Crosswalks are dangerous places for runners

Monday, I paced Joseph with my bike while he did a a 6 X 1000m workout with 1.2 mile warmup and 1.2 mile cool down an short rest between. Pretty nice afternoon, about 70° or more at 5:30 PM when we started. Did the run out here in Sessums on a paved section of Crawford Road that was not busy at all due a bridge repair that has essentially turned it into a dead end road for now. He had not done any 1000’s in a while, so today was an experiment of sorts! He ended up averaging about 3:15 per 1000m. Certainly not great, but ok. May do this again next week.

Tuesday, Easy run with Joseph thru MSU campus and research park, 6.2 miles. We averaged 7:35 per mile. Hot today compared to the last few weeks. When we started at 4 pm, it was over 80°F! Anyway, did about 300 pushups when I got home. That was about it;)

Wednesday, Pretty afternoon here in Starkville. Rode my bike with Joseph as he ran through Longmeadow. Basically, after an easy warmup, he did a fartlek of sorts with fast reps of 4:40-5:00 minute paced short runs of between 200 and 400m with the total run of about 5.5 miles. Nothing super crazy, trying to get him to work on his form more, get those hands down by his hips instead crossing his chest and still working on posture. With him still growing in height, he has to continuously adjust to his constantly growing muscles.

I got in a brief upper body workout when I got home, after first doing some yard work. Sure is nice to have pretty days like this!

Thursday, I met Lucas, Brent, Joseph, and Max at 4:30 at the South Farm for a run through town. It was about 85°F today! What a contrast to a week ago. My left calf is still doing ok, but I am not planning on pushing it for a while. Today I ran 6.4 miles at 7:28 pace, Joseph and Lucas got in about 7 miles at a 7:15ish pace, and Brent and Max did the 6 mile route at something comparable. We all ran the first 2.5 miles together, then gradually split off. It was pretty derned warm, but it felt nice. On a side note, I came pretty close to getting run over in a cross walk on the MSU campus after the driver of a car who was looking right at me attempted to enter oncoming traffic. I jumped out of the way. He did get more than a few yards, because, as I mentioned, there were cars coming. At least he made me have to go behind him. Good job there. You win. Ironically, earlier this very day, someone told me that our amazing state legislature did not pass a law that would have outlawed texting while driving.

Friday, No run or anything today. Actually, I worked late. Got wrapped up putting together some figures for a manuscript on ants I am working on. Fun stuff!

Saturday, Whew! A beautiful morn! Started the day with pushup, pullup, curl, and military press workout. Later that afternoon, I headed to the refuge with Joseph to pace him during his long run. Not as warm today, with the high only 60°F, overcast, and slightly windy. For today, the plan was for Joseph to do a  14-15 mile run at a steady, but decent pace. Not too worried about exact pace here, just trying to for consistency and not a run of the type that would wear him out. He is in pretty decent shape as far as that goes, and I figured he would be able to run 6:10 average or so at least. As usual, he started out slower, going about a 7 minute pace early, then gradually speeding up to a steadier pace, which resulted in a 6:23 for the first mile. Even with that first “slow” mile, he ended up averaging 6:03 per mile for the entire 14. 1 miles that he ended up doing, which included a couple of water stops. At the end, he seemed comfortable, and not sore or anything. He hit the half marathon mark at 1:19:21 and was 1:25:19 for the 14.1 miles. Given that the state record for a 17 year old male in MS is 1:23:52 [], the fact that Joseph can run a 1:19 as part of a long run basically every weekend is pretty cool! Unfortunately, as in each of the past years, he will not be doing a certified half marathon in MS that would give him the record, although I guess there is some consolation in knowing that he would have broken it for ages 14 -17, and actually easily up to age 21 when there is finally a record under 1:20 (1:12:54 for age 21).



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