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A couple of weeks of running, more of the same, some of the other

Wednesday, just an easy jog at lunch. Very easy. This followed a workout earlier that morning. One of those trying to wake myself up deals.

Met Lucas and Brent Tuesday for a 6.5 -7 mile run thru town. It was cold and windy! We all wore shorts, longsleeves, and gloves. The wind was the problem, hit ya in the face. Anyway we cruised along at an easy pace gradually picking it up. Averaged about 6:50 per mile.

On Friday, I met the high school punks Armon, Patton, and Patrick for a workout over near the Research Park. It was cold again! I even wore tights today, a fleece over my short sleeved under armour shirt, a hat, and gloves. Of course, it did not take long to remove my outer long sleeved garment once we got going with the workout.  First we did an easy 1.5 mile warmup jog, then 4 X 400m, 2 X 200m, 4 X 400m, and 2 X 200m with the same distances for recovery between each. The fun part was they were all uphill. Not a super steep hill, but a good, steady one with the second half of the 400m stretch more steep than the first. We all did ok though considering the hill and cold. Armon and Patton was a bit faster, usually around 1:14-1:16 or so, followed by me and then Patrick. We kept the 200s slightly faster, mine was 33 to 35 seconds. Armon and Patton had a couple of speedier ones, and Patrick did really well on these as well. All three concentrated on good posture and overall form while doing these repeats. We grabbed a swig of water then did a cool down jog in the dark around the Research Park loop.

The weekend started out chilly and then basically it rained all day Sunday. I took this opportunity to rest my legs a bit and did not run. Usually, I take time off after I have some minor injury, and, of course, two day off is not much, but I am trying to be smarter with my running as I get older. So I took two days off when I felt great! I did an upper body workout on Sunday. Mostly a bunch of pushups and dumbbell curls and shoulder presses with 35 lb dumbbells. Was doing lots of reps and super setting stuff. Lots of reps with 35 lb dumbbells for shoulder presses means first doing 15 reps of curls, then about 50 reps of shoulder presses in a row, then another 10 or so reps of curls, then some shrug type deals, then some pushups (slightly elevated with my hands on the dumbbells). Interspersed this stuff with loud music, weird drawing and painting, and some lively stretching!

Monday, COLD!! At least for Mississippi. I again met Patton, Armon, and Patrick for a workout as they gear up for the USA Track & Field XC Junior Olympics South Regional Meet this coming Saturday. We met at 4 PM and ran the main loop in Longmeadow, a wonderful residential neighborhood with little traffic. We all wore long pants, jackets, gloves, and hats today. I had CWR running tights on under my warmup pants, and a short sleeved shirt under a long sleeved Under Armour shirt and a loose Nike running jacket over that! I lost the jacket pretty soon, but was happy to have everything else on. Today was the last “real” workout for them. Nothing crazy. You don’t get better the week before a race and you sure don’t want to hurt yourself! So, we started with a warmup jog of 1.25 miles. Needed that warmup too because it was in the mid 30’s F and quite windy! After the wamup, we did some leg swings and light stretching.  So, yep, then we did 4 X 25 second strides to loosen up those legs a bit. Then some mile repeats at tempo pace with 2 minute rests. I had Patton and Armon, who have been running a little more and a bit faster than Patrick, do 4 of these. I wanted them to be around 5:45 each, and they were spot on averaging about 5:46. Patrick and I did 3 of them. I wanted him to be about 5:55 to 6:00 minutes per mile, and he also was spot on averaging about 5:55 for each one. Mine were 5:54, 5:46, and 5:44. Patrick’s shins were a bit sore, I think from running in some VERY worn out Saucony Kinvarras, which should have been replaced two months ago! PATRICK! That was partly why he only did 3 of the mile repeats. Anyway, we finished up with a cool down jog around the neighborhood. Did some leg swings and light stretches and got out of there just after dark.

