September, still freakin hot, but wait, Saturday was nice!

Local awesome runner Meggan Franks fared well at the 29th World Mountain Running Championships held Sunday (8 September) in Krynica Zdroj, Poland. After having won first place in the Canadian Nationals earlier this year, she qualified to run the World Championships as part of the Canadian team. What a cool deal! She placed 44th out of the 79 finishers representing the best mountain runners from around the world finishing the 9 km mountain course in 48:57. Basically, she ran down one mountain, up and down a second, then finished at the top of the 3rd. Crazy. You can read more about the race at

Graph of mountain race course Meggan ran in.

Graph of mountain race course Meggan ran in.

Sunday, Joseph  got up an did an upper body type workout. Since I had done one the night before, I skipped this one. Later that day at 6 PM, we met Jorge, Brent, and Will for a run. We did a downtown, airport road, McKee Park, Longmeadow neighborhood type loop. Will had run a total of 20 miles the day before and biked 63 or so that morning, so he stayed with us for about 2.5 miles before veering off for a shorter course of about 5.25 miles. Will is a crazy runner dude, long legged and often all of the place, but lately seems to be working on his form. His arm movement has gotten noticeably better and it shows in his running. From when we first met him a few months back, he has improved tremendously. I suspect his earlier goals for upcoming marathons will have to be greatly revised time-wise!  The rest of us headed toward the airport after crossing Hwy 12. Had to run along side that Highway for a couple of minutes, which is never fun! One annoying dude in a pickup beeped at us with his crazy loud horn. Thanks. When we got to Industrial Pk Rd, Brent headed directly for the park, and Jorge, Joseph, and I headed toward Airport Rd. They were in front of me looking great, but I felt pretty good also. Then, suddenly they stopped, and I caught them. Joseph’s calf had tightened up and he had to walk some. He ended up just walking/jogging to his mom’s place about a mile away. Hopefully, he was just somewhat dehydrated the calf deal is not serious. He was running great the rest of the run. In fact, I thought he looked much better than usual. Anyway, Jorge and I continued to the park, where Brent was waiting on us. We got some water and finished up the last 3 miles or so at a nice steady pace. The last 20 minutes were awesome, as the sun was setting and it finally felt reasonably comfortable temperature wise! According to, this was a 9.14 mile route. I finished in 1:03.11 for this, which was about 6:55 per mile. 

9.14 mile campus, downtown, airport, S. Montgomery Rd. loop

9.14 mile campus, downtown, airport, S. Montgomery Rd. loop

Monday, pretty nice easy run with Will and Nick at 5:30 PM. Really hot to start, but not too hard as the guys were doing a 12 + mile run, so were not pushing it too bad. We started at the South Farm turning left on Blackjack toward town, then left  on Locksley Way, left on South Montgomery, right on Lynn Lane  to Mckee Park, and that is when we parted ways. They continued on making a big loop, but I went thru Mckee Park, got some water, then ran pretty fast through Longmeadow, past the high school, back down S.Mongomery, down Locksley and back to the start. My last 3 miles felts pretty dang good! The guys apparently had a good run too.

Tuesday,  a few pushup and crunches to wake me up. At 6 pm, I met Jorge, Will, Zach, and Ravi for a run on the gravel at the South Farm. Ravi had jogged over from his dorm, so he turned around after a couple of miles, at which point Jorge and Zach picked up the pace. Will and I hung together, then I caught Zach who had dropped off from Jorge’s good pace. Man, hot! Jorge ended up running a longer route, at least 7.5 miles. Zach, Will, and I took a shorter way back for probably about a 10k distance or so with Will leading the way for the first mile plus. I hung back chillin for that time period, then after I was pretty far behind I attempted to catch those two muggs. Got them and kept the pace up all the way back. Felt pretty good considering how thick the gravel was and with all the dust. Zach and Will also sped up, and Zach almost catching me at the end. I thought I was pretty far ahead by then, but turned around and there he was! I think we all like challenging each other in our own way. Cool.

Wednesday, 5.3 mile run with Ravi, Joseph, Nick, and Brent. Easy pace, first two and half miles super easy, then somewhat faster. Finished at just over 38 minutes.

Thursday, Got a good upper body ab workout in before work in the morning! At 6 pm, ran easy 30 minutes with Joseph at McKee Park and Longmeadow at 3 PM. I say easy, but it was 3 PM and quite hot! Also, we threw in a 7 minute 2000m stretch in the middle to keep us honest.

Saturday, Morning run with the Boardtown Club. Got up and it was fantastic outside, 58°F!!! What? How? I don’t know, but what a nice change of pace. Both Will and Nick were there, lots of regulars, and a bunch of people I did not know. Cool. Meggan Franks was back from Poland, seemingly not overly taxed by running in a world championship mountain race. She had already done a couple of 10 mile runs since being back. Today’s route was 11 miles, but with lots of gravel! Started out with Micah White, Joseph, and Will. First 1/2 to 3/4 mile was easy warmup, then Micah and Joseph seemed to be easing up the pace without looking like they were. So deceiving! I was able stay with them though, and we were at the first water stop (about 3.5 miles) in just over 22 minutes. Pretty good pace given we started slow. Got and poured water then headed out. Micah was like, “man, what the hell am I doing? I am running 20 miles today, I better slow down some!” So, it was pretty much me and Joseph the rest of the way. Ended up doing the 11 miles at a about 6:28. Not bad at all, other than the crazy assed pitbull that charged at us on Hwy 12.

After the run, I was talking with some folks, and Jennifer Spradling told me that her fast running 9th grade son Lake PRed this past week at a XC meet in Hattiesburg running an 18:19! Great job bud! He runs for Starkville Academy where Nancy Christiansen is now coaching. They also have a new transfer from Pensacola, FL who is running well and was a few seconds ahead of Lake. By season’s end, they could/should be running sub 18 minutes for the 5k. Nice.

Later, I  did an easy run with the kid at 6 PM. About 40 minutes. Beautiful weather!


Sunday, AM – Joseph did upper body workout; PM – 9.125 mile run, 6:55 pace

Monday, AM – pushups and crunches; PM – 45 minute easy run, last half not so easy;)

Tuesday, PM – easy 10 k run with fast last mile on gravelly, hilly roads

Wednesday, PM – easy 5.3 mile run, 38 minutes

Thursday, AM – upper body/ab workout, PM – 30 minute mostly easy run, with a 7 minute 2000 m faster part in middle

Saturday, AM – 11 mile run, 6:28 pace; 3 mile hike later; PM – 40 minute easy run



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2 responses to “September, still freakin hot, but wait, Saturday was nice!

  1. Awesome run from Megan! How did will improve his form? Has it settled naturally with more miles or did someone advise him ?

    • Meggan is one of our local running heroes! Will is a crazy long legged wild armed running joker. I like to watch the way the people who are running with me run, and I give them advise. Of course, it is a matter of opinion, and some people listen and some don’t. The most noticeable thing Will has been doing to improve his from is moving his arms more front to back instead of flailing them outwards. Also, he is doing a better job about not leaning over – except on hills;)

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