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Free Entry to Spartan Race, do you want it?????

Spartan Race: Mississippi Sprint coming up on 8 November 2014

Next Saturday, November 8th, there will be a Spartan Race near the Mississippi Gulf Coast at Muddy Joe’s in Kiln, MS. This race, like others in this series will be held in waves of 200 entrants every 15 minutes. Crazy race, crazy times. I have not done one of these races, but everyone who I know that has done one has greatly enjoyed them. Of course, these races cost money, and its almost last minute, so that does not help. But, guess what! I have a 10% off discount code here that will work for any Spartan Race. Cool, yeah! Here it is: SPARTANBLOGGER.  Further, I have a code for a free entry (thanks to Dan the Man) to any Spartan race in US, including the MS Race. This is a great deal worth up to $100 depending on when you register! Want it? Write a reason why you want it and include it in a comment here or email me.  I will pick someone to give the code to.  I would prefer giving it to someone doing the Mississippi race, but that is not a requirement. More info about Mississippi Sprint Spartan Race is at http://www.spartan.com/events/?event_id=168/mississippi-sprint#. More info about the Spartan Races series is at http://www.spartan.com/.

Good run Sunday afternoon with Drew Boyles, Brent Wallace, Christian Kingery, Armon Borjani, Patton Little, and Ben Mackin. The last four guys are Starkville High kids with Patton and Armon being the top runners on the XC team, and Ben being a solid runner as well. Christian decided not to run his senior year and has instead been focusing on swimming and soccer. However, he is no slouch either and was running the 400m in about 51 seconds last year as well as having been a solid XC runner. It was warmer today and we ran our almost 6 mile route a bit earlier at 4 PM. I consider these Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday runs to be easy to medium pace, but of course that varies a lot depending on how you feel. I felt pretty good today. I told the high school guys that we usually do the first mile slower, around 7:30, then pick it up and try to finish at a decent pace, but, of course, they could do what they wanted. Obviously, with me being a 50 year old man they probably going to do what I was doing if possible, even if their easy runs are typically slower. Today we were right at 7:29 for the first mile, then we picked it up. Mostly everyone hung together for that second mile, which was 6:25, but after the third mile, which was 6:10, the group broke up. In fact, after my fourth mile, which was about 6 flat or better, I realized I had drifted ahead of everyone and went back to join them. We slowed down a bit, then Drew headed home (he had already run 3 miles before joining us), then Brent and I picked it back up, with Patton and Armon content to run about a 7 minute pace for the last couple. Anyway, good run. I averaged under 6:30 pace for the entire route and about 6:13 for the last 5 miles. Thigh felt great today and whoo hoo! Good run.

Monday, got in a super easy 6+ mile run in on the hilly gravel roads of the South Farm. Just took it easy. Figured after the decent run the day before, that would be the way to go.

Tuesday, met John Mooney, Brent Wallace, and Drew Boyles for a 5.8 mile run at 4:30 PM. As we were getting ready to start, Houston Franks came running up, so he joined us. Really nice group run. First mile was 7:19, then 6:36, 6:28, 6:31, 6:09, and the last 0.8 miles was at 4:41 (5:52 mile average). Averaged about 6:29 per mile with everyone pretty much sticking together the entire way, except Mooney, who dropped back with a mile to go because he is on some training plan and did not need to pick it up. So, first mile at 7:19, then the next 4.8 at 6:20 pace. Certainly another nice run. Also cool about this was that we were pretty much talking the entire time, so it was not a struggle by any means. And, the route thru town has numerous stop lights, stop signs, roads that bisect that route, and lots of turns. Basically, we have to slow down a lot to make sure cars are not going to hit us at these places, then we pick it back up. The actual pace we are moving along at is better than the average pace indicated by our watch. COOL.

Easy run Wednesday afternoon, about 6 miles total. That followed a pretty decent lunch time workout earlier in the day!

Just me and Brent Thursday afternoon. We did our usual about 6 mile loop. Not as fast as Thursday and Sunday, but  more by choice. Felt a little stiff for the first half mile, which was at about 8 minute pace, then gradually picked it up with the first mile being 7:35, then 6:48, 6:45, 6:56, 6:40, and finished off with a 6:32. Pretty day, chillier though. Won’t be long before we will have to don our shirts. I love the feeling of running shirtless. Feels good.

Took both Friday and Saturday off from running. Was planning on going Saturday, but it did not work out. Got is a couple of brief workouts though

Sunday, I met Brent at 3PM at the Refuge for an afternoon run. Temps in the low 50’s, so pretty good for running on this sunny early November morn! He brought his lady friend Clara along as well, although she biked. Brent showed up sans shirt, so I had to brave the chill and run shirtless too! Glad I did too, but it was chilly after and nice to get my warmups back on after the run. We decided to only do 8 miles today because we had both eaten late heavy lunches. Man, that food was churning in my belly! Anyhoo, started off with a 7:06 mile, then dropped to 6:33, 6:24, and 6:23 before turning around at the 4 mile mark (also a quick “pee” break). Turned around and picked it up with a 6:06, 6:04, 6:12 (a hilly section), and finished up with a 5:53 mile. Afterward, I jogged easy for about 10 minutes to loosen up. I thought this was an awesome run for both of us. We averaged 6:20 for the entire 8 miles, 6:13 for the 7 miles following the slower warmup mile, and 6:03 for the final 4 miles!

Clara and Brent Eno action

Clara and Brent Eno action

Clara and Brent

Clara and Brent




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