Running and biking in Mississippi while trying not to get shot by redneck hunters

Monday, Chilly this morning, mid 30’sF, and windy. What a change from the last few days! We got up and ran a bit around 8 AM. I only did 2.5 miles, then hopped on my mountain bike for a few more miles. Joseph did an easy run of some distance and time.

Tuesday, Christmas Eve. But, a pretty nice day. Biked along with Joseph as he did 3 X 1 mile tempo repeats with 2 minute jogs between, then 2 X 800m with 800m jog between. Of course, a warmup and cool down. He averaged low 5:30’s for the mile repeats, then did 800s at 2:25 and 2:28.  When I got home, I did an upper body workout. Felt pretty decent.

Wednesday, Christmas, whoohoo;) Nothing crazy, but did get a couple hour hike in.

Thursday, Morning, arg. Woke up and did a nice workout: pullups, bench press, curls, pushups, military dumbbell presses, and crunches. Later, at 2:30 PM,  I biked with Joseph at the South Farm. Pretty day, about 54°F. He was running easy, averaged 6:35 per mile with first one being 6:40, the last one 6:43, and the 5 in between in low 6:20s. Nice day. Good run.

Saturday, Rained pretty much all day! Could have done something, but nah. Well, I did workout in inside with quite a few pushups, pullups, curls, military presses, some dips, and crunches. So, not a total loss.

Sunday, Joseph and went out to the Noxubee NWR for a midafternoon run/bike deal. I biked, he ran 10 miles. Really nice out, mid 50s and pleasant. Lots of folks walking an riding bikes, much to the chagrin of at least some of the redneck hunters. Although we are biking and running on a public paved road, some of the hunters don’t like it. I had my bright orange shirt on too, just in case someone was lost and pointing their rifle toward the public road. One truck with a couple of older rednecks seemed particularly bothered and slowed down to tell us that we were in an area of heavy deer concentration and that wearing orange was not enough. I just waved and smiled. Not worth trying to communicate with ignorance. Especially when ignorance carries a high powered rifle. Interestingly, the hunters tend to group together and hunt in the same areas. Surprised they don’t shoot each other more often than they do. Perhaps if these very hunters who are unhappy with people biking and running got a bit of exercise themselves, they might not be so concerned with these bikers, walkers, and runners. I strongly suspect that they are simply in such bad physical condition that they want to hunt as close to their overly large 4 wheel drive trucks as possible. Anyway, back to the run. Taking the kid to a race in a couple of weeks, probably the half marathon in Pensacola, so he will need to maybe start chilling a bit. He averaged 5:43 per mile for the run today with a stop just before the middle. Not bad. The big test will be doing the half with no stops.


Monday, AM – 2.5 miles run, bike ride followed; Joseph easy run

Tuesday, PM – 6 mile bike, upper body workout; Joseph, warmup, 3 X 1 mile tempos, 2 x 800 reps, cooldown

Wednesday, PM –  2 hour hike

Thursday, AM – upper body workout; PM –  7 mile bike; Joseph 7 mile run, 6:35 pace

Saturday, PM – upper body workout

Sunday, PM – 10 mile bike; Joseph, 10 mile run, 5:43 per mile


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