rest week, kind of…and, MSHAA continues policy of personal exclusion

Sunday, Whew, fairly worn out from the race, lack of sleep, and driving. Figured it might be good to start the day off with a good breakfast. So, 3 fried eggs each, fried potatoes, sausage, toast, and orange juice! Good. UM. UM. Then, I got to mowing the lawn and trail. It was so high in some places, I had to mow the same place twice. Cleaned up my garden area a little in prep for some fall/winter stuff I need to plant. Finally got done, ate some fruit and took a nap!  Joseph also took a nap!

We were both sore from the race and all that, so, we figured an easy recovery jog might be in order. We met Juan, Arash, Brent, Max, Will, and Nick at the South Farm and did our easy 5.2 mile downtown loop. Surprisingly, my calf was not overly sore, so I thought, mistakenly, that it would be ok to run without wrapping it. Well. It was fine for the first 2.2 miles, almost precisely when I started going slightly faster, ouch! Slowed back down to a 7:30 mile pace and hobbled back to the start. On my last mile, I hit an incline wrong with my left foot, and boy, that pulled! Anyway. Averaged about 7:25 mile pace.

Had not seen Nick in week or two, and man, that joker has been lifting hard and is now about 200 lbs. Crazy gung-ho ex football hotdog said he was not happy about the linebacker play for MSU recently and was thinking about bulking back up and trying out for the team next year! Ha. That’s freakin’ awesome. Hope he does. You often hear fans complain about the play of teams, but seldom do you see them actually say, “hey, I think I am going to do something about it!” I imagine that MSU would be happy to have a dude like Nick. Heres a guy who can go out and run 26 miles, then swim 5 miles, then workout with weights. One crazy joker!

Monday, Decided not to run today. In fact, I may take a few days off to actually rest this leg a bit. Ideally, I would rest it about 2 good weeks, but I can guarantee that I will not be able to make myself do that. Also figured Joseph should take some time off after the hot Saturday race. He is a slight fellow at maybe 125 lbs, and that kind of run is probably harder for him to recover from than me. To be honest, I felt really good by Sunday night and if my calf was not killing me, I probably would have been fine.  Of course, one could easily argue that my calf being sore is a good indication that I am not recovered! In lieu of a run, we headed home for a nice upper body and ab workout. That was good, because the last few have been abbreviated due to time constraints!

Wednesday, Got another upper body type workout in after work. Not as good as on Monday, but not bad. Getting in lots of art time this week after work. Not going running frees time for that of course. But, when I don’t get to run, I am in a bad mood.

Thursday, Decided to go for a run at 5:15 PM. Met Joseph, Nick, and a friend of Nick’s named Ryan. Well, my leg was still sore as hell. Even slightly painful to walk on, but better than Sunday night. So, of course, I thought running would be a good idea. Since I was going to run, might as well run on the hilly gravel roads of the South Farm so I could really feel the pain! Before starting, I did at least tape my leg up. Nick and his bud Ryan jogged over from their dorm, then they probably ran another 5 miles at least on the farm with us. Nick had already run 13 miles about 3 or 4 hours earlier. Crazy beast. On Sunday, Nick will be running his first ever marathon in Chattanooga, TN. Good luck Nick! Back to the run, started out together, but Joseph soon was out of sight. I ran with Nick for almost 3 miles, with Ryan gradually dropping back. Nick headed back, but I waited for Joseph who had added an extra mile loop. He was sneezing and congested, but seemed to be running ok. We ran over to the XC course, then back to the car. My last couple of miles were so slow and quite painful! Argghhhh! Joseph, who was not really running fast, was again out of my sight, even with his snotty gooey head.  I ended up with about 6 and a half miles at 7:41 pace. Joseph got in closer to 8 miles at a much better pace. Bummer man. Hate when stuff keeps me from cruising along. Everything gets out of whack.

