running is feeling good again!

Monday, 4 PM, headed to the refuge. Joseph got in a 10 mile semi lazy run in at 6:12 mile pace while I biked along. Barely got back before the rain got us. Was dark and ominous looking, but warm, about 67°F!

Tuesday, Joseph and I parked at the South Farm parking area and met a few folks for a run. We had nine total today including Lucas Muniz, Max Roethig, Nick Pettit, Thomas Cermack, Ravi Singh, Zach Marsh, and a friend of Nick’s named Ryan.

Nick Pettit

Nick Pettit

As soon as we got started, it started raining! Felt good though, about 65°F at 3:30 PM when we got going. Headed downtown and kind of split into groups with Joseph, Zach, Lucas, and Thomas leading the way. With my injured calf deal, I hung back with Nick and Ravi and listened to their crazy commentary. They could probably say the same thing about me! I ended up with 6 miles, my longest run since the New Orleans Half back in October when I really screwed up my calf. Felt fine after the run. Promising! Joseph got in about 7. Thomas and Lucas got 8 or more.

Lucas and Thomas - who knows?

Lucas and Thomas – who knows?

Wednesday, Joseph and I headed over to McKee Park and Longmeadow at 3:30 PM. I biked along with him as he did a few 400s with jogs between (short jogs) and intermingled them with a 5:11 mile. He was pretty sluggish today for sure. First workout in a while I guess. I ran two miles easy afterward. Got home and did 10 sets of 50 pushups, 6 sets of 10 dumbbell curls (40 lb dumbbells), and 3 sets of 50 dumbbell military presses (40 lb dumbbells).

Thursday, Met Joseph and Lucas at the Rose Garden at MSU’s North Farm. Headed out on the gravel for an easy 4 mile loop (more like 3.8-3.9, but can add a bit to make it 4). Another BEAUTIFUL day! 80°s or so! Lucas had jogged over and with today’s run was going to hit about 80 miles for the past week. He was pretty happy. That might be his highest mileage week. Cool. Joseph set off and maintained about a 6:25 pace. He had also run a few easy miles earlier in the day. Lucas and settled back at about 7:20 pace, which felt pretty good on the gravel. At about 2.5 miles, we spotted some of the MSU track guys, so Lucas ditched me in favor of his old teammates, and I headed back. Was glad to get another easy run with so calf pain. Joseph was done loosening up by the time I got back. We left there, changed, and headed to the MSU Art Dept. Faculty art show. Cool.

Lucas Running

Lucas Runningr

Friday, Joseph ran some early today. I did not get a chance, and probably didn’t need to anyway. Checked out the Magnolia Independent Film Festival later that night. Watched a couple of very interesting documentaries and a short film.

Saturday, biked with Joseph as he did 3 X 1 mile repeats with jogs between. Also threw in an 800m. Miles were 5:26-5:28 area, 800 was 2:30ish. Finished up, ate quickly, and went back to the film festival for the afternoon, and later that evening. Pretty cool to talk with the directors and various actors who came to the festival.

Sunday, We both got in a pretty good upper body workout in the morn. Nice. At 3 PM, we met Lucas, Thomas, Max, Brent, and Steve Shaffer. Steve had not be out with us in quite some time, so it was awesome possum to see that happy smiling joker out there again! He has been a big help to the SHS XC and track programs the last couple of years. I am sure they are glad to have him.

Steve Shaffer

Steve Shaffer

Lucas had already run on the South Farm, but joined us for a bit as we headed downtown. Started out together, but Steve and I hung back and took it easy. Thomas, who had also run over to join us, was with us for a while, but then headed back to his place. By the time Steve and I got done with our 5.75 mile loop at 7:45 pace, the other guys were pretty much done stretching and were discussing important matters of global concern. Fortunately, I arrived in time to tone that down.

Joseph, Max, Brent, and Lucas

Joseph, Max, Brent, and Lucas

Brent, Lucas, and Thomas

Brent, Lucas, and Thomas



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