Savannah College of Art and Design has a cross country team

Monday, Weights and other upper body stuff. Nice. Joseph got in some stretching and light jogging and loosening up stuff on our trail.

Tuesday, In the afternoon we met Nick Pettit, Lucas Muniz and Ravi Singh at the South Farm for a run. School started up again here at MSU and these crazy muggs were all back in town and ready to go! Joseph and Lucas took off ahead of us. Lucas ended his day with about 10 miles. I think Joseph got in about 7. I jogged 3 with Ravi and Nick (Nick was with us for about half of that and kept going). Jumped on my bike and got in 4-5 miles and rode back in with Lucas and Joseph who make running look pretty easy!

Wednesday, Joseph and I met Brent Wallace, Max, Lucas, and John Mooney at the South Farm. Temps were mid 40s when we started, but windy! Thirty minutes later it was 39°F! I only did 4 miles as we made our way downtown. First two were easy, next two were 6:30s, which was awesome until the last 400m when my calf felt suddenly sore. Oh well, I was surprised that I could even run after yesterday, when it was pretty sore after only 3 easy miles. Moony, Brent, and max did 5.5 miles, and Lucas and Joseph got in 8 miles. Short sleeves, shorts, and 39°. Crazy. I had long sleeves and a hat on myself.

Thursday, Hit the road to Savannah, Georgia for long weekend XC recruiting and art visit to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). First of all, what? Art School with a XC team? Trippy.  Pretty cool opportunity this opens up for those who like to run and are artistic. Of course, the tuition here is crazy. However, as Joseph is a decent runner, he was asked by the coach to come visit this weekend with some other recruits.  This was a super cool opportunity for recruits to run together and get to know each other and the team. And, you might think that being an art school, their XC team would suck. However, this coach dude, Patrick Reagan, is no slouch himself, as he recently won the Orlando, FL half marathon at 1:06 and change! Sweet Pete, that little bearded joker can run! Not only that, in the short time he has been at SCAD, he has been able to take some average runners and get them relatively fast. As a result, he is now getting in some better recruits and has high hopes. Given he was an all American, I don’t doubt for a minute he knows what it takes. But, whatever, he is a cool little bearded dude with tattoos and he plays music.

SCAD Admissions

SCAD Admissions

Friday, Got up early so Joseph could meet up with the recruits for a run. Saw him later in the morn. He said they did some easy stuff, then a short tempo, nothing crazy. I pretty much walked around this pretty city and ate good stuff. My food intake is outweighing my exercise so far. To get the full “college” experience, the recruits actually get to stay in dorms while here. So, I pretty much was on my own as I wandered the streets talking with various artists.

cool church

cool church

Saturday, Joseph had another early morn run. He saw it might have been 9 or 10 miles. Cold in the morn too, about 29°F with strong winds. Still, that kooky joker wore shorts. Not me, I am taking the weekend off from running. Instead, got up and did a bunch of pushups and ab deals, and walked a few miles. Late morning, we visited the SCAD Admissions building for a special event called SCAD days where the prospective students could learn more about the school, admission process, and actually visit different departments and other facilities. During this time, we ate lunch at one of the SCAD cafeterias, and yes, very good. At 2 PM, Joseph met the coach and other runners as they headed to Tybee Island to explore and hang out. Later, they had a some kind of pasta party and played music at someone’s apartment. Apparently, like Joseph, many of them are musical in addition to being artistic! Another night in a dorm for him, and another cruise thru town for me. Ate a nice steak at some place in the City Market area.

walking toward City Market

walking toward City Market

Sunday, Joseph got in a long run with the other recruits. Said it was cool. About 13 miles or so. He mostly ran with one guy who showed him some of the sights. He mentioned running on the bridge that crossed the river and how he felt like he was going to get blown off by the strong winds. It was again cold, but dufous boy again had shorts and short sleeves on. Its hard for me to wear that when its under 30°. This is a nice place to run for sure. Very scenic. About lunch, we got back on the road toward home. Yeehah. The long drive back!

So hyper from 9 hours of driving that I got in a nice workout when I got home! Ah. Will run tomorrow.


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