Tuesday afternoon I met Brent, Patton, Armon, Patrick, and Lake Spradling for a 5.8 mile run thru town. Lake is the star runner for Starkville Academy. He is a sophomore with lots of potential. He and some of his SA teammates will be traveling to Nashville, TN this weekend to participate in the Cross Country Coaches Youth National Championship. This is a fun deal and one of about 5 different national meets in the USA. Of course, the other three high school boys running with us will be at Choctaw Trails in Clinton, MS this Saturday for the USA XC regional. Cool. And cool also described the temps again today. About 37° when we started and closer to 32°F when we finished. Brent and I wore running tights, jackets and gloves, Armon also wore long pants (warmups), a hoodie, and gloves, but the other three wore shorts. Lake even wore a short sleeved shirt and seemed fine. I was way fine in my tights though. Easy run today, started super slow and ended with about a 6:55 average. I had the high school punks finish off with 6 X 200m strides. They are all looking really good right now.

Patton, Armon, Lake, and Patrick

Patton, Armon, Lake, and Patrick

I did not get another run in until Saturday this week, as I traveled to Savannah, Georgia to pick up Joseph for his rather lengthy winter break. When we got back, we both snagged an easy 7 mile run with Brent Wallace Saturday morn at 11 am at the refuge. It was beautiful! Run was harder than usual. I think the fast out and back trip to Savannah played a part in that. In fact, my left calf was pretty sore, I think mostly from the 18 hours spent driving. Still we averaged 6:34 per mile fairly easily.

The high school kids ended up first, second, and fourth at the South Regional meet in Clinton, easily qualifying for the national meet. I should mention that hardly anyone actually runs in this south regional. However, lots of awesome runners do participate in other regions and there will be some quality runners at the national meet. I met one such runner, Ammar Moussa, about four years ago when I took Joseph and some other high schoolers to the national meet. This young feller now runs for this year’s and last year’s NCAA I national champion xc champion University of Colorado’s team. In fact, he came in 5th at this year’s national meet himself leading his team to a second straight national championship!

Did not get to run Sunday, but did work out. Did an easy 5 miler on Monday at a 7:27 average pace. Still recovering from trip and being somewhat sore. Not bad today.

Tuesday, just me and the kid, 6 miles thru town at 6:39 pace. Wednesday, a repeat of the same route with Brent and Joseph at 6:40 pace. Felt ok.

Did not run on Thanksgiving day. Back to it on Friday with a 4 mile run in Sessums with Joseph at a 6:25 pace. Planned on getting in a nice run on Saturday, but did not. Worked out, of course. Sunday at 3 pm, I ran with Joseph and Brent again. I was feeling a bit dehydrated today, but managed to make the 6 mile loop at 6:36 pace. Hard though. Combination of low energy and not enough water the last couple of days. Can’t complain about 6:36 pace too much though.


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Humidity, Cicadas, and smoothies

Sunday, I finally got to sleep some time after 2 AM, and woke up a couple of times before getting up a 5 AM. Got up and ate breakfast on the deck – some yogurt, a peach, and an orange. It was pretty nice out. After a while I went back to bed and slept maybe another hour. Got back up and did various ab exercises. Headed to town and goobed around on my mountain bike for 90 minutes cruising the campus, downtown, research park, north farm gravel roads and some of the bike trails near the research park.

At 7 PM, Joseph and I met some scrubs including John Mooney, Brent Wallace, and Drew Boyles. Mooney was doing a two hour run, but joined me for 4.6 miles. The rest of them bugs did 6 miles at 6:50ish pace. My pace was 7:21.

Monday, Morn, Joseph and I ran out here in Sessums. I did 4 miles easy, and he got in 6. Later, at 7 PM, and right after eating pizza, I ran 3.1 more miles at 7:10 pace, then worked out some. Joseph also added 4 miles.

Tuesday, Rode my bike some with Joseph this morn as he attempted a tempo run. First a 2 mile warmup run at easy pace, then he got in 3 miles at ok pace, but not really very good, so he just finished up with a jog and we called it a day. He was not feeling it this morn for sure.

Later, I met Joseph, Lake, Brent, and Jorge for a 6 mile run thru town. They all went faster than me, although I kept up for the first couple of miles. I ended up with a 7:14 pace. Pretty hot, pretty humid. This will be our last run with Brent for a while, as he is heading to England for a month! Some or another. He does know how to pick the right classes!

