Finally, some running (not much, but some)

Tuesday, some weight stuff at night. Not much. Abs too. Joseph ran a few.

Wednesday, good pushup and pullup workout at night outside on my deck. COLD! Six set of pushups and about 5 of pullups. Came inside and did 4 sets of bench with 185 lbs, 15 reps or so each. Some dumbbell curls and abs. Joseph got in two runs today, one in the morn and one later in the day.

Thursday, Finally got in short run! Calf has been feeling better, so thought I would give it shot. Still have a crazy cough, but yeah. Went 20 minutes, not fast, about 7:30 pace. No pain today. I was actually able to make myself turn around and come back!  Joseph and Lucas Muniz also went. They did about 7+ miles on the South Farm. Lucas also got in a couple more coming and going from where we met. Those jokers make it look easy!

Friday, Joseph ran on our trail and worked out as well. I was a slacker. Joseph has sounded snotty the last two days and has been tired as a mug, going to bed early and getting up late and feeling generally weak. Hope he does not get what I have had!

Saturday, Joseph thought about running with the Boardtown group in the morn, but we decided it was going to be too cold and with possible icy precipitation, that seemed like a bad idea given his snotty weary state! Turned out it was rainy anyway. Instead, we met Lucas “Cool Dady” Muniz, Kamau Bostic, Thomas Cermack, and a cool triathlon chic friend (Liz Rayfield)  of Thomas’s who freakin brought home made cookies. She ran some and biked some. I biked with Lucas and Joseph who got in a pretty easy 10.7 miles, first half was faster. Picked up  some later, and averaged about 6:09-6:10 per mile. Then they did a little cool down jog, cause Lucas is all like, lets do a cool down, which is weird for me, cause the run was an easy run except for a couple of faster miles near the end. Joseph’s 9th mile was 5:37, then 5:47, then he started slowing down the last 0.7 as a cool down of sorts. But, that was cool, because I was going to run a couple of easy miles anyway. I got about 2.4 miles in at 7:25 per mile. First mile as 7:45, then 7:05. Calf again felt great, and it was very tempting to pick it up further. I did a short section at 6:40, but pulled back.  Kamau and Thomas got in about 10 good miles, and I think they were doing ok as well.

Kamau Bostic, Joseph MacGown, Thomas Cermack, Liz Rayfield, Joe MacGown, and Lucas Muiz

Kamau Bostic, Joseph MacGown, Thomas Cermack, Liz Rayfield, Joe MacGown, and Lucas Muiz

Sunday, decent afternoon, temps in low 50’s, but overcast and windy. Shorts and shortsleeves type weather for running. Joseph and I met Brent and Lucas at the MSU South Farm, then headed downtown. I was shooting for 2.5-3 miles. Ended up with 3.2 at 7:27 pace. Calf again felt fine after and during. Progress?? The other did 6 or so, then Lucas added a couple more on the farm. When I finished my run, I biked 5 quick miles on the farm, then 2 easy ones with Lucas. Not bad. Got home and did some pullups, bench, curls, and crunches.


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  1. id love for you to follow my running journey

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