Spartan Race: Mississippi Sprint coming up on 8 November 2014

Yep, for you crazy semi athletic to super athletic types out there that like to do obstacle type running races, the Spartan Race is one of the more popular ones out there. In about three weeks, we will have one near the Mississippi Gulf Coast at Muddy Joe’s in Kiln. This race, like others in this series will be held in waves of 200 entrants every 15 minutes. Crazy race, crazy times. I have not done one of these races, but everyone who I know that has done one has greatly enjoyed them. Of course, these races cost money, and its almost last minute, so that does not help. But, guess what! I have a 10% off discount code here that will work for any Spartan Race. Cool, yeah! Here it is: SPARTANBLOGGER.  Further, I have a code for a free entry (thanks to Dan the Man) to any Spartan race in US, including the MS Race. This is a great deal worth up to $100 depending on when you register! Want it? Write a reason why you want it and include it in a comment here or email me.  I will pick someone to give the code to.  I would prefer giving it to someone doing the Mississippi race, but that is not a requirement. More info about Mississippi Sprint Spartan Race is at More info about the Spartan Races series is at

Whew, back in town after my collecting trip and got in an awesome run on Tuesday. Did not get one Monday because we had crazy storms with high winds and hail that downed numerous large trees, damaged lots of houses and cars, and knocked power out of much of downtown Starkville. So, Tuesday at 5:15, I met the awesome fit dudes Brent Wallace, Jay McCurdy and John Mooney for a 6.5 mile run. Cool weather helped of course, and having Jay out there didn’t hurt either. First mile, 7:27, then picked it up. Averaged 6:32 for the entire route and it felt pretty easy. Finished last mile about 5:45. Cool.

Got a solo 5 mile run in at 5 PM on Wednesday. Another nice day, cool temps, still shirtless weather though! Easy run with first mile 7:10, then 6:50, 6:49, 6:47 and finished with 6:34. felt good.

Thursday was such a beautiful day that I decided to take most of the day off from work. Went in for a while, then took my mountain bike to the awesome trails at Tombigbee National Forest in Winston County. Nobody there but me! Rode the hilly trails for about 2 hours, then threw a hammock up on a ridge overlooking a creek. Ate a snack, then fell asleep for an hour. Cool. Got back on the bike and headed back a slightly different way. Good day!

JoeHammock1 joebike creek bikehammock Armadillo

Got home in time to get a run in with Brent. Six miles at an easy 7:07 pace today. Started out quite slow as my legs were still in mountain bike mode!! By halfway we were doing fine though………

6 AM! Pushups, pullups, curls, abs, shoulder presses and Nirvanna! Yeah Baby!



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