Wednesday, Went home for lunch and worked out. A good one, got all pumped and hyper! Simple things: pushups, pullups, ab stuff, bicep stuff, tricep stuff, shoulder stuff. Yep. Throw it together with little rest and it really works. Later, got in an easy 4 mile run (near 7 minute pace) after work. Pretty hot at 5:30 PM! Joseph ran somewhere on his own today.

Thursday, Joseph started the day with a Fartlek run. I started the day with work. Yippie. At 7 pm, afternoon run with Robert Morgan, Morgan Henry, Jorge, Villarreal and Will Kalfelz. Changed our route up some today and hit some road south of old Hwy 82. Nice change of pace. Morgan, Robert, and I did 5.35 miles, and my average mile pace was 7:22. This week is killer hot and humid. All runs have been crazy! Joseph again ran on his own today.

Friday, No run for me today. Did some upper body and core stuff from 3-4PM. Starting to get those abs back. Also did some plyometric type  jumps and skips out in the yard. In fact, I did the entire workout in the yard. Super hot! Have not done the frog type jumps in a long time. I will probably regret this in the morning! Joseph did an easy loose 5k type jog on the trail.

Saturday, Joseph and I met with the Boardtown group today for 6:30 AM run. The route was 11 miles. But, wow! Humid and hot! And those plyo’s? Yes, I regretted doing them. Apparently I was not the only one hurting. Jorge had played soccer the day before and Robert was struggling today as well. So, all three of us punked out and turned around at the first water stop, then headed back for about 6.5 miles. My pace was 7:21 per mile. Jorge’s pace was much faster, although he stopped several times and we caught him. Meanwhile, Joseph and Houston Franks ran almost 15 miles and at a very decent pace for this extreme weather. They added a segment thru the campus to get this distance. They basically ran together for about 13 miles, then Joseph said he needed to stop for a minute because he was hot. He came in a couple minutes after Coach Franks with a about a 6:25 average pace for 14.7 miles.

After running, I hung out in and by the pool with Jorge,  Joseph and the other posers.  Played with the kids quite a while in the pool. Crazy little jokers. Times like this always make me appreciate Mike and Marcie White’s amazing hospitality in opening their house up every Saturday for 50-100 people! Their backyard is set up just for guests with beautiful arbors, flowering trees and vines, numerous tables and chairs, a wonderful swimming pool, and even a really cool playground for the many kids that show up including their own grandkids. Every single Saturday is a wonderful happy get together for Starkville’s running and Triathlete crowd, plus walkers and others just trying to stay in or get in shape.


Some Boardtown runners and walkers post run. Marcie White far left and Mike White in all black standing by post on right.

At 5 PM, I decided to do some pace based 400’s on my trail. After warming up for about 10 minutes, I did 10 X 400m with 30 seconds of rest between each. Not much rest, but I was not doing super fast ones. I ran them all between 1:33 and 1:35. After jogging/walking for a cool down, I then did several sets of pushups and various ab exercises. I did this outside, threw an old blanket on the grass for the ab things. Whew doggies! Hot and sweaty. Felt good though.

Eating a lot better lately. No soft drinks candy or really anything super bad. I always eat good stuff, but I have always also mixed the good with the bad. But, these last few weeks I have been trying to change my stupid ways with eating, as well as other negative parts of my life.  Tonight’s supper was grilled salmon with lemon; stir fried eggplant, yellow bell pepper, red onion, and yellow squash; and rice pilaf with orza topped with fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden and lime juice and habenero sauce. This type of meal is not unusual for me, but every time I eat something like this it makes me super happy and appreciative of the fact that I am one of the lucky people in the world who has an opportunity to partake in such a rich feast of the senses. After putting my food on my plate, I typically sit before it for a couple of minutes appreciating the moment, the smells, the colors, and life in general. Good food is good stuff in so many ways!

In other good news today, our running buds John Mooney, Lucas Muniz, and Brian Laird all did well at the Sunfish Triathlon. Mooney was first overall, Lucas was 5th overall, and Brian was 2nd in his age group! Way to go guys!

