Cotton District Arts Festival 5k, 2014

Sunday, Got up in the morn and ran about 30 easy minutes with Joseph. Went early because some crazy weather was coming in, and as it was we got rained on. It rained pretty much all day! Man, I am in terrible shape. For sure the worst shape of my life! Not liking this.  Up until I hurt my calf last October and kept re-hurting it after, I was doing well, especially for 49 years old. Hitting 15 mile runs at 6:25 pace and getting in some major awesome core/strength workouts. However, going from running 50 miles a week to 15-20 for the last few months has sucked. In fact, today’s run was the longest run since the New Orleans Half back in October! And the distance is only part of it. Prior to calf injury, running 6-8 miles at 6:30 pace or better was easy. Now, well, hell, I was happy with a 7:30 pace. Not running as much, but I have been getting in more biking. Not the same apparently. Also, I seemed to have developed some stupid dietary habits in the interim, and from my 165 lb weight pre October, I am now hanging around 180, and even hit 190 a few weeks back. My worst habit has got to be energy drinks. I never used to drink them, because, well, I am naturally very energetic and hyper. The problem is, I tend to drink a lot of liquids. A big can of Monster is nothing for me to gulp down. Some days, I might drink 4 of them!  Of course, I don’t want the sugarfree ones either. So, anyway, I need to avoid those for sure! Even my core/strength workouts have been somewhat lackadaisical lately. They may be suitable for some people, I mean I still may get in 500 or more pushups, etc, in a workout, but not what I was doing. And, I seem to be super busy with work and everything else. Not taking the time to cook good stuff and get in full workouts. Also, I think I am finally starting to feel older. Damn. Great timing as I will be 50 years old this coming June! Later in the day, I did manage to get in a brief core/strength workout. Bench, curls, pullups, and ab things.

Monday, After work, I paced Joseph on my bike for his 6 X 1000m workout. Again, 1.2 mile warmup and followed with a 1.2 mile cool down. Pretty windy today, but not raining anyway! He again average right about 3:15 per 1000. Not great, but steady.

Tuesday, More rain! All day. I did not run, but got in a few pushups and military presses. Joseph managed to sneak in an easy 35 minute run during a brief lull in the weather.

Wednesday, Again met the goobers Brent, Max, Joseph, and Lucas for another jaunt thru town. I felt terrible today. Did not eat right at all, from supper to breakfast to lunch. Mostly just nibbled on fruit and junk food instead of eating an actual meal. Felt good for 3 miles, then, no energy. Stomach was even bothering me, which is super rare! Anyway, I got in 5.8 miles at a 7:20 pace. The other 4 got ahead of me, but Brent and Max were apparently feeling bad too and walked the last 600m, which allowed me to catch them. Lucas and Joseph added a couple of miles on the farm, then did some strides. We even attempted to show that crazy German joker Max how to do them. He got into it though.

My crazy biker look. Of course, the only bike I ride is my mountain bike.

My crazy biker look. Of course, the only bike I ride is my mountain bike.

Thursday, Morning workout: 3 sets of 12 pullups, 3 sets of 71 pushups,  3 sets of 120-150 variously angled ab exercises, 3 sets of dumbbell curls (40 lbs, 10 reps), and 3 sets of dumbbell military presses  (40 lbs, 10 reps). Get this day going! This afternoon, I ran 5. 5 miles with Lucas, Brent, and Joseph on the South Farm. Man, I went slow! That combination of gravel and hills is maybe still too much for my still recovering calf! Becomes sore almost right away on the gravel roads. Anyway, I did eventually finish, well behind the other mugs who were also running an easy run today.

Friday, Basically a rest day today. Joseph got in an easy run.

