Drivers with cell phones suck!

Sunday morn, Beautiful morning, beautiful day. Not hot. Breezy. Very nice! Of course, I stayed until 2:30 AM drawing and stuff. So, woke up pretty tired. What to do. I know. Pushups, ab stuff, curls, pull ups, military presses. All while listening to Pink Floyd. Followed that by a savage breakfast of eggs, bloody steak, toast and milk!!! Awesomeness!!!

That evening at 6 PM, Joseph and I met some of our Starkville Striders gang at the South Farm entrance for a run thru town. Ten runners today, plus a couple of MSU runner girls (Jessica Comer and Rhianwedd Price) who stopped by for a bit. Joining Joseph and I in the run were Brent, Arash, Jorge, Juan, Will, Max, Robert Morgan, and Robert’s bud. Hung out a few minutes, then hit the road. Did the 5.3 mile loop. As per usual, pretty easy 1st mile, picked it up along the way. Last mile was pretty good. Jorge lead the way looking all speedy, with Juan behind due a pit stop. Brent, Joseph and I all got separated from them at 2 different red lights that they slipped thru. We finished at just under 35 minutes. Robert and his friend (Eric maybe?) were not far behind at around 37 minutes. I was quite surprised, because the last time Robert had run with us he was much slower. He has been running a lot, and has really leaned up. Quite a tremendous leap. Very impressive!

It was a wonderful evening to run with temps in the 70’s. Lots of folks were running, walking, and out and about. But, there was this one guy on his cell phone who nearly plowed into me, Joseph, Brent and Arash at stop sign. He stopped, then turned right without looking (he was looking at his cell phone), and we were right there. I basically plowed into his car door, but stopped my forward momentum by slamming my forward hand into the door. He stopped the car looking perplexed, perhaps angry. I simple threw my hands up in the air and was like, “dude, you just about hit us!”Well, technically, I guess he did.  Anyway, we walked around his still stopped car and got back on our way. Geez. Dude. Cell phones!!!!!! AHHHHHH!

Juan, Jorge, Arash, Brent, Joe, Joseph, Max, Robert, Eric, and Will

Juan, Jorge, Arash, Brent, Joe, Joseph, Max, Robert, Eric, and Will


Juan, Jorge, Arash, Brent, Rhianwedd Price, Jessica Comer, Joseph, Max, Robert, Eric, and Will.

Monday, Arash, Joseph and I did some semi speed work at the XC course at 6 PM. After jogging around some, we did 5 X 1000m runs on the flat lower loop. Weather was pretty nice, but none of us were super fast. I had a couple of 3:30’s, which were some of the slowest ones I have done. Last one was 3:18. Likewise, Joseph was mostly slow with 4 of this between 3:19 and 3:24, but his last one was 3:09, which was ok. Arash was near me on most of his except his third in which he zoomed in at 3:19. He was hurting on the next one though, and did not do the 5th. He did jump in near the end to push Joseph on his last one. Jogged some more, and headed home.

Tuesday, Rained all day, but slacked off enough to let me run at 6 PM! Nice. Ran thru campus, Research Park, Cotton District and downtown Starkville. Joining me today were Juan, Jorge, Will, and Mr. Triathlon Michael Lee. Jorge and I did a slightly longer route. I wound up with 53 minutes when done. Juan was aiming for about 6, Will something similar to go with his 4 morning miles, and Michael got in 4. Pretty easy run, but faster later, with nice last mile!

Wednesday, Met Michael Lee at McKee Park at 5k. We jogged for about 12 minutes thru the park and Longmeadow neighborhood for a warmup. Then, we picked it up doing three loops thru the neighborhood, which was pretty close to 6k, at a steady tempo pace. We started out together, but after about 400 meters I pulled ahead. I finished up at 22:32 for the 6k, then headed in the opposite direction to meet and finish up with Michael. After, we jogged back to the park, stretched and head out. Pretty good run.

Thursday, several of the guys in the group ran in a 5k on the MSU campus. Zach Marsh, Ian Prester, Michael Lee, and John Mooney participated in this, as did several other Starkville Striders such as Kate Mattox, who now run for Starkville High. We don’t see much of Kate lately, as it seems that many of the kids on the high school team tend not to run with our group any more. Zach won the race with an 18:18,  and Kate won the female division.

Meanwhile, Will, Brent, Ravi, Max, and I were joined in a 6 mile run by MSU runners Lucas Muniz, Jessica Comer, and Rhianwedd Price. Apparently, they had an off day and could run 5 or 6 miles on their own, so they joined us in our quest for finding Bigfoot. Awesome to have the likes of them out there with us again! We kept the run pretty easy today as we ran thru the campus, downtown, and the Greensboro District at about a 7-7:10 pace. We did pick it up for the last mile. Nothing crazy, maybe 6:30. Kamau Bostic passed us on a bike when we were in the Cotton District. He joined us for the journey back, and generally joined us in talking smack. Crazy joker. As we were running back thru the campus, we crossed paths with some of the runners in the 5k race, part of which was along our route. We were actually cheered on at some points. Always nice to be cheered for I guess. When we got back, nobody seemed to want to leave, so we hung out talking and stretching. Some of the nutty buddies decided to climb a tree and act like monkeys!

Lucas, Rhianwedd, Jessica, and Brent

Lucas, Rhianwedd, Jessica, and Brent

Will and Kamau

Will and Kamau

Saturday, Early morn run with Boardtown. Lots of folks from our group showed up with the likes of Will, Brent, Nick, Jessica, Rhianwedd, Kamau, and Lucas. Bunch of SHS kids were there too like Kate Mattox, Walker Mattox, Shanika Musser, Abigail Musser, Nick First, Arman Borazjani, Alex Ross, Patrick Bell, and a bunch of them that I don’t know. And of course, plenty of the weekend caste was there like Meggan Franks, Micah White, and Kelly White.  Ah, but it was a lovely morn to run. The route was 14.7 miles today, with several miles of gravel. I started out in front of the pack with Lucas and Kamau, who were only planning on doing 10 or 11 miles. At about a 1/2 mile, Micah caught up and passed us. He was cruising along pretty well. After hanging with Kamau and Lucas for an a mile or so, I also sped up to close to Micah’s pace, although did not catch him until the water stop. Turns out he was only doing a short route as he has a big race coming up next Saturday. I got a sip of water and ran the rest of the route by myself. Every once in a while, I passed somebody else who had started the run earlier than the main group.  Seems like all of  the faster people were either doing a shorter distance today, or running slower today. Shucks. Joseph did not even go today because he was a lazy slacker punk and did not get up to run. Oh well. The run went pretty well, I was feeling good for much of it, but I for sure slowed down when I got to Robinson Road, after which it was gravel for quite some time! Ended up running 1:37:42 for the route, or about 6:38 per mile.


Sunday, AM – upper body/ab workout.

Monday, PM – warmup jog, 5 X 1000m intervals (3:19-3:30), cooldown jog

Tuesday, PM – 53 minutes easy to semi fast

Wednesday, PM – 1.5 easy, 6k tempo/fast (6:03 minute per mile average), 1 mile easy

Thursday, PM – 6 miles easy (43 minutes)

Saturday, AM – 14.7 miles (1:37:42; 6:38 mile pace)



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  1. Reblogged this on Pat Thomasson and commented:
    Glad no one was hurt by the distracted driver. I basically always assume drivers don’t see me. You just never know what is going on in someone’s noggin when they are behind the wheel.

    • yeah, we assume that too, except when we make eye contact with the drive as they are stopping, then then they turn in front of us anyway! Punks. Always ready to evade the cars though!

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