Brian Laird, John Mooney, and Lucas Muniz – tri guys!

Brian Laird, John Mooney, and Lucas Muniz – tri guys!

Sunday, Ran 5 miles at 6 AM with Joseph. Of course, super humid. I ran really easy, just trying to loosen up from the 400s I did the day before. Got home and made some awesome tasty banana, mango, peach, chocolate protein shakes! Yep, good stuff.

Worked out at noon. My basic but effective combo of pullups, pushups, curls, shoulder presses, dips, and ab exercises. Not bad, not bad. I have even slept more than 3 hours per night the last three nights. Couple that with good food, no crap food, and consistent exercise and I feel like I am in decent shape for a 50 year old artist punk.

7 PM run with Joseph, Drew Boyles, Juan and Jorge Villarreal, and Robert Morgan. Robert and Drew opted for 5 miles, Juan about 4, and the rest of did our standard Sunday afternoon 6 mile loop thru town. Hottt! Humid! I averaged 7:25 per mile, Joseph and Jorge ran together averaging around 6:45, with their first mile slow with us. Their splits were like 7:20, 6:45, 6:42, 6:37, 6:24, and 6:13. Not sure about the other jokers, but I was running with them until they turned back early, so it probably about the same pace as mine. Felt pretty good though.


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Humid as Hell in Starkville, MS

Monday, Lots of rain in the area this week, which makes getting a run in challenging. Especially when you have to work! Today, Joseph and I went at 4:30 PM, rather than later when it would be cooler, due to a big storm coming in. We ran out in the country in Sessums where we live. Yes, hot and humid! I had planned on doing at least 6, but ended up with about 4.5 miles at a 7:13 pace. Joseph had planned on doing 7 or 8, but he did about 6 instead. It was just too hot. He was supposed to be running easy today, and really every day right now, and maybe he was. He looked like was not pushing it. Even so, he average 6:18 per mile on this hot, humid afternoon. I thought he looked too hot, so told him that was enough. That storm that was coming? Well, it blew in hard around 6 PM and pretty much rained all night.

Tuesday, Rain in the forecast for the entire day. But, for some reason, it stopped for a couple of hours in the morning, so Joseph was able to squeeze in a quick 4 run at 6:22 pace before we headed to work. I did not run this morn. The rain let up by early afternoon, so we were able to run at 5 PM. It was only about 75° today, so that was nice. Somewhat windy too, but not bad. Jorge, Brent, and I ran thru the campus and Research Park. Neither of them ran yesterday, so they went farther, about 7 miles, but I split off just before 4 miles and finished up with 5.5 miles at 7:25 pace. Joseph also ran, but started late. He got in about 6 miles on the South Farm. Surprisingly, he said it was not overly muddy! After, he and Jorge did a few 200m strides. I did some random pushups.

rainy day!

rainy day!

Wednesday, No run today for me, but got in my regular workout after work. Joseph ran on his own today.

Thursday, ran 6 miles with Brent, Joseph, and Robert at 6:30 pm. Pretty hot, but not bad. Joseph and Brent quickly left us today, while Robert and I took it easy more or less. Robert was a little tight from doing some squats earlier, and after the tough 4th mile part of the run, he slowed up a good bit.  I picked it up running 7:01 for the 5th mile and 6:38 for the last mile, but averaged 7:15 for the entire route. Joseph added a couple miles on the end running at least 8 total, then threw in 6 X 100m strides. He has been looking really good lately, his form seems to be straightening out nicely.

Friday, Got up in the morn and did my “wake myself up” workout with pullups, pushups, curls, militaries and ab stuff. This is pretty quick routine with little rest between sets. Usually start with pullups (15-20 reps), jump down for about 70 pushups, roll over for several types of crunch type deals, jump up and grab the 40 lb dumbells for some military presses (usually about 30 reps wit this light weight), lower them and do 12-15 reps of curls, then drop one and do those oblique deals where you have the dumbbell in one hand and lower it up and down, then 25-30 dips, then repeat the entire process two or more times. This simple workout is quick and effective!

