twisted my knee, ouch…

Tuesday already, geez. Yeah, still doing my norm workout stuff pretty much every day, and sometimes a bit a lunch or later. It wakes up, you know. Good run this afternoon with Brent Wallace.  Six miles thru town. First mile was 7:14, then 6:46, 6:35, 6:38, 6:14, and last mile was 5:42. Nice weather and in general feeling pretty good. Solid run with a good finish.

Ran at lunch on Wednesday. Went over to the South Farm, jogged easy peasy for a bit, then did three 1000m intervals on the Cross Country course. Averaged 5:27 pace on those. Then ran some more for a while at 6:30 pace.

Ran with Lucas and Brent Thursday at 5 PM. Our normal 6 mile loop. Had not run with Lucas the crazy tri guy in a while. Like we usually do, the first mile was slower, 7:25, then three 6:40 somethings (I forgot to turn my watch back on after a stop at a light for probably 30 or more seconds). The next two miles were 6:14 and 5:50. Another nice finish and good run!

Lucas Muniz

Lucas Muniz

Saturday morn run with Boardtown runners. Got in 12 miles at 7 minute pace. I took it easy today because I hurt my knee on my Thursday run. Twisted it the wrong way, and ouch! Not my good knee either. Never is. Had a bunch of basketball related injuries back when with this knee. Well, it hurt pretty good Friday, so I wore a tendonitis band all day and during the run on Saturday. It helped. But, that joker is swollen a bit. Will have to rest it some I suspect. Dang it. Ah well.

After the run, I headed to the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge with Laurie Burton as their some stuff going on out there with art, music, displays, and paddling. Free hotdogs too! After checking out stuff for a while, we paddled around on Bluff Lake. The lake was low, so there were lots of cypress trunks, some barely submerged, to navigate around. But, it was a very pleasant day and it was good to be out there.

Another Sunday run with Brent Wallace. Went about 6.4 miles today. First mile, 7:40, then the next three miles were all 6:40s, then a 6:33, 6:14, and we finished the last 0.4 at 5:45 pace. Not bad. Knee was still a little sore, but I am old. Jah.


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