Thanks to Old Venice Pizza in Starkville for providing water in the summer!!!

Tuesday, Morning 400s on my trail. Only did 8, and for the rest between each one I did 30-50 pushups. Nothing crazy fast, 1:22-1:30. Later, I got in a good workout at lunch, basic routine plus random flies and stuff. I need to be careful with some of those weird shoulder dumbbell flies, I may have strained some muscles doing one on those crazy weird exercises. Not too bad though.

Wednesday, worked out in morn, some abs, pushups, pullups, curls, and what have you. A few more things at lunch. Then, a 6:30 PM run with Joseph and Brent. HOT! We are in the midst of a heat wave so they say. But, whatever. Joseph had already run 6 plus miles at 10 AM. Then, we did our 6 mile route thru town. We met Ian Prester at the mile mark and he joined us for maybe 1.2 miles or so. We started out slow as we normally do to warm up. Warm up. Ha! It was pretty warm. But, for sure when it is this hot out, its good to start out slow and not push the pace. Our first mile was 7:25, then second mile (with Ian) was about the same, then the rest were all under 7 minute pace ranging from 6:54-6:40 (last mile). This was Joseph’s last run with us as he will be running on his own tomorrow and moving to Savannah Friday morn. I should mention that during our runs thru town, we often stop briefly at Old Venice Pizza for a water break. This restaurant actually puts two water coolers with cups out on the sidewalk every day for walkers and runners or whoever to quench their thirst! Starkville is a strange place, and basically we have no fountains anywhere other than at McKee Park. Thanks to Old Venice for being so freakin’ awesome! They are the only business I know that does this!

Thursday,  I did a little easy 4 mile run out in Sessums about 6:30 AM. Already warm, but not bad. The one Sessum’s dog that does not seem to like me, or maybe she is just playing a game with me, came barreling toward in her attempt to take me down from the side. I was ready though! As she came running full force (this is a young labrador retriever looking dog) at me growling intently, I stopped and scooped up some loose gravel, which I tossed at her while using a few choice words. The owner was drinking coffee on her porch and she also yelled at the dog. Anyway, I escaped without injury. When I got done, my giant friendly dog bud came by to visit. Wow. Two dogs. One awesome, one a punk. Finished up, stretched, and went home for a few abs deals and slow pushups.

At 11:30 AM, I got into another run. This one thru town, maybe 4.5 miles or so. pretty warm, about 100°F plus humidity, but I felt ok most of the way. Averaged 7:16 per mile. Went home and did some ab stuff, a few more pushups, a few light curls, and a couple of other minor things before calling it quits. Definitely feeling in better shape the last few weeks. Running easier, maintaining a weight of 163-167 lbs, eating better, and sleeping better. This is obvious in how I look physically now too. I am pretty happy to still physically look like I did 30 year ago!

50 year old punk!

50 year old punk!

Friday, Not much exercise today, just a minor workout in the AM. No run. Joseph headed to Savannah today, so I will be on my own for a while.

Saturday, Boardtown run. First one without the kid in a while. I started out in the front of the horde of runners with Houston Franks, Micah White, Brent Wallace, Will Kallfelz, and Drew Boyles on this relatively hot morn. After about a mile, Houston and Micah picked it up and I was content to run low 7’s with the other three posers. Stayed with them until about 5.7 miles at which point Brent turned left, opting for the 11.8 mile route. The rest of us headed straight for a 14.7 mile loop with lots of gravel and lots of hills! At around 8 miles, Will decided to slow down, so it was Drew and I for the rest of the way running together. We actually picked up the pace some and finished strong on the last mile or so. We averaged about 7:08 per mile. Not bad for basically 15 miles in August in Mississippi.

Was going to workout when I got home (after hitting the farmers market and store), but ended up changing the blades on my riding mower (no easy task!) and doing some mowing midday. Hot!

Sunday, Started the day with an easy run thru town and campus. Super humid early! Lots of folks running and walking. Coolness. Got home and did a quick workout. Then, headed to Choctaw Lake with Audrey and her trippy kids for some Lake time fun. Swimming, shooting each other with squirt guns. Stuff.


playing with trucks in the sand

playing with trucks in the sand

Left there and Audrey asked me if I wanted to ride horses with her on some trails. I have never actually sat on a horse, pony, or other living creature. Anywho, she has a nice, beginning to become calm Arabian and a close to horse size pony that we bought for her kids a couple years back. Since I am a complete novice, she suggested the pony as a nice start for me. That pony, Belle, is about as sweet and gentle as could be and we get along fine. We rode around for a bit in the muggy afternoon heat, which was at least minimized when we got to the wooded trails. Other than the fact that the endurance saddle she set me up with was a bit small, the entire outing was super awesome. Having never been on a horse or anything made this feel like a special occasion. Of course, to be fair, we were moving very slowly! I am sure Audrey was bored to tears. I tried trotting briefly, which was interesting, and not unpleasant. Anyway, very cool. Did fall off or anything.

After the equine excitement, I went home and did some semi serious cleaning. Crazy. Mopping, dusting, scrubbing, etc. Of course, I super-setted this with a nice workout of pushups, pullups, abs, curls, shoulder stuff, etc. A weird but effective way to workout. Basically, I was cleaning and working out for about 3 hours. When thru 4 CD’s. At some point, I needed food, as I had not eaten much today. Basically, some fruit and organic trail mix bars here and there. Supper was awesome though – leftover grilled steak, a big salad, and farm fresh milk!

Monday, Morning workout for about 45 minutes while putting away clothes. Nice breakfast followed with eggs from my bud Gentry’s chickens, sausage, banana and milk from the Miller’s cow Rosy. Seriously! Cool.

Got in a nice 5.8 run at 6:30 with Commander Salamander Brent Wallace. It seemed slightly cooler, only about 90°F, which made the run much easier today. We started out slowish with a 7:25 first mile, then were sub 7 the rest of the way averaging 6:44 per mile for the entire route! Nice.


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