Joseph has nice 13.14 mile long run – 1:14:59

Sunday, Cold and wet! Did an upper body workout in the morning. Pretty good one, but a little weird. Did various sets of pushups, pullups, curls, and stuff in between random other activities. We thought about running later, but with the almost constant rain, we ended up skipping the run. Plus, Joseph was pretty much busy every second of the weekend working on one of several of those ridiculous “creative” projects that for some  reason, high school teachers of non art classes love to assign students near the end of the semester. Final exams are not enough I guess. I suppose it sounds weird coming from me, an artist, to think of these projects as ridiculous, but they are just that. Basically, they are just time consuming projects that take time away from learning.

Monday, Cold and wet. Go figure. Even so, we did run some. Starting at 4 PM, Joseph and I ran around McKee a little, then I got on my bike as he did a couple or three laps around Longmeadow at an ok pace. Not as fast as normal. Possibly the lack of a recovery run on Sunday was the reason for his somewhat lackadaisical run today. Or maybe the fact that he spent pretty much the entire weekend working on school work. When I say lackadaisical, I mean compared to his normal Monday afternoon runs. Today, he was only scooting thru the neighborhood at about at 5:53 mile pace. Man, it was cold and dark out! While there, 3 SHS kids who I guess are running some indoor meets, jogged thru the area. Patrick Bell, Nick First, and Payton Little. They had their warmup suits on and still looked cold. They seemed amazed that Joseph was only wearing shorts and a shirt. It was about 37°F when we started, but that temp was rapidly dropping as darkness descended upon us. And the wind did not help. After his 3 laps around, each about 2000m and with brief rests between, I put my bike up and ran a couple of miles at a 6:38 pace. Still had my sweats and two layers of longsleeves on, and was sweating pretty good by the finish. Whew!

Tuesday, I met Joseph and Brent at about 4 pm for a run thru town. Got in 5.2 miles at an average pace of 6:51. Fairly chilly, about 40°F and windy when we started, but it was 37°F when we finished. Those mugs had shorts and short sleeves on, so I had to follow suit, or would have looked like a punk! We all wore gloves though. Thats the way we roll. Passed quite a few folks running. Most of them were bundled up with long pants, running jackets, hats and gloves. The only runners that we saw dressed similarly to us were some MSU runners here and there! Anyway, first mile was 7:20ish, then the rest were under 7. Good deal. Finished up good with the last mile about 6:35.

Wednesday, Easy 4PM run with Joseph thru McKee Park and Longmeadow. Nice afternoon, about 48°F. Still short sleeve and shorts weather!

Thursday, calf was a little sore today, probably pushing it too again too soon! Ran about 4 miles with the kid in afternoon. It was chilly-ish, mid 40’s F, but not too bad. Shorts, short sleeves, no gloves. Averaged right at 7 minute mile pace. Got home and did some benchpress, curls, pullups, and crunches.

Friday, no workout of any kind today. Calf still a bit sore. Not terrible.

Saturday,  Earlier in the week, we had talked about going to Jackson for a half marathon held this morn, but with only one week of school left and exams, decided against it. But, that was the distance we had planned for today either way. So, I took Joseph out to the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge for another run. We arrived at 2:00 pm on a drizzly gray day. Temps started out at about 54°F but dropped to the upper 40’s by the end of the run. The second half of the run was pretty much in a drizzle the entire way, and we had some 9-10 mile per hours wind, especially on the way out, then from the side on the way back. I again rode my bike and Joseph ran. As with other long runs, and similar to the Boardtown long runs, we stopped a couple of times for water, which I carried with me. Joseph was fairly consistent today with his pacing, and for the first time, none of his miles were above 6 minutes. Cool. Overall he was 1:14:59 for 13.14 miles with an average pace of 5:42. Splits were: 5:59, 5:35, 5:43, 5:31, 5:50, 5:48, 5:44, 5:40, 5:44, 5:40, 5:35, 5:42, 5:41, and 0:47. Good run. Now to do this without any stops!

Check out this awesome damselfly sculpture that is out at the refuge on a pine tree. A retired USDA entomology guy named Gerald McKibben made this!




Sunday, AM – Upperbody workout

Monday, AM- warmup run, 5 mile bike, 2 mile run; Joseph, warmup, 3 X 2000m, cool down

Tuesday, PM- 5.2 mile run; upper body workout

Wednesday, PM – 3 miles easy run

Thursday, PM- 4 mile easy run, 7 minute pace, then upper body workout

Saturday, PM – 13.14 mile bike; Joseph, 13.14 run, 1:14:59


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