Run, workout, ice storms that weren’t, workout, bike, workout, eat, run, workout, run…

Max and Brent, being, Max and Brent

Max and Brent, being, Max and Brent

Been a crazy week exercise-wise. Monday was ok, upper body type workout at home. Joseph ran in town. The next couple of days were crazy with ice storms in the forecast. We had two days off from work, but really, we missed most of the bad stuff. Nice vacation even so. I hung out at home doing art and did not go anyway. I live in the country about 9 miles from town, and it just seemed like the thing to do. I worked out here and there, but did not run at all. Joseph stayed in town at his mom’s, and got a run in Tuesday afternoon. He also managed to get one in Wednesday with a group of folks at the new shoe store in town called “StinkyFeet.”Apparently, they had some kind of thing going on where people could run in a certain brand of shoe. They had free pizza afterward.

I got another super good workout in on Thursday.  Starting to feel better. Joseph ran early. Friday, same deal no run for me, Joseph ran in town. Saturday, we went out to the refuge for a run/bike. I biked with Joseph for 7 miles. First mile easy, then he was going to do a 5 mile tempo, but was sucking pretty bad today, so it turned into just a run, albeit, a pretty fast run. Then, I put my bike up and ran a couple of miles with the kid. First mile was 7:20, then 6:30. Only two miles. He got in 9 total.  Saw John Mooney and one of his bud out biking along the way! Crazy triathlete jokers! Swanky bikes.

Early Sunday morn while I was was sleeping, local running superstar Robert Scribner was running the Mercedes-Benz Half Marathon in Birmingham, AL. Robert, who is from Tupelo, MS, later ran track at MSU. Following his stellar career at MSU, he ran for a few years professionally with the Hanson Running Group and is/was sponsored by Brooks. Just recently, he has moved back to Starkville. This was his first real race of the season, and whee-doggies!!, this bearded 28 year old did it with style. In this highly competitive race, Robert was the overall winner with a 1:05:26! This is really great for this hilly course, and it sounded like he ran the perfect strategic race. Congrats Robert! See more info here []

Scribner, 1st place baby!

Scribner, 1st place baby!
Robert Scribner of Starkville, Miss., co1:05:26 to win the race. on Sunday February 16, 2014 in Birmingham, Alabama. (Frank Couch/

At about the time Robert was finishing, I was contemplating the idea of getting out of bed. Eventually, I did get up and turned some Nirvana on at full volume. Joseph and I did an awesome upper body and ab workout to get going. Joseph, who is a skinny little rascal, obviously does not do quite what I do, but its still very important to get core work in. He looked a little better today and was doing sets of 40 pushups, among other things. When he finished, he did some light plyometric drills outside.

What a beautiful day today! Mid 60’s! Sunny! Gorgeous! Met some jokers at the South Farm for a run at 3:30. “Captain America” Brent Wallace, Max “the German Dancing Phenom” Roethig, and and Ravi the Magnificent were all there. We headed downtown sans shirts on this wonderful afternoon. Actually, Ravi began the run with a shirt, but as we were running by the drill field past the ultimate frisbee players, about 50 of his fans started yelling at him to take his shirt off. So, he did. Then, the masses went crazy with applause and celebration! It was worth getting out and running today just to be in the presence of Ravi. There is a reason why he is called Ravi the magnificent! People swoon when he runs by. Crowds roar! Wonderfulness.  But, I digress. It was a good run for me today, at least it was over 3 miles for a change. Got in 4.7 at 7:35 pace, and calf felt fine after. Joseph got in 6.1 at 6:30 pace, with Brent not too far back, then Max the Man. Ravi took a detour and headed home.

Max, Brent, and Joseph - in their "German" stance

Max, Brent, and Joseph – in their “German” stance


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