cha, cha, cha…do the run thang

Monday, At 6 AM, I ran about 4 easy miles with Joseph. Well, I ran 4 miles and he ran 4 miles, but not together. Got back to the truck and our awesome dog buddies came by to visit. These dogs are so nice! My dogs are nice, but have gotten so old, they have very little pep in them. They get excited, kind of, when its dinner time. And, Butch, my annoying beagle, still tries to chase animals. But yeah, thats about it. After the run, I did 4 sets of 50 pushups and 4 sets of 15 pullups.

Came home at lunch and had a freaktacular workout! The teaser that morn was good, but I got pretty ramped up at lunch. Shoulder flies, another 300 pushups (a few sets), weighted crunches, oblique shrugs, hanging oblique raises, dumbbell curls, dumbbell military presses, some bench press, some crazy dumbbell shoulder arm deals, etc. Man, it was a good workout! Veins were jumping and some definition is coming in. Barring anything weird, I think I will be able to at least look physically close to where I was at age 20 in the very near future. Getting closer! Nice. Felt really good. I am still hyped up 2 hours later!!

Another easy 4 miles run at 6:15 pm with Joseph. Cooled off a bit, felt really nice! Legs were slightly sore from my mountain bike spill yesterday. More sore than yesterday in fact. Especially my right knee, which absorbed a lot of the impact and my left calf, which was twisted smashed against my bike pretty nicely. Thinking about taking off a couple of days from running.

Tuesday, Did some early morning cleaning. Woohoo! Mopped, swept, blah, blah…In between, I did some random pushup sets and crunches. Ended up doing about 8 sets of 70-80 pushups.

At 5:30 PM, I worked out some more. Weighted crunches (holding a 25 lb weight in my hands), some more pushups, some dips, oblique shrugs, and some various weird dumbbell fly deals. Pretty good workout, albeit fairly quick. Later, at 7 PM, Joseph and I met Will Kallfelz for a tempo type run. We met at McKee Park and mostly ran around the main loop in the adjoining Longmeadow neighborhood. That loop is almost exactly 2000m, which is handy dandy. We all did 2 mile warmup jog, stretched some, drank some water, then started. Joseph did a 5 mile run. I ended up doing 3.1 and Will did the 2.47 miles (two loops), then cool down. I was planning on not running because of soreness from minor bike wreck, but, dang! It was super nice and not very humid. Sore or not, I had to do something. The warmup felt fine, so I figured I would see how things went. I ran with with Will for probably 1.7 miles and we were averaging 6:25 or so mile pace. I was 6:26, 6:23, and 6:14 plus something similar for the last .1 miles. Good run, and probably could have done more. Averaged out to about 6:20 per mile. Will also had a great run averaging close to 6:25 per mile. When I got done, I jogged back to the truck then biked around until I found Joseph. Paced him for his last mile or so, which was 5:40-5:45 pace. Both he and Will cooled down with another loop around the neighborhood. Whew, what a super beautiful day!!

Wednesday, Morning workout with about 5 sets of 100-130 reps of pushups, weighted ab stuff, and 5 sets of pullups (15 reps). A few other things, but needed to get to work. Plan to come back at lunch and finish up the workout. Well, lunch! I made it  home and jumped right back into the workout. Quite a few random curls with the curl bar and 30 lb and 40 lb dumbbells. Shoulder presses with 40 lbs dumbbells (4 sets with between 15 and 35 reps depending on rest), 3 sets of shoulder presses with the long bar (135 lbs, did not count reps), some different ab stuff including those things where you hang from the straps and pull your knees up, obliques shrugs, trap shrugs (light weight), some light squats with 135 lbs with bar in front of my chest, and some odd little exercises that I do for definition. Good workout.

Later, at 6 PM, I met Joseph, Jorge, Juan, Will, and Trevon Strange at our regular meeting spot for a 6 mile run thru town. Trevon! Yep, he got him a new tattoo across his chest. Pretty awesome. He will be heading back to Tuckegee University this week where he should be ready to dominate his XC team. Actually, he was easily their best runner last year and is in much better shape now! We all had a pretty good run and started out together. After the tempo the day before, I figured Joseph, Will, and I would be sort taking it easy today, and even though Joseph was in the front with Jorge, I would say that he did. In fact, Trevon had run a nice 6 miler the day before, and Jorge and Juan had done something similar two days earlier. But, it was once again great running weather, and after the first mile, which we all did at about 7:30 pace, we picked it up. Will dropped back a bit, and ended up with a 7:17 average today, but the rest of us hung tight for almost 4 miles. The fourth mile of this route is hillier and by far the hardest, and Joseph and Jorge got some space on us. Not too bad though. My average pace today was about 6:44 and my splits were 7:31, 6:50, 6:46, 6:41, 6:19, and 6:17. Pretty good run for me!

