Beautiful weather, but not running – strained calf!

Sunday, 5 PM run with Joseph, Kamau Bostic, Arash Taheri, John Mooney, Juan Villarreal, Brent Wallace, and Zach Marsh.  My calf, oh boy! Wrapped it and made 1.5 miles before sudden pain! Ouch. Of course, we were going at 6:35 pace, which for some of those guys was warmup pace, but for me today, probably a bad idea. I turned around and headed back. Whew, very painful. I adopted a run on my toes and quickly lift my legs approach and was able to keep up about a 7 minute mile pace on the way back. But, it was sore afterward! Sore as in hard to walk by the time I got home. Should be alright by Tuesday, or not. The others got in between 5 and 6 miles with Joseph and Kamau flying in first, followed by Juan. Those 3 all ran 6 miles with at least 3 at 6 minute and under pace. John (who added some at end for a 10k, plus already ran 6 miles earlier), Brent, and Zach were not too far back, nor was Arash, who stopped at exactly 5 miles, then walked the last bit. He is very precise about this sort of thing.


John Mooney

John Mooney

I got some Starkville Striders shirts made the other day with skull and crossbones in the center. This was mostly to celebrate our run through pain and generally idiotic behavior. Also, because it reminds of pirates, and pirates are cool. Well, maybe not real pirates, but you know. Anyone, nobody is a better or more exuberant model than Arash. So here he is!


Arash sporting his new Starkville Striders tank

Monday, After work, I picked up the kid and we headed home out in the country in Sessums.  Then, I grabbed my bike and rode along as he did 3 X 1 mile tempo type repeats after a mile warmup. He has not really done much in the way of speed work at all lately, but honestly, I think for the races he does, his speed is pretty good. However, since he has not been in any races really since August, he has not had much opportunity to keep up a sustained decent pace. So, we thought getting in some mile repeat the next 2 or 3 weeks might be good, starting with 3 today. He was a bit tired, and still had a cough, but average 5:29 for the 3.

Tuesday, I got home and did a pretty good weight, pullup, pushup, ab workout. Felt good afterward. Since I am trying to force myself not to run with strained calf, I have to do something different to burn some energy. Biking along with Joseph or whoever is running helps, and maybe a bit of extra time in with the workouts.

Wednesday, At 4 PM, Joseph and I headed to McKee Park, then I jumped on my mountain bike and he ran as we headed to Longmeadow neighborhood. After jogging for about 10 minutes, he then ran a 3 mile tempo type run averaging 5:50 per mile. That joker was about as tired as a person could be while still standing before he started the run, and after he got home, he immediately took a nap! Somehow, he needs to find a way to get some more sleep! Fortunately, he has the rest of the week off for Fall Break!

Thursday, Again out in Sessums, Joseph did an easy 5 mile run as I biked along with him. He eased into it with the first two miles at 6:38-6:44 pace, then as he relaxed picked it up running the last three at 6:18, 6:14, and 6:16. Looked really easy today. I think he finally got enough sleep for a change!

Friday, Got in a workout at the house about 6 PM. Nothing crazy, bench press, curls, pullups…

Saturday, We planned on getting up and running with Boardtown, but it was cold and dark, and Joseph seemed to be coughing, so we both went back to sleep. He had considered doing  the Run for Education 5k this morn, which he has won a couple of times.  I have won the master’s division the last few years and it seems like I might  have won this race too a long time ago myself.  For some reason, I never broke 16 minutes in this race, but did run some low 16’s (long ago!). Either way, I have run it many times, and he has run it or the 1 mile fun run quite a few times himself.   But neither of us felt overly enthusiastic this year with all the negative crap from the SHS XC coach and the SHS AD, and their working diligently to keep him out of MS XC races this fall. So, skipped that. Guess someone else won. Also, there was a 4 mile race in the delta this morn that we thought about driving too, but skipped that too. However, Meggan Franks did go, and she dominated as usual. First female, almost won over all, and she took home $400! Way to go.

Later at about 2 PM, we headed to the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge so Joseph get in a decent run while I biked along. It was truly beautiful out today, and the 65° was a far cry from the 36° earlier that morn! Joseph started out semi slow, picked up on the 2nd mile 6:12 (too fast probably), then miles 3-5 were 6:45 pace, then the last 5 miles were pretty good: 6:30, 6:29, 6:06, 6:19, and 6:08.  Much better 2nd half than first half and overall average pace of around 6:30. On the way back to the truck, we passed Will who was starting out on a 20 mile run! Crazy joker!


Sunday, 3.1 miles at 7 minute pace; Joseph did 6 miles with first two at 6:30-6:40, then last 4 faster 6:15 down to 5:50.

Monday, biked easy 6 miles; Joseph did 3 X 1 mile tempo repeats averaging 5:29 mile pace

Tuesday, weight/upper body/ab workout

Wednesday, 6 mile easy bike; Joseph WU, then 3 miles at 17:48, then cooldown

Thursday, 5 mile bike; Joseph 5 miles at 6:25  average pace

Friday, PM – upper body workout.

Saturday, PM – 10 mile bike; Joseph 10 mile run at about 6:29 pace.


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