Great weather, the frogs are croaking!

Sunday, Whew, time change! Got up later. Oh well. Its Sunday, so who cares. At 3 pm, Joseph and I headed to the refuge to run down one of the nice paved roads that runs through mixed pine/hardwood, pine, and cypress swamp habitat. Another nice day, upper 60°s F, partly cloudy. I again rode my bike along with the kid, pacing him essentially.  Changing up the plan a little now and will be elongating the long run distance and generally slowing them down. Today was 12 miles, 6 out and 6 back, with a brief water break at 6 miles. I was thinking he should be around 6:20-6:40 today, but really just wanted him to run consistently (pace wise) and run easy. He has been feeling slightly under the weather the last couple of days, but nothing crazy. Anyway, started out looking nice and easy, 1st mile was 6:17, then picked it up at the mile and I had to tell him to slow down as he was suddenly 5:40. Did slow down, but still averaged 6:06 for the 12 miles (1:13:06), and it looked pretty easy today. He got slightly weary just before finishing the 6th mile, but not bad. Water helped. Splits were 6:17, 6:06, 6:05, 6:02, 6:07, 6:15, 6:04, 6:04, 6:01, 5:59, 6:01, and 6:05.

Monday, What happened Monday? Oh yeah, it was beautiful outside!! So, I took today off. Started out the morn with a workout with Joseph.  Then, worked in the yard a bit, a basically either worked on some art, or lazed out. Joseph went on some mystic adventure with some friends to Tupelo and did not return until after dark. We ended up skipping any kind of run. I did get out and goob around on the pond in the row boat and stuff.

Tuesday, Another nice day, and another day that I took off. Started out with a bike ride with the kid while he got in an easy run of about 30 minutes. Later, at 3 pm, we went over to the Starkville High track to get in some 400s, but it was closed. So, we went to McKee Park and he ran there, at the nearby neighborhood, and on Spruil Road near the soccer fields. After a warmup jog of about. 1.3 miles, he did 5 X 400m runs at 1:07-1:10 with 200-300m jogs betwween each, then 2 X 200m at 34ish with a 200m jogs, and then 6 X 400m at an average of 1:12 with jogs of about 200-300m.  About a 3/4 miles cool down.  Total workout was probably 7-8 miles.

Wednesday, Easy morning run for the Joseph kid, morning work for me. Back to it. Got off work around 5:30 and headed to the South Farm for a solo run. Super windy with wind coming from the north and temps in upper 40’sF. Ran about 30 minutes, felt pretty good today. Still using the full insole in the right shoe that I put in last week. Seems to be helping. Who knows. No calf soreness. Loosened up after and before with legs swings front to back and side to side. Also, some light stretches after for quads, hams, hips, and calfs. Good easy run. Pretty slow right now, and even trying to go slow this time! I weigh a bit over 180 lbs right now, which at 5’9″ is ok, but still a good 15-20 lbs over my weight last fall when running well.

Got home and did about 8 sets of pushups, mostly between 50 and 75 reps, 5 sets of pullups (15-21 reps), and some ab/crunch deals.

Thursday, Work today. Again! Two days in a row. Ah well, was not bad. Mostly took photos of bugs and then photoshopped stuff. Pretty good deal really. While I was working, Joseph got in an easy run in the morn. At 4:30 PM I met Joseph, Lucas, and Kamau Bostic at the Research Park Loop for a cruise tempo workout. I only did the 2 mile warmup and the 2 mile cool down after. Rode my bike to pace them during the mile tempos. Kamau who is not in as good of shape as the other two guys, did 3 of them, and Lucas and Joseph did 5. I told them to shoot for 5:30 or so, and the first one could be 5:35, and with a 2 minutse rest, which was basically the jog back to the start and maybe a sip of water. All three of them did a superb job. I had their splits at 5:30, 5:29, 5:27, 5:24, and 5:15 (5:25 average pace per mile). Kamau did the first three, and looked pretty until the end. Joseph and Lucas never really looked that bad, and could have done more. That was good for today though. More to come. Joseph ended up with about 13 miles today. Awesome job to those guys!

Friday, easy morning run for Joseph. I waited until after work, Then, I shot some hoops on my home goal, did some skips, and four semi easy 400s on my 400m loop trail. Did sets of 50 pushups before, in between each set, and after.  A few more lighter skips and jumps. Jumps sucked. Knees are getting old!

Saturday, Got in some pushups, military presses, and crunches in early. At 4 pm, Joseph and I went out the refuge so he could get in a long run while I paced him on the bike. Cloudy, but fairly warm, about 68°F. Today, we had 14 miles on the agenda, and not too crazy fast, but not slow either. His first mile was 6:38, then the rest were all faster as he averaged 6:12 per mile for the entire 14 miles. He made only one stop, at the 7 mile turn around for a bit of water and quick stretch, then back. The last 7 miles were slightly faster than the first seven. Pretty good long run.

Later that evening, several of the Striders came out to grill stuff. It was BYOM night (bring your own meat). Pretty good eats all around! After leaving, some of the guys, Lucas, John, and Thomas, went for a 6 mile run on the South Farm in the rain. They said they got done at about 12:30 AM! Crazy jokers!

Sunday, Got up and again did some more pushups, crunches, pullups, and some curls.

At 4 PM we met several of the Starkville Striders and some of Joseph’s relatives at the MSU North Farm for a photo op with one of the sports’ columnists from Starkville Daily News. This was to document his signing the athletic commitment to the Savannah College of Art and Design Cross Country Team. Some of the guys that have run with him the most the last couple of years came out to support him with this! Awesomeness. Having these folks to run with has really helped him for sure!

Joseph doing a mock signing of his athletic scholarship agreement with mom (far left), his pastor Jeff Morgan, me (far right), and a bunch of Strider dudes!

Joseph doing a mock signing of his athletic scholarship agreement with mom (far left), his pastor Jeff Morgan, me (far right), and a bunch of Strider dudes!

After we got done here, Joseph, Juan, Jorge, and I got in an easy run around the North Farm loop. Nice afternoon to job around!


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