I did not run today. Joseph got in an easy morning run though. He also did some type of core workout this morn.

Saturday, Whoohoo! Joseph’s birthday today, 18 years old! Started the celebration with a morning run with the Boardtown group. Started the run with our buds Brent and Jorge up in the front, but Brent only went about 7.5 miles total, so he turned around at 3.25 and Jorge did 10 miles, so he turned around at 5 miles and came back. Joseph and Jorge were going a good bit faster than me, and by the time Joseph was at 5.5 miles, I did not see him again until finishing the run. He basically ran the nest 7.5 miles by himself, as did I. My pace was 7:20 today. Not bad. Joseph was around 6:40 average with minimal water breaks at 1st and 3rd water stops. I also did not hang out long at the water stops. Pretty good run. My knees get a bit sore, and I think its partly from my Ravennas that I am running in. They are stiff! But, seem to be better for my calf muscles, so I am hesitant to change right now.

Later that day, a very strange mix of folks come over for some burgers and to hang out. Mostly running folks, but also some of Joseph’s chums from school. We had some ice cream and stuff. Ate outside on the deck.

Sunday, Mighty hot!!! Started the day with some kayaking on Oktibbeha County Lake with fellow weird artist Laurie Burton. The lake itself is fairly boring and hot, but if you get in the back area, there is some cool stuff and a creek that feeds the lake. Later, we went running at 5:30 PM, which is really way too early in this heat. But, some Bug Camp kids were heading to my property for some insect collecting at around 7, so I needed to be there. The run, as expected, was crazy hot and humid! I only did 5 miles at a 7:20 pace. Brent and Joseph did 6 miles at about 7 flat pace.

The bug campers eventually showed up, at like 8:30 PM! I should have just ran at 7 PM, as the folks running this camp are always notoriously late. They stayed until about 11 PM.  The kids collected  insects on sheets suspended between trees with UV lights present to lure insects in, on trails, on plants, in rotting logs, and even in the pond. Pretty cool.

Monday, Started this Monday with pushup and some pull ups. The exercise woke me up a little anyway. At 7 PM, Joseph and I met Brent, Jorge, and newcomer, Trevon Strange for run through campus, the Research Park and part of town. Trevon is doing some type of internship at MSU this year. He is a student and XC runner at Tuskeegee University in Alambama. He was pretty excited to find some folks to run with, and we for sure have some people that will push him. It was again hot and humid. I know, go figure. My plan this summer is to pretty much take these runs pretty easy, looking for 7:00-7:30 type paces. My calf injury seems to be pretty much healed, but because I limited my runs for a few months to 5 miles or less and to 3 or 4 days, I lost quite a bit of fitness. Plus, gained weight. Still weighing about 180-183 lbs, up from my 163-165 last fall! Anyway, I find these hot humid days to be pretty tough right now! I did 5.5 miles today at a 7:28 mile pace. Joseph, Brent, and Jorge got in almost 7 miles with Joseph and Jorge finishing up first with a 6:49 average pace (pretty good easy run for this weather), and Brent finishing about 1 minute back. I branched off from them somewhere along the way. They said Trevon kept up for about 4 miles before falling back. He, not being familiar with Starkville yet, ended up coming back a slightly different way after having lost sight of the guys. When he finally showed up, he was very pumped and excited to have folks faster than him to run with. Apparently, his college XC team is not very strong. I suspect that if he can hang with our faster folks by summer’s end, he will impress some folks this fall.

Brent, Jorge, Joseph, and Trevon

Brent, Jorge, Joseph, and Trevon

Jorge, Joseph, and Trevon

Jorge, Joseph, and Trevon

Tuesday, Joseph and I got up at 5:45 and headed out for an easy run. With the heat and humidity, its hard for Joseph to get all of his mileage in during just one run a day, so he slplits some up. He did 4 this morn and will do another 6 or so this evening. I did a 5k this morn, and very slowly. Mainly just loosening up my legs from the last few day! And, WOW!! It was some kind of humid this morn. For people that don’t live in this area, there is simply no way to explain it. Kind of like running in a giant sauna maybe.

