Garmin Forerunner 10 watch band could be designed better!

Tuesday, As per usual now, split workout into morning and lunch. Body is used to doing something regularly! 6:30 pm run with wild man Brent Wallace thru town and campus. Only 5 miles, but pretty fast, averaged 6:50ish. Nice.

Wednesday, more of the same. Four mile solo run at 6:30 PM thru campus and research park at 6:39 average pace. Felt good!

Thursday, yep, 500 + pushups for breakfast, other stuff at lunch. Not a ton, just some stuff. Cha. Ran with Brent  at 5:30. Nice easy run, averaged about 6:50. First mile was 7:40, then the next was around 7, then a couple of nice 6:40s, and the last two miles we averaged under 6:10! Actually, the 5th mile was 6:16 and we killed the last mile even hitting parts of it at 5:55 pace. Pretty good for a nice easy run in this crazy humid weather.

Friday, just some easy workout late in the day, no run.

Saturday, well, part of the band came off of my Garmin watch this morn. Dang. Really? You would think an expensive watch like this would not fall apart. No watch today on my long run. Actually, it was kind of nice, like the old days. And, of course now days, almost everyone else has one anyway. But, I felt free without it. Had a good run of 15.2 miles. It was hot, but I had company most of the way with Micah White, Drew Anthony, Jay McCurdy, Brent Wallace (for part of the way), and a new feller, Daniel McKeller or something. He was built more like Micah and I, not like a runner. And, at first, I was like, what is this guy doing up here. He had  black colored long warmup pants on and a black t-shirt. The rest of us were all shirtless and wearing short shorts. I mean, its freakin’ hot and 100% humid in the morn. But, that crazy cat did fine. Apparently, we hit the first water stop, which is about 3.5 miles out, at a 6:40 or better pace. Daniel did not stop for water, but kept going. That, to me, was crazy, because, hey, its fucking hot! Even if you can do it, I think it strains the body too much. If there is some water along the way, I am getting some! Also, that crazy joker did not know the route and ended up at WalMart on the other side of town later! His bud had to go get that trippy dude! Probably ran 20 miles with no water. Anyway, I got water at every stop and still was 6-7 pounds lighter when I finished! Awesome run though. And thanks to Drew and the others for keeping me going.

After hitting Lowes for some stuff, I went home and did pushups and other things. Yep. Outside. Hot. Kind of hard because I had not eaten since 5 AM and that was just a breakfast bar and a banana!

Sunday, Workout here and there in the morn. Then a 6 mile run with Brent in town at 6 PM. Ravinder Singh joined us for part of the run. Cool. Had not run with that mug in a while. Anywhoo, took it easy today with a 7:10 average pace with the first part slower and the last couple of miles faster. Not bad. Fixed my Garmin watchband with a paper clip. Much better design than the simple pin they use. I looped it through the holes, then tied it off with needle-nosed pliers. Does not look as elegant, but it should stay on there. Geez guys. Hire an engineer or something. Find McGyver and hire that guy.

Monday, Morning workout. Stuff. Lunch time, 8 X 400m plus 1 X 800m on my trail. 50 pushups between each set of 400s and 100 pushups after the 800. 400s were 1:24-1:28 and 800 was 3:02. Hot! With the pushups thrown in, this was a pretty decent workout.

Tuesday, woke up, did 600 pushups and some ab stuff. Work. Whohoo! Some ab stuff at lunch. Then a close to  6 mile run at 5:30 pm with Brent Wallace. We did alright today averaging 6:35 per mile.


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