Mile Repeats on Gravel and Joseph has great 11 miler

Sunday, At 4 PM, Joseph and I met Brent, Max, and Ravi at the South Farm for a run. Another pretty day, but chilly enough for tank tops. I started out with the guys, but only did 2 miles. Then got my bike and added about 7 miles. As I was heading back for the bike, I passed John Mooney and Brian Laird, who arrived a bit late. I cruised along with them a bit, then we crossed paths with Brent and Joseph. Brent was running pretty good today as he was at the 4 mile mark first. Apparently Joseph, who was supposed to be taking it easy today, was actually doing that, as he was there a bit later. Brent took the shortcut back, and John and I joined Joseph for the longer loop. With John in tow, they were gradually picking up the pace from the 7:20-7:30 pace they had each been doing earlier and started hitting 6:30s to 6:40 pace. With about 1.5 miles to go, John teamed back up with Brian. He said he ended up with about 9.5 miles total. Joseph finished up and for some reason continued picking the pace up dropping to 6 minute, then 5:20, and finished the last half mile at 4:50 pace. By the end, it was getting pretty chilly, but we hung out shooting the bull with Brent and Max before calling it a night.

Monday, We met John Mooney and the missing link Nick Pettit at the Research Park for some mile repeats. I rode my bike to pace them. Actually, Nick, who is still recovering from his marathon, mostly took it easy, and wisely so! We ran on the North Farm gravel roads today, and there were quite a few other folks running and walking their dogs. Of course, as always on the North Farm, there were plenty of the idiot dog owners who ignored the “dogs must be on leash” rules clearly stated on the signs. Being a research farm, the fields have various pesticide trials going on, and these owners don’t seem to mind that their dogs are running through and disturbing research and potentially drinking contaminated runoff. But, the real problem is when you are running and/or biking down the road and large dogs jump on you or stop in front of your bike tire. People. I have two dogs. But, that does not mean that its ok to have my dog jump on another person. I almost ran right over a boxer today. Anyway. People. Please. Have your dogs put you on a leash. Or something like that.

The run went well I guess, I mean, I was on my mountain bike! Easy enough. As John, Joseph, and Nick (Nick only did one of the mile repeats, and he had already run 8 miles earlier) got going, Lucas came running by hand slapping everyone. Crazy kid and his awesome Hispanic afro almost knocked me off my bike with that high five! Joseph started out like a gangbuster, too fast, but settled down finishing up his first mile at 5:18. John was 6:20ish. Near the end of the first mile, Juan Villarreal came speeding by, said he was almost through with an 8 mile run.  Joseph’s next two were slower, 5:37ish average; John’s were 6:22 and 6:29. The rests between each were 2-3 minutes. Then they did 4 x  400m with 400m jogs between each. John was 1:20-1:22 more or less and Joseph was in front by a good bit, not sure exactly what they were. Then one more mile, Joseph was 5:43 on this one, maybe a little tired from the 400s. John, who was not going to do another, did a good percentage of it, then met us, and we headed back to the car. We met Nick there, who, after the first mile repeat, pretty much then just ran/jogged at an easy pace for a while. The sun was quickly setting, so we dropped Nick the Beast dude off at his dorm and headed home.

Got home and did several sets of pushups, pullups and dumbbell curls. No run for me left me with plenty of energy! After, I checked my email and saw a note from a New York Times sports reporter who had found my blog and wanted my opinion on the trend of neon colors in the running world. Cool. I responded to her, and then had a call from a college coach in Kentucky who wanted to talk to Joseph about running for his team next year.  Crazy man.

Tuesday, Got  a follow up call from the New York Times reporter about the neon running apparel story. We talked about running for quite a while. Especially here in the South.  Later that day, at 4PM, I met wild man Max the babe magnet and Lucas the Dominican wonderboy at the South Farm and we traveled through the farm roads; them on foot, and me on my mountain bike. They casually ran along at about a 7:30 pace for an easy 5 miles. Nothing crazy. After leaving those trippy mugs, I headed home and did some pullups and benchpress. Joseph did his own easy run this afternoon, so did not meet with us.

Wednesday, Got Joseph at 4 PM and we headed to McKee Park. He was going to do a tempo of sorts today in Longmeadow, so I jumped on my bike to pace him a bit. He got in a good 1.5 mile warmup run, then started the tempo. Too fast at first, still needs to tone that down, then a bit slow, then about right. He ended up with 4.3 miles at 5:45 pace. Near the end of the run and upon completion, we ran into the Starkville High kids and Steve Shaffer as they ambled about. Just a few days before their state meet. When I got home, I was still very hyper from the lack of a run. So, I ran along my trail for a bit, then did several sets of pushups, dips, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell military presses. That helped some!

Thursday, Met Joseph and Kamau at 4 PM at the South Farm. Haven’t seen that crazy bugger in a couple weeks. He and Joseph did a 5 mile run at 6:35 pace thru town. I took my bike out on the gravel roads of the farm and headed toward the MSU XC course. Pedaled pretty hard to get there, then jumped off my bike and did 3 X 1000m runs on the bottom loop at about 4 minutes each. Pretty slow, but my calf did not hurt today. So, I stopped before it did (very unlike me), then headed back to the truck. Kamau and Joseph were waiting on me.

Friday, Headed out to the refuge with Joseph mid afternoon so he could get a long run in today, as I will be out of town tomorrow. It was again a beautiful day, and I again rode my bike to pace him. He said he was pretty tired, and to be fair, we don’t usually run on Fridays, so he was probably out of whack a bit. He seemed to think he was running slow, but actually ran quite well. The idea, whether good or bad, is to add a mile each week to this “long” run and to try to do it at a better pace each week. So, the first time we went to the refuge two weeks ago, he did 10 miles at a 6:30 pace. Last Saturday, he again only did 10 miles, but at  6:15 average. Nice improvement. Today, he did just over 11 miles and averaged 5:58 per mile. Nice. I hope this trend continues. His splits were 6:14, 5:58, 5:59, 6:05, 6:11, 6:16, 6:02, 5:59, 5:53, 5:48, and 5:28 for the last mile+. Very nice finish at the end with 4 sub 6 minute miles. When we got back to the truck, there were strange drawings and words scratched into the dusty rear of my Tahoe. The culprits were obviously Brent and Max, based on the fact the they wrote their names! I guess we just missed them. Bummer dudes. We also saw our bud Nathan Gaudin and a friend of his as they were finishing up a 16 mile hike.


Sunday, PM – 2 mile run, 7 mile bike; Joseph, 7.6 mile run on gravel, 2nd half faster

Monday, PM – 8 mile bike, upper body workout; Joseph, 1 mile WU, 3 X 1 mile 5:29 pace, 4 X 400m with 400m jogs, 1 X 1 mile @ 5:43, half mile cooldown.

Tuesday, PM – 5 mile bike ride, upper body stuff; Joseph, easy run

Wednesday, PM – 6-7 mile bike, short run on trail, upper body stuff; Joseph, 4.3 mile tempo at 5:45 pace

Thursday, PM – 7-8 mile bike, 3 X 1000m; Joseph, 5 miles at 6:35 pace

Friday, PM – 11 mile bike ride; Joseph, 11 mile run at 5:58  pace.


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