200s and 1:20-1:26 for his 400. He was feeling dehydrated, so stopped early.

Tuesday3 sets of pushups and crunches to wake up!

At 6 pm, me and the scrawny boy Joseph met some yodeling smack-headed wannabees at the South Farm for an easy run. Joining us today were Arash the Taheri, Zach-a-roni, Wild Funky Will the Thrill, and newcomer Ravi the Magnificent Singh. We cruised thru 6 miles at nice and easy pace today. Somewhere around a 7 minute pace most of the way, but with last mile a little faster, maybe 6:30 for me and Joseph, and Zach ran it closer to 6:10. Ravi turned off before finishing to run home. He got in more like 7 or 8 miles, and Arash went for 5 miles today. Ravi and Zach both went to high school together in Huntsville, Alabama, where they also ran XC and track together. Now students at MSU, they are both still running together!

Zach Marsh and Ravinder Singh

Zach Marsh and Ravinder Singh

Thursday, got up early for a military press/ab workout, then breakfast. At 6 pm did an easy 45 minute run with Joseph, Brent, Ian, Will, Wild man Nick Pettit! Nick had already run a bunch today. I think he ended up with at least 19 or 20 miles. He runs a lot, but a little slower than we normally go, so we hung back and ran with him a while. He’s a funny guy. Over near the Research Park, we parted ways, then it was us five. Ian usually runs slower than us too, so he was hurting by about three miles or so. That, and that crazy Nicholas Cage wannabee skipped lunch! Dummy. Brent and I had been running with Ian and had let Joseph and Will get ahead of us, so we snuck up on them and ran with them until hitting the only nice hill near the Cotton District. After that, we picked it up and scooted ahead of Will finishing up at a steady pace of who knows what, but something reasonable. Good run for sure. Easy, leisurely pace today. Slight breeze, warm but not unbearable!

Saturday, got up early and drove to Clinton, MS so Joseph could run in the Mississippi College High School Challenge. This was a 5k XC meet held at Choctaw Trails. Race time for the high school boys was at 10 AM, and man, it was crazy hot and humid! Maybe the hottest race he has run! The race went well, and after about 400m, Joseph took the lead of the 179 runners and easily won with a 16:56. Not bad for a hot day on a hard course. He looked nice and easy the entire way. Second place was Nathan Tidwell from Pontotoc High, who was 46 seconds back at 17:42. Complete results for the boy’s race are at: http://ms.milesplit.com/meets/147794/results/255831  Good race. Next weekend, he will be running a XC meet in New Orleans.

Joseph at about 1.5 miles

Joseph at about 1.5 miles

Joseph at about 1.5 miles


Ended the day with an easy 30 minute run with Joseph. He needed a recovery jog from the race earlier, and I needed a recovery jog from mowing the lawn and stuff!


Sunday, PM – 5.3 mile run, 6:23 mile pace

Monday, PM – 1 mile warmup, easy stretching, 6 X (2 X 200 + 1 X 400) + 1 X 200 fast, cool down jog.

Tuesday, AM – pushups and crunches, PM – easy 6 mile run

Wednesday, I did not do much today, gave an art talk late afternoon that messed up my run

Thursday, AM – upper body/abs, PM – 45 minute easy run.

Saturday, AM – Joseph-10 minute warmup jog, then 5k xc race at 16:56, then cool down jog; PM – Mowed the lawn late afternoon, pulled weeds, etc., then easy 30 minute run with Joseph



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  1. Congratulations to Joseph. Great performance!

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