Brent’s birthday is today, and that wiley goofy joker is now 27. We grabbed some lunch with him and Jorge.

Happy birthday Brent Wallace...

Happy birthday Brent Wallace…

Wednesday, Well, planned on running at 7 pm, but a crazy local storm dropped down on us and the lightning scared us away. So, no run. Oh well.

Thursday, Got up early and paced Joseph on my bike while he did a tempo workout starting at 6 AM. Two mile warmup jog, some light stretching and water, then 4 miles faster, then right into a 2 mile cool down jog. Warmup was nice and easy, about 7:38 pace. Tempo was pretty good given the high humidity levels, with mile 1 at 5:28, mile 2 was 5:38 (really faster as it was an out and back course so he had to slow down for turn), mile 3 was 5:33, and mile 4 was 6:05. He started struggling with the humidity on that last one I think. His cool down was about 7:15 average.

Later, at 7 PM, we met Brent, Jorge, Trevon, and Steve Shoto, an awesome runner at MSU, for a 6 mile jog through town. Pretty hot, but maybe not quite as humid. I stuck with those bozos for just over three miles, but they picked it up and I fell behind a bit. I ended up with a 7:03 pace today, which was not bad for me right now. They all averaged 6:49 for the run. After, Joseph, Trevon, and Steve got in a few nice 100m strides.

Friday, 6 AM run with the kid. Super humid, like pretty much every morn here! I only did 3.1  miles, Joseph was closer to 4. Got cleaned up and we headed to work. Later, at about 7 pm, I got a nice upper body/core workout.

Saturday, Joseph and I again joined the Boardtown Running group for a long run in the morn. The route was 11.4 miles today, and on this momentous date of my birth and now 50th birthday, I felt every mile as we ran through clouds of humidity. Amazingly hard to run today! I managed to average 7:35 per mile, but it was not easy! Ran with Robert Morgan much of the way and we pushed each other just to finish. Joseph apparently had no problem as he ran with Jorge and past resident and awesome runner Neal Hadley, who was in town for something or another. After the first easy mile at 7:20, they averaged 6:28 for the rest of the journey, with Joseph adding a bit more at the end.

A bunch of the runner jokers joined me at local bar and grill Bin 612 at 7 pm for a birthday celebration of sorts. We sat outside and enjoyed the hot, muggy air for a while.

Sunday, Morning came about and I got a really good workout in. Took about an hour and felt pretty danged good! Later, at 7 pm, Joseph and I met Brent, Lake Spradling, Jorge, and Will Kallfelz who just got back in town. Of course, it was hot and humid. Me and Will kept up with those mugs for about 2.5 miles of this 6 mile loop, then they left us. Will actually ran two miles from our house to run with us, and, of course, ran back after, getting in about 10 miles total. He been running like a crazy man lately, doing a marathon a month with some halves thrown in. I ended up averaging 7:09 today, which was not bad. Felt pretty good and finished the last couple miles sub 7. Joseph and those muggs averaged 6:49 for the route, with the last four being under 6:40. Lake, a 10th grader at Starkville Academy, looked pretty good and kept up with them fine. If that joker can come out with us regularly this summer, he will be in great shape by the fall!


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September, still freakin hot, but wait, Saturday was nice!

Local awesome runner Meggan Franks fared well at the 29th World Mountain Running Championships held Sunday (8 September) in Krynica Zdroj, Poland. After having won first place in the Canadian Nationals earlier this year, she qualified to run the World Championships as part of the Canadian team. What a cool deal! She placed 44th out of the 79 finishers representing the best mountain runners from around the world finishing the 9 km mountain course in 48:57. Basically, she ran down one mountain, up and down a second, then finished at the top of the 3rd. Crazy. You can read more about the race at http://wmrc2013.pl/.

Graph of mountain race course Meggan ran in.

Graph of mountain race course Meggan ran in.

