lose weight, run faster, go figure

Sunday, Met the guys at the South Farm parking lot for our Sunday evening run.  Pretty hot and humid today, but we still had a few idiotic jokers come out including me, Joseph, Lake Spradling, Jorge Villarreal, Robert Morgan, and newcomer Morgan Henry. Man, wow. Hot and humid. And, I was lacking my usual energy level. Not much appetite the last couple of days. Result, well, losing some weight, so thats great, ’cause I need to be lighter to run in this mucky weather. But, also not much energy. Anyway, our regular running joker, Brent Wallace, could not make it, but at least Joseph had Jorge and Lake to run with, who are both running well. They all did the six mile loop thru town at probably around 6:40 pace. Robert, Morgan, and I only did 4.6 miles with a simple out and back route. I was not planning on doing more than 5 miles anyway, as I was super tired. Still no sleep. Personal reasons you might say have kept me from sleeping for some time now, and its starting to catch up with me. Averaged about 7:25 per mile, with miles 2 and 3 the fastest. It was sooooo hot and humid. Man, lost 4 lbs on this 4.6 miles run.

Monday, Another morning workout on my deck. Bunch of pushups, pullups were done on the arbor, did crunches on a towel on the deck, and some curls and military presses with some 40 lb dumbbells. Got a pretty good workout.

pullups on the arbor

pullups on the arbor

That afternoon, Joseph and I met Morgan and Will Kallfelz for a run on the South Farm. Today’s weather was again brutal, and if anything, I was more tired than the day before. I guess sleeping 2-3 hours a night is just not enough. Running the gravel hills of the South Farm is much harder than running thru town! WHEW. Morgan and I once again went about 4.5 miles. And slow! Hot. Tired. I did plan on going easy, but geez. Will kept going for a 6 mile loop at 7:45 pace. Joseph did at least 7 miles at an easy pace for him. When I got done, I got on my bike and met Joseph to give him some water.

Between eating less, not drinking any sodas, working out pretty hard, and running in this heat, I have dropped a few pounds fast. Friday evening (and really Saturday morning as well) I weighed 183 lbs, but by Monday evening I was down to 168, the lightest I have been since October. Of course, losing weight this quick has left me pretty weak too. Need to hang around this weight and now eat more.

Tuesday, Early morning run out here in Sessums with Joseph. He did 6 miles, and I did 3.1 really easy miles. Temp was nice, but humidity was at 100%. Tough. Later that day, Joseph got in a few more miles and some strides. I decided that was enough for me today. I did do some crunches and pullups later in the afternoon.

Wednesday, Met Joseph and Lake Spradling at McKee Park at 6:30 AM for a three mile tempo, of which I biked. Started with a 2  mile warmup and finished with 2 miles of cool down jogging. I ran the warmup with them, then jumped on the bike for the tempo. Of course, with this humidity, everything is harder than usual, so they did not kill it. Joseph was fairly consistent and averaged 5:48 per mile. Lake averaged right about 6:26. Both of them can run faster, but you have to be careful in this weather. I then headed to the MSU campus, where I parked and ran another 3 miles on my own. Went downtown and here and there. About 7:40 pace.

Thursday, Joseph got in a 7 mile run early in the morn. I did not run today, but had a decent bout of pushups, ab stuff, pullups, dips,  curls, and militaries. These are my staple exercises, coupled with running and some light biking, it seems to work really well. All of the other is maybe superfluous. Running and biking work the legs really well, running also helps the abs and some upper body muscles as well, and the simple array of upper stuff pretty much gets everything else. Plus, its free. Don’t have to pay a gym membership.

Later, we headed to Jackson for the upcoming Watermelon Classic 5k the next morn.

Friday, Joseph ran in the Watermelon Classic 5k this morn in Jackson, MS. This was a workout day for him, or he had the option of running a race. He basically ran it like a workout, and did not look tired at the end, running a 7:24 and coming in 4th place. The winner was 16:38, and even though it was a workout type day, I would have like to have seen Joseph push it more and win the race today. Oh well.

Joseph finishing up the 5k

Joseph finishing up the 5k

Meanwhile, Lucas Muniz was in his hometown of Atlanta showing out in the gigantic Peach Tree 10k. He rammed out a 33:26, easily his best time ever! Great job on that Lucas. He is figuring out what works for him and it appears to be relatively low mileage with a sprinkling of  fast mile repeats and ocassional fartleks. Additionally, he is biking and swimming, hence the reduced mileage. At least for the time being, his strategy is working and not only is he becoming a better triathlete, but also a better runner.

Later that evening, after returning to Starkville, I cooked up a few burgers for a few runners jokers still in town including Brent Wallace, Tory Butler, Kamau Bostic, Jorge Villarreal, and Juan Villarreal. Of course, Joseph “Darth Vader” MacGown lives here and was also present for some tasty food. Hamburgers, steak, and vegetables, watermelon, and some beers.

Saturday, Got up and headed to the Boardtown Running Club deal. The route was only 9.8 miles, so I went with that.  I got started after the main group today. It was cooler than normal this morn, which was nice, and of course, I was a good 13 lbs or more lighter than last Saturday. I started behind everyone, but eventually reeled in all but Jorge, Joseph and Houston. Ended up running the 9.88 miles at a 6:55 pace, easily my best run in months. That was nice. Joseph said he ran good for 6 or 7 hitting low 6’s and some 5:40s, but then his foot starting hurting. He had a nice splinter or something in there near the ball of his foot, and apparently in his attempts to cut it out, he did not get it all. Was slightly swollen and infected. When we got home, he cut into it some more, then cleaned it up, and put some liquid bandaid on there. Hopefully that will help. But, he only got in 9.8 miles, so he needs another 5 or so today.

When we got home I did some pushups, pullups, curls, and shoulder presses and flies. Dragged this out over a a couple of hours while working on some paintings and listening to extremely loud music including Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, and Ween.

So, 6 pm, another run. This time in town. Only a few since Joseph just needed another five or so. He ended up doing 4.2 at 6:40 pace. I did 3.2 at 7:10 pace. Thirteen miles total today. Felt pretty good.


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