Crotchety Old Man Becomes Self Appointed Gate Keeper to Local Park

Tuesday, Morning! Yep, Pushups, pullups, abs, curls, typical morning wakeup drill! Then an awesome peach, banana, strawberrry, vanilla yogurt, and chocolate protein smoothie! Tasty.

Lunch, grilled salmon, also grilled tomato slices with sharp provolone cheese, had an awesome salad. Washed it down with a Samuel Smith Oatmeal stout. While grilling, I did about 7 sets of nice elevated pushups, some crazy pullups where I used only one arm as I near the top, some side shrugs, some curls, and shoulder presses.

At 5 pm I got in a solo run thru town and campus of about 5.5 miles at a 7:14 pace. Not bad. Did not push. Maybe it was slightly cooler than usual at 5pm, because my shorts were only partially sweaty.

Wednesday, Morn! Workout. Stretched out too long. And art. I could not go to work, so I took some leave and skipped the work day. Worked out in between things all morn. Crazy, I know. It works. My abs are starting to pop out. I think they may be better than at any point in my life now. What? Trippy.

Ran at 3:30 PM. Parked at McKee Park, then down sidewalk to Longmeadow Neighborhood. They had recently laid down some fresh concrete for the sidewalk leading to the neighborhood, but it was dry, so I ran across it. But, the gate was closed. So, I opened it. At which point the crazy assed dude who lives right there (Steve Swisher) started yelling at me to get off the wet concrete. I was like, dude, its dry. And, hey, mind your business. He was like, “they don’t want anyone on it for a day or so.” I said, “maybe they should have a sign up or have it roped off then.” Then I opened the gate and started my run. He was not happy. Freakin’ gate nazi. It has gotten to the point where that dude routinely shuts the gate, which is normally left open and then locked at 9 pm when the park closes. I have done workouts starting at the park with others where we may pass thru the gate back and forth to the neighborhood several times, and yes, that goober headed fool will go over and shut the gate each time we go thru. Annoying codger punk. Well, I got my run in, 1.5 mile warmup, then 3 miles at 6:18 pace then a cool down, then back to gated fence to get to my truck. Yep, that slap-headed punk was over there and ready. As soon as I showed up, he said, “the park man come over and locked the gate.” I said, “huh, thats mighty coincidental.” He said, “I didn’t tell him, I don’t even know his number. But he knew you had walked on that concrete.” I said, “I wonder how he knew that.”  He said, “he could see your footprints.” Interesting, considering it was dry, but hey? Who am I to questin the wisdom of the gnarly gatekeeper to McKee Park. He was happy as a friggin clam. Well, you know, 8 ft tall fence, suddenly locked, my truck about 100 m away, the alternate route several miles away down a busy highway and super busy road with no sidewalks. So, I just put my foot on the latch and popped myself up and over. Imagine that? Huh. He was stupified. Punk. Mysteriously, not long after, the park man showed back up and walked over to the gate. Another coincidence I guess. Funny.

Thursday, Workout in morn! Yep. Awesome. Ran later at 4 PM with Brent Wallace. Basically, a six mile loop thru town. Averaged 6:56 per mile. Today felt like the hottest day so far this year. Really crazy hot. Made it though!

Friday, As per usual, got my morning pushups in, pullups, abs, etc. Even on the worst day I would say I do at least 500 pushups and 80-100 pullups. Cool. No run today. Worked in the yard during the afternoon. Got purty warmish!

Saturday, Barely got up, but did, then headed to the Boardtown Running Club for a run. Super hot and humid. A storm on the way. Yay. We need some rain. The route was 10.7 miles today and I average 6:56 per mile. I did it wrong though, as the first half was faster than the second. I ran with Houston Franks early, and his easy pace is my fast pace! Man, I was sweating like crazy! Got home, worked out some, then headed to West Point, MS for the Prairie Arts Festival.

Later, at 6 PM, I did some more pushups and stuff. I like to tucker myself out on Saturdays. Don’t know why.

getting there!

getting there!

Sunday, Morning easy run in Sessums, then worked in the yard all day with some intermittent pushups and stuff. Burned a bunch old branches and other accumulated debris from the last few months. Always something with a house and 17 plus acres.

Monday, Started this holiday off with a nice ab/pushup/pullup oriented workout fueled by the Violent Femmes and Cage the Elephant! At about 3:30 pm, I did 10 400m intervals on my trail with 30-40 pushups in between each 400 as my rest. It was hot, and whew! I again kept them relatively slow, going for a certain pace, with all of them between 1:28 and 1:29. Worked out some more after to finish off the deal!


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