Good ten mile run at Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge

Starkville hosted a half marathon Saturday morn called the Preparathon. Our bud Lucas Muniz ran away with first place. His official time was 1:12:59, although he said the course was slightly short and at that pace he would have actually been about 1:15:35. Either way, awesome job Lucas! Big PR.

Lucas Muniz dominated the Preparathon Half Marathon in Starkville, MS last week in Starkville

Lucas Muniz dominated the Preparathon Half Marathon in Starkville, MS last week in Starkville

Awesome 10 mile run with Brent Wallace on Sunday afternoon at 3:30 PM. We headed out to the Sam Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge for today’s run. It was worth the drive out there to run thru wonderful wilderness and no stop signs or street lights. We ran out and back on one of the main paved roads. A few cars here and there, but they were all kind (nobody ran over us). Started out with an easy 7:27 first mile, then 6:44, 6:42, 6:40, 6:39, 6:34, 6:29, 6:15, 6:25, and finished with a 6:09! Really good run for us I thought. No water break, but we did briefly stretch at the 5 mile turnaround. That second half was awesome as we averaged 6:22 per mile. Nice.

Next run of the week was with Brent on Tuesday at 3 PM. Had a huge lunch at noon with ribs, chicken, beans, and potato salad! Our Mississippi Entomological Awards Luncheon. Well, weather was beautiful even though my stomach was full. We did a 5 mile route and it turned out better than expected with first mile at 7:24, then 6:24, 6:22, 6:16, and 5:59. Go figure.

Ran by myself at the South Farm and XC course at noon on Wednesday. Another beautiful day! Got in just over 5 miles at a 7:09 average pace. Nothing crazy today. A bit sore here and there, especially in my left quads! Might have slightly strained some muscles after the fast runs this week coupled with the awesome hills on the XC course.

Thursday, got in an easy 5 miles thru town and some neighborhoods around 5 pm. Beautiful day. The last couple of weeks have been extraordinarily beautiful. Great temps and not humid. Kept my pace easy today, trying to let the quads rest a bit. I have no idea what my pace was as my Garmin watch was all over the place today for some reason!

No run Friday, but again took some time off from work and did some mountain biking at the Tombigbee National Forest trails. Rode harder this time than last week. Maybe a bad idea with the sore quads on left leg, but it actually felt better after. Tight though! Got those legs feeling good hitting some the crazy hills out there. And the down hills! Umm, umm. Nice.




Somehow, I woke up at 5 AM Saturday morn. I say somehow, because I drank a bit too much bourbon Friday night! Since I was up, I went over to run with the Boardtown Club. Quite a few jokers out there. About 46°F when we started, so I wore an thin long sleeved bright orange shirt with some reflective stuff on it as it was still dark out when we started. I ran 11 miles (just about) with Drew Boyles. My thighs were feeling that hilly mountain bike ride from the day before, so I did not push it today. Ran pretty steady though, averaged 6:50 something per mile. Both Drew and I picked it up on the last mile, but Drew killed it leaving me behind. I was probably under 6:30 pace, but that was all I could do with my quads still sore. Drew had a great finish for sure!

Got home and did a little workout to finish up my exercise for the day. Not posting every time I workout, but basically I do pushups, pullups, abs, and something else every day. Keeps me semi sane.

Spartan Race: Mississippi Sprint coming up on 8 November 2014

In about two weeks  on November 8th, there will be a Spartan Race near the Mississippi Gulf Coast at Muddy Joe’s in Kiln, MS. This race, like others in this series will be held in waves of 200 entrants every 15 minutes. Crazy race, crazy times. I have not done one of these races, but everyone who I know that has done one has greatly enjoyed them. Of course, these races cost money, and its almost last minute, so that does not help. But, guess what! I have a 10% off discount code here that will work for any Spartan Race. Cool, yeah! Here it is: SPARTANBLOGGER.  Further, I have a code for a free entry (thanks to Dan the Man) to any Spartan race in US, including the MS Race. This is a great deal worth up to $100 depending on when you register! Want it? Write a reason why you want it and include it in a comment here or email me.  I will pick someone to give the code to.  I would prefer giving it to someone doing the Mississippi race, but that is not a requirement. More info about Mississippi Sprint Spartan Race is at More info about the Spartan Races series is at


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