Cold in Mississippi

Sunday,  Morning! Upper body stuff–pullups, pushups, abs, curls, and some dumbbell military presses. That afternoon at 3 PM, Joseph and I met Richard McCrory and Brent Wallace for a run. We did a 5 mile route thru town. We started out together, but it wasn’t long before Brent and Joseph were far in front. Richard and I, “the old guys” (Richard is 2 years younger than me), are both coming back from having some calf issues, so were not pushing it really. I ran with Richard for 2 miles at probably a 7:30-7:40ish type pace, at which point Richard felt like he needed to slow it down a bit. My calf has been feeling much better lately, so I picked up the pace to 7 minutes per mile, then 6:30ish pace for the 4th mile, and finished up the last mile near 6 minute pace. Felt nice to move a little faster. Of course, I could feel the difference with my increased weight as of late, but still, it was nice!

Monday, Joseph and I took off from McKee Park at 4 pm and headed to Longmeadow to run. I just did a mile warm up with him, then got on my bike to pace him while he did 4 X 2000m tempo paced intervals with 2 minute rests between each. He followed that with a cool down jog and some stretching. The repeats were pretty consistent, and he averaged 5:31 per mile for the entire 8k. First one was slightly faster and each got slightly slower, but only by a couple of seconds. Pretty good job on a really wet road.

Tuesday, Just a bit over 5 miles at 4 pm with Joseph and with Nick the Beast for part of the run. We started at the South Farm and did our downtown/Greensboro District route. Nick had already run about 7 miles a couple of hours earlier, so he was only doing 4, of which about 1.5 were with us. We started out together, but gradually Joseph got ahead of me, and I stuck with Nick until he turned back. After that, I was able to catch up with Joseph on this easy day. Averaged just under 7:20 a mile today and my calf again felt fine. Last mile was at 6:45.

When I got home, I did an upper body workout doing pullups, bench press, curls, and dumbbell military presses.

Wednesday, Joseph and I went over to the South Farm for a run. We decided against the gravel roads, and instead headed toward campus. Before we started Arash the Iranian menace showed up to say hello. What a guy! We saw our bud Zach out running, then ran into Ravi, who was running to meet us. Joseph, Ravi, and I made our way toward the Research Park, where we did the loop one time, then headed back for about 5 miles. I again averaged just under 7:20 per mile. As the day before, my last three were faster than the first two.

Thursday, In the morn, I took Joseph over to Blue Mountain College in north Mississippi for a visit. Checking out all the possibilities. Great visit! Small school, which is not necessarily a bad thing, and everyone was super nice. Enjoyed meeting the coach and many of the runners. Very friendly bunch. Got home in time for a brief run before dark. I did 4 miles slow and Joseph around 5 miles, less slow.

SaturdayTook Joseph out to the Noxubee Refuge for another longish run. We were going back and forth deciding on how far to go today. I kind of like alternating the distance each week with a longer run followed by a slightly shorter run the next week, then back up a little more the next week. He did 12 last week, so I was thinking about either less or more today, 10 vs. 13. Since 12 was the longest as of late, 10 miles made more sense. We arrived at the refuge at 2 PM, and it was cold and windy. Cold for Mississippi anyway! About 34•F with winds between 10 and 15 miles per hour. Not many people out and about today!  Since I obviously cannot keep up with that punk any more for his decent long runs, I once again paced him on my bike. With the cold, and me on a bike, I was definitely thinking 10 miles today. He started out a bit faster than usual today, maybe due to the weather. Perhaps moving faster made him warmer. I was cold on my bike for sure. As usual, we stopped a couple of times during the run so he could grab a sip of water and loosen up a bit. Very brief stops though. With the exception of his 5th mile, which was 6:01, everything else was under 6 minutes today. He seems to have an issue with slowing down during the middle of these runs, but is able to usually pick it back up. Overall, he finished the 10 miles in 56:59, which was for sure his best 10 mile run ever, with an average pace of 5:41 per mile. So, even though it was cold and windy, he did pretty well today. Mile splits were 5:51, 5:28 ,5:41, 5:39, 6:01, 5:28, 5:46, 5:44, 5:40, and 5:39.


Sunday, AM – upper body workout; PM – 5 mile run

Monday, PM – 1 mile run, 5.5 mile bike; Joseph 1 mile WU, 4X2000m with 2 minute rests between (5:31 mile pace)

Tuesday, PM – 5 mile run, upper body workout

Wednesday, PM – 5 mile run

Thursday, PM – 4 miles, easy; Joseph, 5 miles easy, but not as slow as me

Saturday, PM – 10 mile bike; Joseph, 10 mile run-5:41 mile pace


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