Friday, Got an email from MS College XC Coach Ard today saying that we should probably skip the drive to Jackson for the MC College XC Invitational tomorrow morning because someone from the MHSAA had called him telling him that Joseph MacGown could not run in his race on Saturday. I had signed him up for the race back in early August back before the MHSAA had decided to not allow unattached people to participate. I would like to thank the higher ups (and whoever has gone to the trouble to specifically look up those races that Joseph is entered in) whose great egos have decided that full control is necessary and that they should exclude people who don’t exactly fit into their way of thinking. It does seem as though someone in particular has a vendetta at this point. When you have someone go to the trouble of calling about a particular runner being excluded, it makes you wonder.  Second time in a row this has happened. First MSU, now here. I actually am about 99% sure who this is at this point, but don’t want to get others involved who have told me, so I will say all the reasons why I think I know who it is. However, I will say that the coaches at one particular high school in the Jackson area (I won’t mention their names here, although I should-feel free to ask me if you want to know) were noticeably pissed when they saw us at the earlier meet at MC this year. Further, one of those same coaches sent me an ugly email 1.5 years ago about Joseph and the fact that he decided not to run track that year for various reasons, mostly revolving around mistreatment of runners by a particular coach at his school . Not ironically, that coach is no longer in our area, but is now one of the two Jackson coaches who was angry that Joseph was allowed to run in the race. In fact, these two coaches were the only ones at that meet who appeared to be bothered Joseph’s presence. Other high school coaches personally congratulated Joseph that day!  This basic lack of sportsmanship and egomaniacal desire to control everybody is pathetic, but seems to be fast becoming the norm.  Way to go guys!! Kill the drive. This stuff is really getting to me. It truly makes you understand why some people are opting out of the “system” and why some kids are discouraged.  This very thing makes me want to get together bunches of kids who like to run who are not on teams, along with home schooled kids who like to run; coach them; put on meets; and request that various college coaches also have “open” races for these kids at the bigger meets. Some places already do this (not in MS of course), such as the Chili Pepper Invitational in Fayetteville, AR. They have a giant meet with college races, high school team races, and open races for everyone else (unattached high school kids, home schooled kids, and adults). So, basically, they add two additional races: one for males and one for females.  Now there’s an idea guys. Golly Gee! But, instead, MS continually chooses the path of exclusion. Nice.

In other news, MSU’s XC team ran today with John Valentine having a good day with his 24:47 8k and our awesome super cool bud Katie Huston leading the MSU women with her 17:34 5k! Way to go! The men were 4th overall and women were 2nd. Full results are at:

Saturday, Got up early and it was dark and chilly! It is hard to get up when its still dark out, and harder yet when its somewhat chilly! Headed over to meet the rest of the Boardtown folks for a run. Actually, I planned on biking along with them today instead of killing my calf further with an 11.4 mile run. Joseph was still snotty and congested this morn, but decided to go anyway. When we arrived Arash was already there, ready to go with his crazy grinning self! Meggan Franks was jogging up after already getting in 3 miles, then Will showed up, and of course a bunch of others. Joseph did alright early, but at about 7 miles suddenly seemed exhausted, and he slowed down considerably. He ended up with a 6:42 pace for the entire run. Arash, on the other hand, was so peppy that he had his best long run in quite some time averaging 6:36 per mile. Meggan finished up just a bit in front of him and probably averaged 6:30 or better. Micah White and Joseph pretty much finished together. It was certainly a nice morn to run though, with the temps in the mid 50’s and with slight drizzle early. A little chilly on my bike, but not bad. Ad long pants and jacket on. Forgot bike gloves. Some new Kenyan feller who used to run at Mississippi Valley showed up too and was not far behind Joseph and Micah. He is now at MSU working on a doctorate. Hopefully, he will become a regular.  Arash said that he had raced against him a couple of years ago and he was pretty fast!

Got home and moved some fallen trees and branches off the trail. Stuff that came down in a recent storm, but just now getting to it. Later, we did some pushups, curls, pull ups and ab stuff.


Sunday, PM – 5.2 miles easy recovery run at 7:25 mile pace

Monday, PM – upper body and ab workout

Wednesday, PM –  upper body and ab workout

Thursday, PM – 6.5 mile easy run, Joseph got 7.5-8 miles in.

Saturday, AM – 11.4 mile easy bike ride; Joseph did 11.4 miles at 6:42 average; PM – upper body/ab workout.


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