Starkville Striders Running Club

Sunday, I got the day going with an upper body/ab workout. Went pretty well. When I say that I got the day going, it was not at the break of dawn, it was about 9:30 AM! The day before was jam-packed with stuff starting with the Boardtown run.  Joseph and I followed that with an outing at the coffee shop called 929 in downtown Starkville where various artists such as Jude Landry and Lorrin Webb were selling things and some local musicians were playing including the likes of freakin awesome classical guitarist Stephanie Jackson! While we were there, we saw some of our running buddies Will, Phil, and Dominique Belcher! Checked out of there and sampled the new Lost Pizza establishment opting for the Diablo pizza. My favorite part about the place was the decor. The folks working there were nice, but kind of that artificial nice that you have with a new place, and they all had on Lost Pizza tshirts with slogans like “Get Lost”. The pizza was ok, sauce was weird, sweet, ok, nothing remarkable. I probably won’t go back. I much prefer the pizza at CJs and the Darkhorse Tavern. After eating, we went to the late show and watched Riddick. I like the Riddick movies. This was one was not my favorite, but it was pretty good. Too slow for me and not much of a story. I guess its just part of a story that will be shown in parts, but after having seen one of the greatest movies of all time, “The Chronicles of Riddick”, I was expecting more. Vin Diesel, of course, did a good job with his role. Got home, and stayed up a couple more hours. So, yeah, 9:30 AM seemed like a reasonable time to start Sunday. After the morning workout, which was fueled by Beck and Nirvanna, I cooked us up some eggs and spicy sausage! Yum.


At 6 PM, it was misty, half raining, but we went running anyway. It was really nice out! Brent, Will, Max, Juan, and Arash joined us today. We just did the 5.3 mile loop thru town (5.3 mile route), although Juan added some at the end to get in a 10k. First mile was easy, probably 7:10 or so, then we starting picking it up. At the halfway point, it was Joseph, Arash, Juan, Brent and I hanging more or less together, then we gradually got ahead of Arash. Kept pushing along pretty good and Juan dropped back a little (to be fair, he ran 8 miles the day before at 6:20 pace!), and Brent, Joseph, and I kept moving really feeling good on the last 1.5 miles or so. Guessing our last mile was 5:45 ish. We finished the route at just under 33 minutes, which was our best time for this route even with the slower first mile to mile and a half! I guarantee that this was Brent’s best run ever! Dude. And really, this was pretty good for this route, which crosses numerous intersections all of which we have to slow down for, not to mention the random cars that try to run over us. Had another dude today in a giant Ford pickup at a stop sign parked in the crosswalk who did not want us going in front of him. As we were about to enter the bike lane to go in front of him, he pulled out in front of traffic to beat us. Thanks Ford truck guy! I slapped his truck with my hand as I was trying to avoid him, while letting him know he was a pecker head. What is up with these people? Am I wrong? If I am running down the sidewalk with 6 other people, and a car or truck is at stop sign stop (not a a 2 or 3 or 4 way) waiting for the back and forth traffic to break for him to go, is he allowed to try to run over pedestrians or runners in the cross walk, or in this case since he was parked in the cross walk, the bike lane, or bikers in the bike lane? And, cars were coming, the guy had to pull out in front of someone else who had to brake suddenly. We had to stop quickly. Crazy. Now this incident was not as close as the one last week, but it was really rude. The other question is, even if he was right, which he wasn’t, is it really ok to run over people or try to??? Maybe it was our fault for running so fast. Perhaps this redneck miscreant assumed that we were running at pace that he might manage, rather than our blinding speed. And, therefore, he was simply not ready for us to arrive at the front of his ridiculously massive truck so quickly? Could it be that we were running so fast on the warmup part of our run that we were invisible? Well, for all practical purposes, we were invisible. I can’t tell you how many times I have almost been hit by a vehicle who was turning right, but not looking right! Sometimes we yell ahead when we see they are not looking. Sometimes they even hear us! But, back to the run. Juan came thru a couple of minutes back, but kept going for his 6.2 miles, which he said he did at a 6:40 something average. Arash came in a bit later, but stopped at exactly 5 miles and walked in. He always does this if he is planning on doing a certain distance, no more and no less! Max did pretty well, finishing near 40 minutes or so. He is coming along! Will brought up the rear today, as he has been experiencing some plantar fasciatus. Not fun, and Will is not one to rest when he is sore. He ran 18 miles on Saturday and biked 60 or more this morn! Crazy joker.  Yeah, for Joseph, this was an average pace, but for Brent and I, this was a pretty good run, especially with the first part being slower as we averaged under 6:15 for the entire course. I would guess our last 4 miles were just under 6 minute pace. Weather I guess? Who knows, but it did feel great out!

Monday, Met Joseph, Zach, Ravi, and Michael Lee for a run thru the South Farm. Planned on going slow and easy today after the last two days of awesome running. Of course, Ravi and Zach ran over from their respective dorms or apartments, so they did not go quite as far on the farm. Michael was feeling good I guess, as he lead the way today, with Joseph behind him, and me taking my time back behind him. They both finished up a good bit a head of me. And, that was fine with me, as I needed to work out some soreness!

