First Light Half Marathon, Mobile, Alabama, 12 June 2014-Joseph gets 3rd overall

Sunday,  Lifted weights and stuff in the morn . Afternoon, 3.5 mile run, then bike. Joseph 7 mile run.

Monday, upper body stuff only, too cold to run. Joseph did pushup workout.

Tuesday, 4.5 mile run – 7:40 pace, then upperbody workout. Joseph, 7 mile run.

Wednesday, Did not run or bike today. Joseph, 45 minute run.

Thursday, 2 mile bike on south farm gravel, then 6 X 400m on grassy stretch. First one slower, 1:24, then average 1:13. Couple of nice 200s after. Calf was pretty sore, but who cares, it was so nice out! Ran without a shirt. Joseph did an easy 7 mile run.

Friday, Biked 5 miles with Joseph out in the country. Misty, chilly, and slightly windy. He was trying to run easy, but did the first four at 5:55-6:05 pace. Told him to slow down the last mile, so he did for at least some of the way. We were planning on going to Pensacola for the half marathon on Saturday morn, but the weather down there is looking pretty bad. Instead, we will be going to the Servis 1st Bank First Light Half Marathon in Mobile, Alabama on Sunday. Weather is supposed  to better. Lets hope so!

Saturday, Road trip to Mobile, AL. Got there about 3 PM. We hit the streets to check out the area. As with the other southern cities we have visited, the downtown area was very nice with numerous historic homes and building, ancient live oaks lining the streets, and numerous parklike areas. At some point, we decided it was time to eat. We found a pizza/pasta place (Buck’s Pizza or something), which was not bad.



cool fountain

cool fountain

After a fitful sleep which was interrupted often by loud voices in the hallway of the motel and an arguing couple next door, we got up around 5 AM for a light breakfast (banana and breakfast bar), then back to sleep for an hour. Got moving and headed downstairs for the upcoming race. Since I was not running, the lack of sleep was only a minor annoyance, as was the pain in my lower back from sleeping on a ridiculously soft mattress. Bummer. Weather was pretty nice, about 46°F and not much wind. Today’s race had both a marathon and half marathon, both of which started at the same time and shared the first 8  miles tother before splitting. Lots of folks. Some of them, quite a few actually, had already run a half or full marathon the day before. Hardcore. People from all over the US were here too, even some from other countries. Awesome.



Joseph looked good at the start, somewhere up near the front, just behind a couple of pretty fast looking jokers (and of course a couple of hyper high school types unfamiliar with this distance who started out like gangbusters).

After that, I pretty much had an hour plus to kill. At 1:13:53 the first guy finished up, some South Carolinean ex college runner/now working at running store dude. He looked pretty good. He was followed by another dude at sub 1:15. Joseph rounded out the top 3 coming in around 1:18:25. He looked pretty good, not overly worn out. Actually, he did not seem tired at all. He said it was hard though and that he stopped at 3 water stops. He said he twisted his ankle at about mile 7 on an uneven piece of the road, which made the rest of the race a bit more than easy. He was disappointed with his overall and average per mile time, which worked out to right at 6 minutes per mile.  So, a good bit slower than  the pace he has been running his long runs at lately, but still pretty good. If interested,  the full race results are now online.



They had specially made awards for the top ten males and females that were hand painted canvas deals with handmade paper on canvas created by members of the L’Arche Activity Center. Cool and very different.

getting an award

getting an award

awesome painting award deal

awesome painting award deal

Met some pretty cool folks while we were there including a nice sized contingent from South Carolina, most of whom placed well in the race (including the overall winner). Also, finally met Mike Thrailkill, an awesome Mississippi runner who is my age. He wins quite a few trophies in these races! Anyway, nice day, but nice to be home too!

post race

post race


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  1. Kudo’s to Joseph for his outstanding performance in Mobile, and also to you for the coaching.

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