Sick as a dog, good time to rest injured leg

Monday, I  got in about 3 miles running with Brent, Max, and Joseph early afternoon on a beautiful Martin Luther King Junior’s Day! It was even warm enough to run shirtless today. After my run, I biked 5 quick miles on my mountain bike on the South Farm Gravel Roads.  Those other three jokers ran about 6 miles more or less. Because my calf has been injured, I figured 3 miles was about the max distance I should go. In reality, with an injured calf, the distance you should go is zero mile! Yeah, I do this stupid stuff all the time, but would never recommend it to someone else. So, instead, for the last two months, I have been doing the cycle of running 3-5 miles, then being sore for the next couple of days, and so forth. Obviously, this is not working. My problem is that I am a hyper beast and love to run. When I can’t run I am not happy! Fortunately, I have alternatives such as biking and various other workouts. After today’s easy 3 mile run, my calf was again screaming in pain! AHH. Ok, I think, I will actually take some time off from running for maybe a few weeks. If you see me running in the next few weeks, slap me!

Tuesday, Well, geez, woke this morn with a crazy head cold or something! Bummer, really freebie feeling. Tried to go to work, but ended up coming home that afternoon. So, no problem with my first day of trying not to run, because I feel like do absolutely nothing but lying around. Fortunately, Joseph seemed to have missed whatever I got. Anyway, he is spending much of this week at his mom’s. He said he got in a really good tempo run late afternoon.

Wed-Fri, Still sick, but cold moving from head to throat. By lunch Friday, starting to feel better. I have essentially done nothing productive all week. Hopefully this will all be cleared up by next week! Joseph has got some running in, and the Starkville Striders guys have been posting their crazy runs. Several of them will be running the annual Frostbite Half Marathon this Saturday! Good Luck to them!

Saturday, Still coughing like a mugg, but starting to feel a bit better. Rode a few miles while Joseph got in an easy run out here in Sessums. He had thought about doing either the Frostbite Half Marathon here in Starkville today at noon or the Long Beach Half down on the coast this morn, but I guess after having done a half two weeks ago and just finishing up a pretty good stretch of training, he did not really feel like doing another race right now. He will just be doing some easy runs the next 2-3 weeks before starting on some training for 5 and 10k races. I think he wants to try out the Corinth Coke Classic in May. After the bike ride, I even did some pushups and stuff. First time since early week.

Sunday, Pretty nice out, windy, but upper 50°s. Joseph and I went to the South Farm at 11 AM. He jogged 8 easy miles at 6:45 pace and I biked along. Windy! Shot some hoops at home for about an hour, then did some bench press, curls, and military presses.

Monday, back to work, but still coughing like a mugg! Coughed so much, I strained some lower ab muscles! AHhghahfah. Anyway. Joseph ran our trail and did some kind of workout. I also got one in. Mostly pushups and core.

This week has pretty much sucked as far as exercise goes, with this crazy cough and stuff. Feel better, but nagging cough and sore throat has kept me from doing much. I did shoot basketball twice at the house. Couple of workouts here and there.  As far as Joseph’s training schedule, I told him this would be a good week to take a break from running. So, for at least a week he is not running at all. Just doing upper and core work. With the awesome couple of months he just finished up getting in some major good longish runs, he needs a break before starting on a faster workout schedule.

So, yeah, transition week. Now, I need to  start actually being smarter about running, or at least not get unlucky while running! Either way,  I probably need to tone it down a notch to try to avoid these yearly injuries that have been happening. I would credit this to my being old! But, its mostly just stupid. I had the same problem when I was younger. Run my ass off as much as possible, get injured, not rest, repeat! I could get by with that when I was in my 20s, but it takes too long to recover now.

The weekend has been much the same, now running for now. Hoping to make myself take at least one more week off. Working out regularly with the few weights I have though, and of course, doing pushups and stuff. Got a couple of bike rides in Sunday and Monday. Joseph ran along easily. He will take the next two weeks pretty easy, after basically taking the last week off. Shot some more basketball too! But, I tell ya, I need to get back to running. Driving me crazyeee. Hopefully, things will be healed up!



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2 responses to “Sick as a dog, good time to rest injured leg

  1. I know the feeling… it’s maddening not being able to run. Hope you feel better soon.

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