Tuesday, met Joseph, Will, Nick, and Max at the South Farm entrance at 6 pm. We ran around campus, the Research Park loop and back. Will and Max both went a bit further. Nick, who had been having some sort of foot issue, did not go as far, but he had already run some on his own. My plan today was to do a fartlek type run. First mile we were all today and ran it at 7:30. At about 1.5 miles I picked it up running at 5:25ish pace for a half mile or so, then back to about 6:40-6:45. I repeated this pattern, more or less, but sometimes the faster parts were not as long, although about the same pace (between 5:20 and 5:40 mile pace). By the time I started the faster pace, Nick had headed back to his dorm. Joseph, Max and Will also picked it up, but were behind me. At around 2 miles, I got caught by the light on Hwy 82 and Will and Joseph caught me, after which time Joseph and I ran together the rest of the way, soon losing site of Wild Will and Manic Max. Even with the slow parts, the mile splits were 6:08 to 6:18 from mile 2 to 5, so, that was nice! The only negative was that on one of the hills I felt like I might have stretched my left calf a bit too hard.

Wednesday, Easy 30 minute run with Joseph at McKee Park and Longmeadow at 4:30 pm. After about 2 miles, my left calf was suddenly very sore. Ouch! Guess that feeling in my calf on Tuesday was more serious than I thought! Running is funny. You can run along every day and have no problem, then hit one imperfect spot in a road or on a hill and zap, ouch, zing. Of course, I probably over did the faster stuff this week with 3 stupendously, fantastic runs. I can get by with 2 pretty fast runs, but at my age, I seem to have problems with 3 with a week, much less within 4 days. So, I was was setting myself up for this sort of thing to happen.  Also, I was in a hurry Tuesday and did not run through my normal stretching routine. I only do about  5 stretches, and that is including front to back and side to side leg swings, but if I don’t do them all, I usually regret it. Going slow as molasses today, so still a bit weird. Really had to take it easy coming back. Even so, passed a bunch of SHS kids who  jogging thru the neighborhood and park while we were out. Also saw some of them chillin’ at a water fountain when we finished up later.  Guess they had a hard workout the day before with 20 X 400m, which would actually be a pretty hard workout for college runners, let alone 7th thru 12th graders who race between 3k and 5k! Yeah. Whew. They were topping that off with a tempo run today.  They mentioned an upcoming race at Clinton, the Watson Ford Invitational put on by Mississippi College. Yeehah. It was a bit hard to get excited knowing that the elitists in charge of athletic rule making have now pressured our college coaches to not allow unattached runners and homeschooled runners in their meets. Thanks fatheads!  This was one that Joseph could have run in, but now can’t. Mississippi. Sometimes all I can do is shake my head in dismay.

Thursday, I met Brent, Juan, Jorge, Will, Max, Lucas, and Jessica for a easy run thru town. It was drizzly out, but felt great. Lucas and Jessica, who both run for MSU, had some time to run on their own, so joined us. Always nice to see those crazy cats. They had a tough workout the day before with Lucas having done 4 X 1 mile repeats with an 800m and 2 X 400m thrown in for a 5 mile total, and Jessica had done 20 X 200m! So, they had an easy morning run and now were doing a super easy evening run. Here was a good example of how college runners were doing workouts of the same or less duration than high school runners, and followed by super easy recovery runs. Anyway, I probably should not have run today as my calf was still obviously sore. Dumb-ass. But, I was so hyper, I had to go. Fortunately, most of the group was going pretty slow today, and I  basically ran with Max and Jessica. After 15 minutes, I returned with Jessica and Lucas, and we chatted away while avoiding the crazies in cars who seemed intent on running over us in cross walks. Brent returned later after running a slightly longer and faster route and mentioned that another guy almost ran in to him in a cross walk. He said he was already in the crosswalk before the guy, who was going to turn right at a 3 way stop sign had even stopped. People! Don’t run over people. Geesh. But, yeah, the run was nice, but not a good idea for sure. Coincidentally, I just decided earlier this week to do the New Orleans Jazz Half Marathon. Joseph, Zach, maybe Jorge, and Meggan Franks are going, so, why not. I have been running pretty well. But, 2 days later my calf is killing me!  @#$#@*#$!  Resting it on Friday and Saturday (will bike on Saturday), so maybe that will help.

Friday,  took it easy today.

Saturday, Got up and did an upper body/ab workout. Nothing crazy today. Calf still sore. Growl. Later that day at about 5:45 PM, I jumped on my bike and rode along as Joseph ran 6.5 miles out here in Sessums. Pretty humid, but gradually got better as the sun started going down. He averaged 6:17 per mile for the run. Calf felt alright on the bike.


Sunday, AM – upper body/ab workout, PM – 5.3 miles, mile one at 7:10, then 6 minute pace (33 minutes)

Monday, PM – 51 minutes easy run on gravel

Tuesday, PM –  5 miles, 1st at 7:30, then fartlek type run with fast parts at 5:25-5:40 pace, slower parts at 6;40-7:00 pace (entire route average 6:37)

Wednesday, PM – 30 minute easy run

Thursday, PM – 30 minute easy run

Saturday, AM – upper body/ab workout; 6.5 mile bike ride (Joseph ran 6.5 at 6:17 mile pace)



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2 responses to “Starkville Striders Running Club

  1. I have only been to a couple of
    Places in the US, Florida and San Antonio. We were surprised to find that many roads don’t have any pavements/sidewalks, even in built up areas. People just aren’t encouraged to get out of their cars and walk, or to think about people not in cars. Things are slowly going that way in the uk too.

    • Yeah, its a catch 22. We can run in on the country roads where there are is less traffic, but no sidewalks, and some motorists hate that we have to run on the road (or bike). In town, we only have some side walks and very limited bike paths, but we have problems with cars turning in front of us at stop signs, red lights, driveways, and parking lots. Sometimes, even if there is a sidewalk, it only lasts a couple of blocks. Crazy.

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