Saturday, Got up early and headed to the Cotton District Festival. I had art in the Juried Show and Joseph was planning on running the 5k at 8 AM. Some other mugs in our group also ran including Brent, Max, Robert (Morgan), Wild man Brooks, and even Lake Spradling, a 9th grader at Starkville Academy who used to run with us some. Joseph has not really been training for a 5k, but he likes this race because of the nice pottery awards done by local art professor Robert Long and the general association with the arts festival. Pretty morning, about 55°, although somewhat windy early. Joseph has won this race a couple of times, including last year, and also come in 2nd a couple of times. However, we figured he would be second at best today as MSU Track and XC senior Mike Clark showed up for the run, and senior teammate Philip Johnson also ran as a pacer for him. Those guys run low 15’s or better for 5k. And even though they had run a race the evening before, running sub 16 is not difficult for them. Anyway, Philip was not registered, and so he dropped out before the finish, and Mike, as expected won the race with a time of 16:38. Joseph was second overall and 1st in the 15-19 division at about 17:07 I believe. They probably ran faster than those times, as the course may have been closer to 3.2 miles, at least according to my Garmin, which Joseph wore, and others who also got a similar distance on their watches. Either way. Joseph’s splits were 5:10, 5:19, and then a much slower 3rd mile at 5:42, and the last bit at 56 seconds. He was shooting for about 17 minutes today, so this was not bad, 5:25 pace. Some 31 year old dude was 3rd right behind Joseph, Mr. Brooks (2nd in 15-19) (thats his last name, I can’t seem to ever remember his first name!) was 4th, Lake was 5th (3rd in 15-19), Brent was 6th (1st, 25-29), Max Was 7th (1st, 20-24), and ole Robert also did well, although I did not get his place (2nd, 20-24). Interesting, Mike Clark decided to go with a fake and somewhat African name at this race, Silas Kiplagat or something like that! Crazy dude.

Mike Clark, alias Silas Kiplagat, overall male winner

Mike Clark, alias Silas Kiplagat, overall male winner

Kelly White, 1st overall female

Kelly White, 1st overall female

Mike Clark, Brent Wallace, Joseph MacGown, Max Roethig, Robert Morgan, and Brooks

Mike Clark, Brent Wallace, Joseph MacGown, Max Roethig, Robert Morgan, and Brooks


Our bud Kelly White was the overall female winner. Kelly is in her mid thirties and typically does marathons, but decided to do this little short thing. Even though its not her thing, she easily won! Way to go Kelly!!

While we were in Starkville, some of our running buds were participating in the Columbus Pilgrimage Half Marathon. Several of the did very well including Mr. Awesome Robert Scribner who won the race with a time of 1:10:48. Lucas Muniz PR’ed with a 1:18:43, and although he was shooting for a slightly better time, this was still good enough for 3rd place in this race with prize money for the top three. Robert’s time was even better than it appeared, as he graciously paced Lucas at 5:40+pace for the first few miles, before then picking it up to about a 5 minute flat pace later in the race! This was actually necessary, as a really good Air Force dude Andrew Quallio ran a 1:11:59. Can’t have that! Especially when first place is 700 bucks and 2nd place is $400! Dude. Our tall, lanky philosopher friend Will Kallfelz won third in the 45-49 age group with his 1:42:54. Will is a crazy joker and has been doing marathons like every other weekend, or so it seems. Local running diva Meggan Franks also did well running at 5 months plus pregnant turning in a 1:37:26 and placing first in the 30-34 age group category. If not pregnant, she would have easily won the overall award, as she can run sub 1:20 and the winner was over 1:30! Man, I may have to run this one next year as the master’s (40 and over) and grandmaster’s (50 and over) categories both have cash awards as well of $300, and the winning times this year were only 1:29:35 and 1:33:93. I was running that distance at 1:24 last September. Need to get back in half shape I guess. Joseph, who can run sub 1:18 would have easily won the 15-19 age group, with the winning time this year being 1:52 and change!

Sunday, Got up in the morn for an upper body/core workout. Nothing fancy, but felt good. At 1:00 PM, I met a youngish female triathlete, Liz Rayfield, who wanted some advice on her running form and training. So, we talked a while, then jogged around some. Hopefully, I was and will be of some help!

Later in the afternoon,  I biked with Joseph at the refuge. He was a bit tired from spending the day in the sun at the arts festival the day before, as was I. Plus, of course he ran the 5k yesterday with warmup and cool down. So, today, I just had him do 10 miles at whatever pace he felt like. He ended up doing the 10 miles at 6:19 average pace. Not bad.


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