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weird week of running, sort of hot too…

As we often do on Sunday evenings, we ran at the South Farm. Joseph and I started the run at 5:30 pm with Steve Shaffer. It was pretty warm still, but not unbearable. Nobody was in a mood to kill it today, although I though we all did alright. I ran with Steve for the first 3.5 miles at a moderate pace, then I picked it up some for the next 3.5 miles back to my truck. Somewhere along the way Steve took a shortcut and met me from another direction. When we got back, Joseph was there getting some water. Steve did his battery of crazy stretches, and Joseph and I headed back out for some more. I ended up running for an hour and 25 minutes, and Joseph got in an hour and 40 minutes. Pretty good day all in all.

Monday after school I took Joseph over to the Research Park where he and Arash did 5 X 1 mile repeats. It was the first really hot day that we have had I think. They were struggling! Of course, Joseph may have been worn out from his nice 5k race Saturday and his long run Sunday. Or maybe it was just because it was hot! They almost did not do 5, but talked each other into it. As usual, I biked while they ran. But, I did do one decent mile myself, just to do something. It was 5:20. Not terrible.

Tuesday, easy run through Longmeadow, McKee Park, and Industrial Park. About 5 miles-6:45 pace. Joseph went longer and faster. Wednesday, it rained pretty good, so we skipped the run. On Thursday, Joseph said he ran about 45 minutes. But, dang it, I had to skip Thursday because I had a juried art show to judge in Columbus, MS.  The show was good though, and so was the dinner afterward!  Also met some interesting folks after dinner at a trippy cool basement art gallery on Main Street. One of those folks was Abby Malmstrom, who has started some sort of running clinic for beginning runners. Abby has quite an educational background in exercise physiology, and is especially knowledgable about proper running form. For anybody interested, she has a web site at: www.liveforitall.com

When I picked Joseph up at school Friday, he was coughing. Not a good sign, as he had planned to run the Coca Cola Classic 10K in Corinth the next morning. Thought we would wait until the morning to see how he felt. Basically it was worse, so we did not go to the race. He got some sleep though. I don’t think he would have run well, he was pretty tired. Even if he did, it would not have been worth it. Running hard when you are sick usually only serves to prolong the sickness, at least in my experience.

The day was not a total bust though. We stopped by the MSU track and watched the 2A, 5A, and 6A North State 32oom races. Our high school is in the 5A division and had 2 girls and 2 boys in the races. Top 4 in each race qualified for the state meet next Saturday.  Kate Mattox was 1st and her older sister placed 4th. Kate pretty much lead from the start, and ran around 12 minutes. Not a great time for her, but she easily won the race. On the boys side, Alex pulled in at 4th. Stuart Woomer looked good early, but faded after the mile and did not qualify for the state meet. Even so, this was farthest that either of them had made it before, so they should be happy with that.

After the 3200m races, Joseph and I went and got some lunch, then took our kayaks over to Tibbee Creek to float around a while. Pretty warm day, but it was nice to be on some water, which was surprisingly cool. We had never been out there before, despite its being not very far away. Not much current, but it is very scenic as it flows through some nice hardwood forests. Not pristine everywhere unfortunately, as there was lots of trash in the water near the bridge where we put the boats in. Saw lots of turtles and spotted gar floating around. After a couple hours of that, we headed home. Along the way, we stopped on the MSU campus and got a 4 mile easy run in. Nothing fast. We saw Kamau Bostic and Damian Grady out doing a cool down run while we were running. They apparently had both qualified for the state meet in the mile coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Planning on running at the South Farm again tomorrow at 5:30 PM. Probably will start going later here pretty soon as its getting hot!! Probably starting after the Gumtree 10k race, which is next Saturday. Will start back on a base training phase for a while. I imagine we will get some long runs in on Saturday mornings with the Boardtown running club. Maybe do a couple road races early summer as well. At some point we will get back to doing at least an easy interval or fartlek run and maybe an easy based tempo run each week. Depends. We will see.

If you have not been outside tonight, you should go out and see the ginormous super moon! Biggest full moon of the year. Cool.


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