last week of vacation

Monday, Started out the morn with a upper body deal. 5 sets of bench, 4 sets of pullups, curls with the curlbar, triceps with curl bar, side ab shrugs with dumbbells. Cool. Breakfast (banana and breakfast bar).  Joseph and I went to the South Farm at about 12:30 PM for a run. Low 40’sF, gloomy day. I did 3 miles easy, then biked a few fairly quick ones on the soft gravel roads. Joseph ran for the duration. Running was not bad temp-wise and I was comfy enough with shorts, shortsleeves, and no gloves. But, with long sleeves, sweat pants, and gloves while on the bike, I was freezing! Ah well. To warm up, we went to Buffalo Wildwings where I had 12 of the Blazin hot wings.

Starkville is a funny place (not really). Here we are in Mississippi, the fattest place in the universe, and we do everything we can to keep it that way. The roads are not really safe to run on, no shoulders and very few bike lanes. Bike lanes are recent, and often blocked by cars (at least on University Drive). Drivers in our area do not like cyclists and runners to be on “their” roads either, which makes running and biking a fairly adventurous undertaking at times. However, we have the university, which is an oasis in an otherwise morbidly obese land. Lots of students here are in decent shape. We have a very nice intramural center, the Sanderson Center, that was built a few years back, largely as the result of a huge donation from  a millionaire chicken farmer. So that is nice. Unfortunately, when they built the new facility, they  decided that staff and faculty had to pay to use it Formerly, these workout facilities were free for us, as should be the case. Yeah, we are not very progressive here for sure. Some places actually provide gym memberships for their staff, so as to have a healthy workforce. Go figure. Ironically, I know people who don’t work for MSU, but get a stipend from the company that they work at (radical businesses like TVA [Tennessee Valley Authority Electrical group]) that pays for their membership at our university rec center. How crazy is that? I mean, that is great for them. I comment them. Of course, that makes it all the more ironic that actually university employees have to pay to workout here.  I will never understand this place. Anyway, the membership rates have become so high, that I no longer go there. In fact, they are no longer competitive with local gyms. They may have more to offer, but really, when you go to a gym, you don’t usually do everything anyway, so that is somewhat irrelevant. Especially when you consider that they are closed during major holidays, football games, etc. If you want to bring a guest in for an workout, that will cost you a cool 10 bucks! Yeah. Disappointing for sure.  Then, I look around my department and other departments and see the folks who miss the most work. Not even close. Those people who are in the worst physical shape miss the most work. Create a place where you have a healthy work force, and you have a better, more productive work force. This is not rocket science.

Another puzzling hindrance for would be exercisers in our area (other than the general lack of sidewalks and bike lanes) is the lack of any water fountains or public restrooms. The only ones that I am aware of are at McKee Park. But otherwise, forget it. You would think that the campus might have places available where people might get water at the very least. This place is dangerously hot in the summer, and well, why not. We have a bunch of folks who run and walk around here. MSU does actually have a public restroom and water fountain strategically placed near the MAFES South Research Farm and beside the tennis courts and intramural soccer fields. This is a great idea, especially considering the high number of runners, bikers, and walkers who utilize the gravel roads of the south farm. These runners include the MSU, Starkville High, and Starkville Academy XC team members. On the surface, this sounds great, but for some inexplicable reason, the bathroom doors are locked most of the time and the faucet is typically turned off. They do open the doors when we have home football games, so the visitors in their RVs can have use of them, and they open them during those windows of time when there is an actual intramural game, but otherwise, nope. Why? WHY??? Is someone worried about vandalism? Give me a break. Not a reason. Open the bathroom guys, turn the water on, put out more water fountains, and stop the madness.

MSU public bathroom, a wonderful building that is usually locked:(

MSU public bathroom, a wonderful building that is usually locked:(

Tuesday, Another visit to Longmeadow neighborhood with the kid. I biked and timed him while he ran 3 X 1 mile with 2 minute jogs between, followed by 2 X 800m with 800m job between, and of course a warm up and cool down jog. He averaged 5:18 for each mile and 800s were 2:29 and 2:21. Not bad. Pretty chilly.

Wednesday, Leisurely hike at some horseback riding place in Alabama. Pretty place, rocky outcrops and cool stuff. Waterfalls. Some people riding horses too. Some of the people were pretty big, probably would  have been better off walking;)

this is a picture of me

this is a picture of me

closeup of a rock

closeup of a rock

this was the view from below as I peered upward between two large rock formations

this was the view from below as I peered upward between two large rock formations

another waterfall

another waterfall

cool waterfall with the sun shining thru

cool waterfall with the sun shining thru

Thursday, Wow! Super windy today! Cold too. Well, about 37°. But, with that north wind booming at over 20 mph, it was pretty chilly. Joseph and I ran on the south farm midafternoon. We have quite a bit of rain the night before, so the gravel roads were very soft and muddy. I ran about 2.5 miles at 7:20 mile pace. Out and back. Slower back with the wind. Felt good. Then biked around farm roads for about an hour. Coming back was brutal! With the soft terrain and wind, it felt like I was riding a bike with flat tires! Joseph was already back by the time I arrived. Think he did around 7 miles.
Friday, no run or bike today. Got in a good upper body workout though. Bench press (5 sets), curl bar curls (5 sets with 90-95 lb)s, dumbbell militaries with 40 lbs dumbbells (3 sets of 25-40 reps),  ab stuff, pullups (4 sets).  Need some heavier dumbbells, the 40s are pretty easy for most things.
Saturday, Went out to the refuge to bike with Joseph while he ran 10 miles. Got there about 2:30PM. Not many hunters today, so we felt safer as we ran and biked down the road! I am planning on taking Joseph to Pensacola, FL next weekend for a half marathon, so he was not supposed to run overly hard or super far today. He did 10 miles, and slower than he had been running it, around 59 minutes at a 5:52 pace. He seemed kind of tired anyway, so probably just as well. Pretty nice day in the low 50’s, but semi windy with 10-12 mile per hour winds. Supposed to be crazy cold Sunday night through Wednesday, so this will be the last short sleeved shirt run for a few days. Hopefully the weather is cooperative for Saturday’s race. The extended forecast for Saturday in Pensacola is not good: 100% chance of rain. Please change! What a bummer that would be. Joseph has been running pretty well lately, but terrible race weather could negate all that.
I have had the last two weeks off from work, and it has been nice! Going to be hard to go back to work on Monday!


Monday, AM – upperbody workout, PM – 3 mile run, 5 mile bike; Joseph, 50 minute run

Tuesday, PM – biked 7 miles; Joseph, WU, 3 X 1 mile, 2 X 800m, CD

Wednesday. AM-PM – hiked about 3 hours; PM – upperbody workout

Thursday, PM – 2.5 mile run, 50 minute bike; Joseph, 7 mile + run.

Friday, PM – upper body workout

Saturday, PM – 10 mile bike; Joseph, 10 mile run.



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  1. lezlie

    great picture of you, Joe. Take care, L.

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