Humidity, Cicadas, and smoothies

Sunday, I finally got to sleep some time after 2 AM, and woke up a couple of times before getting up a 5 AM. Got up and ate breakfast on the deck – some yogurt, a peach, and an orange. It was pretty nice out. After a while I went back to bed and slept maybe another hour. Got back up and did various ab exercises. Headed to town and goobed around on my mountain bike for 90 minutes cruising the campus, downtown, research park, north farm gravel roads and some of the bike trails near the research park.

At 7 PM, Joseph and I met some scrubs including John Mooney, Brent Wallace, and Drew Boyles. Mooney was doing a two hour run, but joined me for 4.6 miles. The rest of them bugs did 6 miles at 6:50ish pace. My pace was 7:21.

Monday, Morn, Joseph and I ran out here in Sessums. I did 4 miles easy, and he got in 6. Later, at 7 PM, and right after eating pizza, I ran 3.1 more miles at 7:10 pace, then worked out some. Joseph also added 4 miles.

Tuesday, Rode my bike some with Joseph this morn as he attempted a tempo run. First a 2 mile warmup run at easy pace, then he got in 3 miles at ok pace, but not really very good, so he just finished up with a jog and we called it a day. He was not feeling it this morn for sure.

Later, I met Joseph, Lake, Brent, and Jorge for a 6 mile run thru town. They all went faster than me, although I kept up for the first couple of miles. I ended up with a 7:14 pace. Pretty hot, pretty humid. This will be our last run with Brent for a while, as he is heading to England for a month! Some or another. He does know how to pick the right classes!

Wednesday, Went home for lunch and worked out. A good one, got all pumped and hyper! Simple things: pushups, pullups, ab stuff, bicep stuff, tricep stuff, shoulder stuff. Yep. Throw it together with little rest and it really works. Later, got in an easy 4 mile run (near 7 minute pace) after work. Pretty hot at 5:30 PM! Joseph ran somewhere on his own today.

Thursday, Joseph started the day with a Fartlek run. I started the day with work. Yippie. At 7 pm, afternoon run with Robert Morgan, Morgan Henry, Jorge, Villarreal and Will Kalfelz. Changed our route up some today and hit some road south of old Hwy 82. Nice change of pace. Morgan, Robert, and I did 5.35 miles, and my average mile pace was 7:22. This week is killer hot and humid. All runs have been crazy! Joseph again ran on his own today.

Friday, No run for me today. Did some upper body and core stuff from 3-4PM. Starting to get those abs back. Also did some plyometric type  jumps and skips out in the yard. In fact, I did the entire workout in the yard. Super hot! Have not done the frog type jumps in a long time. I will probably regret this in the morning! Joseph did an easy loose 5k type jog on the trail.

Saturday, Joseph and I met with the Boardtown group today for 6:30 AM run. The route was 11 miles. But, wow! Humid and hot! And those plyo’s? Yes, I regretted doing them. Apparently I was not the only one hurting. Jorge had played soccer the day before and Robert was struggling today as well. So, all three of us punked out and turned around at the first water stop, then headed back for about 6.5 miles. My pace was 7:21 per mile. Jorge’s pace was much faster, although he stopped several times and we caught him. Meanwhile, Joseph and Houston Franks ran almost 15 miles and at a very decent pace for this extreme weather. They added a segment thru the campus to get this distance. They basically ran together for about 13 miles, then Joseph said he needed to stop for a minute because he was hot. He came in a couple minutes after Coach Franks with a about a 6:25 average pace for 14.7 miles.

After running, I hung out in and by the pool with Jorge,  Joseph and the other posers.  Played with the kids quite a while in the pool. Crazy little jokers. Times like this always make me appreciate Mike and Marcie White’s amazing hospitality in opening their house up every Saturday for 50-100 people! Their backyard is set up just for guests with beautiful arbors, flowering trees and vines, numerous tables and chairs, a wonderful swimming pool, and even a really cool playground for the many kids that show up including their own grandkids. Every single Saturday is a wonderful happy get together for Starkville’s running and Triathlete crowd, plus walkers and others just trying to stay in or get in shape.


Some Boardtown runners and walkers post run. Marcie White far left and Mike White in all black standing by post on right.

At 5 PM, I decided to do some pace based 400’s on my trail. After warming up for about 10 minutes, I did 10 X 400m with 30 seconds of rest between each. Not much rest, but I was not doing super fast ones. I ran them all between 1:33 and 1:35. After jogging/walking for a cool down, I then did several sets of pushups and various ab exercises. I did this outside, threw an old blanket on the grass for the ab things. Whew doggies! Hot and sweaty. Felt good though.

Eating a lot better lately. No soft drinks candy or really anything super bad. I always eat good stuff, but I have always also mixed the good with the bad. But, these last few weeks I have been trying to change my stupid ways with eating, as well as other negative parts of my life.  Tonight’s supper was grilled salmon with lemon; stir fried eggplant, yellow bell pepper, red onion, and yellow squash; and rice pilaf with orza topped with fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden and lime juice and habenero sauce. This type of meal is not unusual for me, but every time I eat something like this it makes me super happy and appreciative of the fact that I am one of the lucky people in the world who has an opportunity to partake in such a rich feast of the senses. After putting my food on my plate, I typically sit before it for a couple of minutes appreciating the moment, the smells, the colors, and life in general. Good food is good stuff in so many ways!

In other good news today, our running buds John Mooney, Lucas Muniz, and Brian Laird all did well at the Sunfish Triathlon. Mooney was first overall, Lucas was 5th overall, and Brian was 2nd in his age group! Way to go guys!

Brian Laird, John Mooney, and Lucas Muniz – tri guys!

Brian Laird, John Mooney, and Lucas Muniz – tri guys!

Sunday, Ran 5 miles at 6 AM with Joseph. Of course, super humid. I ran really easy, just trying to loosen up from the 400s I did the day before. Got home and made some awesome tasty banana, mango, peach, chocolate protein shakes! Yep, good stuff.

Worked out at noon. My basic but effective combo of pullups, pushups, curls, shoulder presses, dips, and ab exercises. Not bad, not bad. I have even slept more than 3 hours per night the last three nights. Couple that with good food, no crap food, and consistent exercise and I feel like I am in decent shape for a 50 year old artist punk.

7 PM run with Joseph, Drew Boyles, Juan and Jorge Villarreal, and Robert Morgan. Robert and Drew opted for 5 miles, Juan about 4, and the rest of did our standard Sunday afternoon 6 mile loop thru town. Hottt! Humid! I averaged 7:25 per mile, Joseph and Jorge ran together averaging around 6:45, with their first mile slow with us. Their splits were like 7:20, 6:45, 6:42, 6:37, 6:24, and 6:13. Not sure about the other jokers, but I was running with them until they turned back early, so it probably about the same pace as mine. Felt pretty good though.



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