Joseph MacGown, Will Kallfelz, Trevon Strange, Jorge Villarreal, Juan Villarreal, and me (Joe MacGown)

Joseph MacGown, Will Kallfelz, Trevon Strange, Jorge Villarreal, Juan Villarreal, and me (Joe MacGown)

Thursday, Well, did some pushups and stuff in the morn, but not too much. Spent some time mowing and doing yard work at lunch. Then, at 6 pm, got in a 6 mile run with Will Kallfelz, Morgan Henry, and Houston Franks. This was the first time that speedy little Franks joker went with us, although we routinely see him at Boardtown runs on Saturday. Ironically, the day he showed up first was a day when our faster folks were not there. But, he seemed happy as clam to cruise along with us thru the campus and research park on this nice day. Averaged about 7:05 per mile. Joseph did some kind of crazy fartlek elsewhere.

Friday, As I have been doing sometimes lately, I split my workout into two sessions, one before work and one after work. Nice. No run today.

Saturday, 6:30 AM run with Boardtown. This week, Jorge and his brother Juan Villarreal are staying with me as they are in between places. Jorge got up and rode over with Joseph and I for the run. Today’s route was 12.4 miles with humid conditions that became light rain later. The rain felt nice. Joseph had his running partners Houston Franks and Jay McCurdy back today, so he ran with them. About 14.5 miles at 6:25-ish pace. My bud Robert Morgan was not here, but I ran with Vicky McCurdy, Will Kallfelz, Micah White, and MSU XC runner Carmen Brothers depending on how I felt during the run. Started out easy with first 6 miles all over 7 minute pace, but the second half I was under 7 minute pace. So, that was cool! My watch died at about 9 miles (forgot to charge that mug), and up to there I had a 7:15 going, but overall it was probably closer to 7 or slightly under.

After the run, I teased some of the local junior high and high school XC girls. Those jokers are crazy and always give me a hard time, so I have to give it back!

Stopped by the farmer’s market for some local freshness, then headed home to workout. The good run made me hyper for more. Worked out for about an hour. The usual stuff. Pushups, pullups, curls, ab stuff, shoulder stuff. Blah, blah. Good workout though. Had to make myself stop. I get so hyped up doing these workouts I have to be careful that I don’t make myself pass out!

Sunday, Early in the morn, I kayaked for about 2 good hours at Oktibbeha Lake with Laurie Burton and her crazy hyper ninja dog Ripley who was commander of her boat. Because we  got early, we beat the heat, it was great!

Laurie and Ripley

Laurie and Ripley

Laurie and RIpley paddling

Laurie and RIpley paddling

Oktibbeha County Lake

Oktibbeha County Lake

Oktibbeha County Lake

Oktibbeha County Lake

Got home around noon and did some pushups (about 800 in sets of 50-80) and pullups (150 reps in sets of 15-20) and ab stuff!! A few dips, jah. Threw in a few curls for good measure. Yeah, I know. Conventional wisdom says don’t do this stuff every day or even close. But, not using much weight or only my body weight. And, have been doing this stuff since I was 12. So. Yep.

At 7 pm, I met Joseph and Juan for a Sunday evening jaunt thru town. Ah yes. Good times baby. Was looking rough there for a bit with a very localized storm cell, but miraculously it dissipated just before we started! Good and bad. Sure did not help the humidity! Anywhoo, I ran the first 2.3 miles with those two former high school state xc champs and former and about to be college xc runners. Then I turned off a different way for a shorter route, which ended up being about 5.3 miles at just over 7 minute pace. First mile was warmup pace, 7:30, then 7:05, 7:03, then 6:37, and 6:36 (and about the same pace for the last 0.3 bit). Those two did a 6 mile loop at some pace. Not sure exactly. Not bad though. Felt pretty good. Saw crazy Will Kallfelz along the way. He was doing a 12+ miler!


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