2000 pushups in workout! What, yep.

Monday, Got in a super awesome morning workout. Felt like I did something. Still doing basic things, but adding in some slightly different variations for abs, obliques, and serratus muscle groups. Plenty of pushups, pullups, curls, shoulder presses, various flies, dips and all that. Swinging 45 lb plate around in trippy ways, obiques hangs, windshield wipers (look them up, awesome), shrugs, light punches (martial arts style) with dumbbells, etc. Whoo!

Ran at lunch today. Joseph joined me. Light week for him with only 55 miles, so he was only doing one run today anyway. He got in 70 last week no problem. It was not bad out today, cloudy. I did a few miles at a 7 minute mile pace.

Tuesday, Up early for another bout of pushups and stuff. Turned on some Blur to energize me. 600 pushups, some ab stuff, some pullups, and a few other things. Not as hard as yesterday, but a good start to the day.

Brent Wallace just go back in town from his month long class in England. So, that mug wanted a run. We met at 11 AM for a 5.3 mile run thru town. Not too hot, but not cold! First mile was 7:23 then the rest were slightly under 7 minutes with the 5th being  a speedy 6:15. Very nice. We averaged 6:52 per mile during a midday run! How cool is that. Followed up the run with a pretty healthy lunch of tostados with refried black beans, cheese, and a salsa made from locally grown tomatoes and habenero peppers; a banana; and a nice big glass of milk!

At 6 pm I added a few more pushups, pullups, and crunchy things to the total for the day. Phew! Then some grub! Not super hungry as I had quite a bit at lunch, so ate some yogurt, a peach, a cliff bar, and banana. Then headed over to some friends to watch the Perseid meteor shower. We only saw a few as it turned out due to the combination of early cloud cover and the gradually rising moon. It was nice out though and a very enjoyable evening. One woman brought some homemade mango bread and some type of banana chocolate chip bread, both of which I sampled and both of which were quite tasty!

Wednesday, I did a solo morning run of about 5 miles out near my house in the country.  Easy, super easy (that means super slow). A weak cold front moved thru the area yesterday afternoon making this morning very pleasant! Still humid though, of course. And, the neighborhood dogs were all there to great me when I finished. Got thru and did 500+ pushups, a bunch of pullups, and some ab stuff.

Lunch time, quick workout first. Added some more pushups, curls, abs, pullups, and stuff, yep! Later at 6 PM, I ran 3.3 miles thru town at a 6:39 average pace. Temps were nice, so that made it easier than normal.

Thursday, After a couple of workouts in the morn and at lunch (basically a workout split into two parts to fit into my schedule), I then got in a run with Brent, Will, Ian Prester, and Mitchell Henry. Brent’s second run back with us since his trip to England. Had not run with Ian in a while either, as he has been doing intern type work this summer. But, it sure was nice to have that happy joker back with with us! This was Mitchell’s first time to join us. Another crazy joker for sure, a fact that is not surprising as he is Ian’s cousin. Both of them are mechanical engineering students here at MSU. Anyway, it was a nice warm afternoon as we got going thru the MSU campus. Mitchell and Ian dropped off at about a mile, after which point we picked up the pace a bit. We hit the research park loop, then back around campus, up a nice hill, thru the Cotton District, then back thru campus to the South Farm where we started. Will stayed with us for about 4 miles, at which point Brent and I picked it up some more for the last 3 miles. Good run, 7 miles at 6:58 pace, with last two miles 6:40 and 6:30. Nice.






Will and Mitchell

Friday, Not much today in the way of exercise, just a few pushups in the morn (maybe a couple hundred) and a few ab deals.

Saturday, Morning! Got up and woke up the smack headed kid Joseph and we headed to the Boardtown Running Club for a long run. This will be the last one for Joseph for a while as he is leaving for college later in the week. Of course, he will get plenty of long runs in while running XC for SCAD! Man, a ton of folks showed up today! At least a hundred plus. Wow. Today’s loop was good one and one of the tougher ones that starts on South Montgomery and goes down Oktoc Road into the Browning Creek neighborhood with a 12 mile or 15.8 mile option. I did the 12 mile loop with Drew Boyles and managed about a 6:52 mile pace. Not bad. Joseph ran the longer route with Jay McCurdy, and well, I don’t know their pace, but they were way ahead of us!


some folks getting ready to run

At 1:00 pm or so, I decided to get in a decent workout with ab stuff, pullups, and lots of pushups. Lots. The only thing I had eaten up until then was a slice of watermelon and some pineapple, and that was immediately post run. So, I did not have a lot of fuel in me. Even so. Started out with sets of 100 and the first 1000 were not hard really. Rests were not super long, and mostly with ab stuff in between, and a couple of sets of pullups early. Then, we had a family come visit us for a bit, check out the studio and stuff. Pretty cool, but it was in the middle of my workout. So, after they left, I jumped back into it. I did 4 more sets of 100 each, and they were pretty easy too. Then, suddenly they started getting hard and I could only do 50-70 reps. Man! Was still doing crunches between sets.  It seemed easy, then at some sudden point during each set my arms fatigued. It was pretty awesome. Anyway, somehow, I got in some more and ended up with 2001 total pushups for the workout. Nice! Whew.

But, yep, I was getting hungry after that, and a ribeye was calling my name!

Sunday, Some early morning pullups, not many, just to wake up. Then, at noon, I did a decent workout with 125 pullups, a few pushups, some dips, 6 sets of dumbbell curls (40 lbs), 4 sets of dumbbell shoulder presses (40 lbs, 25-30 reps), and various other dumbbell flys and what have you, and some weighted crunches.

At 6 PM, Joseph and I met Brent, Arash Taheri (who has not run with us in a while) and Drew Boyles for our run thru town. John Mooney, Brian Laird, and a friend of theirs also showed up, but they had a slower run planned, so they ran on their own. I ended up with 5.4 miles at 6:59 pace. It was super hot!! Yes. Brent and Joseph did the 6 mile loop at about the same pace. Drew, who had run over from his house to meet us, dropped off mid way and headed home. He probably got in about 6 miles also, as did Arash. Pretty good run all in all for a post long run day.

Monday, Easy morning run with Joseph after a few pushups and crunches to wake me up. Lunchtime, better workout, 500 pushups, 75 pullups, bunch of ab stuff. Added some more at 5 pm. Yep. Good stuff.



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