Not running a lot, but pushing some other punks a bit…

Monday, Rainy day, all day. We skipped the run today. Did a workout at home though. This rain is making the yard look nice, well, except for the water logged yard!



Tuesday, Joseph, Brent, Max, John Mooney, Lucas, and I did our downtown route this afternoon. We were all together for about 3 miles, then Lucas parted ways with us and added a couple of miles before coming back.  The rest of us basically ran together the entire way, although Joseph added a couple more miles afterward to get about 8 miles in. Not a bad day, I got in 6 miles at 7:04 pace, but wished I had only done 5 miles. Calf still feeling rough after the South Farm run a few days ago.

Finally looks like we may be mostly done with the cold weather. Maybe I can finally plant my tomatoes and peppers, which are fairly happy in my cold frame. I have some lettuce, onions and stuff in the small garden now, which would have been awesome by now if not for the ravenous rabbits out here! My newly installed fence seems to have solved that problem anyway.

garden, cold frame

garden, cold frame

Wednesday, Met Joseph and Lucas at the Research Park this afternoon for some 1000m intervals with short rests between each. After they warmed with an easy run, we got started. Lucas likes more warmup than Joseph on average, so he did 2 miles and some strides, and Joseph did one mile and some various loosening up type deals.  Wanted them to average at least 3:15 per 1000. I paced them on my bike. First 1000m was at 3:16 (5:16 mile pace), and the next two were slightly faster at 3:10 and 3:13 (5:06 and 5:10 mile pace.) I should mention that it was fairly windy and depending on where we ended up, some sections of the loop were hillier than others. Hills here on this loop are not steep, but long and gradual. They started feeling better by the 4th one, which was  3:06 (5:00 mile pace), 5th was 3:06, and 6th was 3:07 for Joseph and close to 3:02 (4:55 mile pace) for Lucas who was only doing 6 total and wanted to finish strong. Lucas then started a cool down run of at least 2 miles. Joseph did two more with his 7th at 3:07, and he finished up at 3:05 (4:59 mile pace). He then started his cool down run. They both averaged just under 3:09 per 1000m or about 5:04 mile pace for the workout.

After I got home, I did an upper body/core workout. Felt good!

Thursday, Another afternoon run thru town with the regulars, Joseph, Lucas, Max and Brent. Beautiful day, so we ran shirtless today. Everybody was sort of crazy acting for some reason, and the run started with the guys pushing one another into light poles and other things. Goobers. Lucas was starting to feel a bit worn out from both his workout the day before and the half marathon on Saturday. After about halfway, Joseph and Brent got a bit ahead of us with Max slightly behind them. My calf was sore today, so I was not pushing it, which worked out well for Lucas who wanted to take it easy, and he stayed with me more or less. I ended up doing the 6 mile loop at about a 7:20 pace. Joseph again added 2 or 3 miles on the South Farm after running with us, getting in 8-9 miles total.

After running, we all headed to Newks for some supper. Thomas Cermack joined us, ’cause that joker loved Newks. He did not even eat, as he had already eaten, but still joined. While there, our old super-friendly running bud Ian Prestor came in. It was awesome to see that happy mug. An entertaining bunch to be sure.

Friday, We spent much of the day, which we had both had off, working on art projects for an upcoming show both Joseph and I will be having in a couple of weeks with Laurie Burton. We got so preoccupied that we never got around to running today. I did do some pushups, dips, and pullups at some point.

Saturday, Got up and started the day with some crunches, military presses, and curls. WoooHoo!

At 4 pm, Joseph and I met Brent and Max at the refuge. Gorgeous day! Over 80°F. Joseph ran, and we all biked with him. Joseph ran about 11 miles today with a 5 mile tempo somewhere in there. He did the  5 mile tempo at 5:41 pace, but really the last mile was not great. The first 4 miles of it were at 5:37 pace, but he struggled a bit on that 5th one, although it was still under 6 minutes. He seemed to be a little overheated maybe, or something. It was fairly warm. At the turnaround point, Max and Brent kept biking, and picked up their pace, and Joseph and I headed back. Joseph averaged 6:45 for the other 6 miles of the run and 6:14 for the entire run. Interesting isn’t it, he had 7 miles in there at under 6 minute pace, but with the warmup and recovery later, the overall average of 6:14 is slower than he does his long runs usually.

After everyone got back to the parking lot near Bluff Lake, Brent did a short run of about 20-25 minutes to loosen his legs up. The rest of us put up our hammocks over near the lake edge forming a triangle of hammocks. Wonderful breeze and a beautiful sunset in the background. We ate some snacks and joked around with that crazy funny German dude. Max is a funny dude! Brent showed back up and thought it would be fun to swing us back and forth. Dufus.

Me, Joseph, and Max, chillin

Me, Joseph, and Max, chillin

Nobody relaxes better than Joseph!

Nobody relaxes better than Joseph!

Sunset at the refuge. Max in the hammock, me standing behind him. This is not a photomanipulation.

Sunset at the refuge. Max in the hammock, me standing behind him. This is not a photomanipulation.

Max and Brent with the sun filtering through! Crazy stuff.

Max and Brent with the sun filtering through! Crazy stuff.



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