Sunday, Joseph  got up an did an upper body type workout. Since I had done one the night before, I skipped this one. Later that day at 6 PM, we met Jorge, Brent, and Will for a run. We did a downtown, airport road, McKee Park, Longmeadow neighborhood type loop. Will had run a total of 20 miles the day before and biked 63 or so that morning, so he stayed with us for about 2.5 miles before veering off for a shorter course of about 5.25 miles. Will is a crazy runner dude, long legged and often all of the place, but lately seems to be working on his form. His arm movement has gotten noticeably better and it shows in his running. From when we first met him a few months back, he has improved tremendously. I suspect his earlier goals for upcoming marathons will have to be greatly revised time-wise!  The rest of us headed toward the airport after crossing Hwy 12. Had to run along side that Highway for a couple of minutes, which is never fun! One annoying dude in a pickup beeped at us with his crazy loud horn. Thanks. When we got to Industrial Pk Rd, Brent headed directly for the park, and Jorge, Joseph, and I headed toward Airport Rd. They were in front of me looking great, but I felt pretty good also. Then, suddenly they stopped, and I caught them. Joseph’s calf had tightened up and he had to walk some. He ended up just walking/jogging to his mom’s place about a mile away. Hopefully, he was just somewhat dehydrated the calf deal is not serious. He was running great the rest of the run. In fact, I thought he looked much better than usual. Anyway, Jorge and I continued to the park, where Brent was waiting on us. We got some water and finished up the last 3 miles or so at a nice steady pace. The last 20 minutes were awesome, as the sun was setting and it finally felt reasonably comfortable temperature wise! According to mapmyrun.com, this was a 9.14 mile route. I finished in 1:03.11 for this, which was about 6:55 per mile. 

9.14 mile campus, downtown, airport, S. Montgomery Rd. loop

9.14 mile campus, downtown, airport, S. Montgomery Rd. loop

Monday, pretty nice easy run with Will and Nick at 5:30 PM. Really hot to start, but not too hard as the guys were doing a 12 + mile run, so were not pushing it too bad. We started at the South Farm turning left on Blackjack toward town, then left  on Locksley Way, left on South Montgomery, right on Lynn Lane  to Mckee Park, and that is when we parted ways. They continued on making a big loop, but I went thru Mckee Park, got some water, then ran pretty fast through Longmeadow, past the high school, back down S.Mongomery, down Locksley and back to the start. My last 3 miles felts pretty dang good! The guys apparently had a good run too.

Tuesday,  a few pushup and crunches to wake me up. At 6 pm, I met Jorge, Will, Zach, and Ravi for a run on the gravel at the South Farm. Ravi had jogged over from his dorm, so he turned around after a couple of miles, at which point Jorge and Zach picked up the pace. Will and I hung together, then I caught Zach who had dropped off from Jorge’s good pace. Man, hot! Jorge ended up running a longer route, at least 7.5 miles. Zach, Will, and I took a shorter way back for probably about a 10k distance or so with Will leading the way for the first mile plus. I hung back chillin for that time period, then after I was pretty far behind I attempted to catch those two muggs. Got them and kept the pace up all the way back. Felt pretty good considering how thick the gravel was and with all the dust. Zach and Will also sped up, and Zach almost catching me at the end. I thought I was pretty far ahead by then, but turned around and there he was! I think we all like challenging each other in our own way. Cool.

Wednesday, 5.3 mile run with Ravi, Joseph, Nick, and Brent. Easy pace, first two and half miles super easy, then somewhat faster. Finished at just over 38 minutes.

Thursday, Got a good upper body ab workout in before work in the morning! At 6 pm, ran easy 30 minutes with Joseph at McKee Park and Longmeadow at 3 PM. I say easy, but it was 3 PM and quite hot! Also, we threw in a 7 minute 2000m stretch in the middle to keep us honest.

Saturday, Morning run with the Boardtown Club. Got up and it was fantastic outside, 58°F!!! What? How? I don’t know, but what a nice change of pace. Both Will and Nick were there, lots of regulars, and a bunch of people I did not know. Cool. Meggan Franks was back from Poland, seemingly not overly taxed by running in a world championship mountain race. She had already done a couple of 10 mile runs since being back. Today’s route was 11 miles, but with lots of gravel! Started out with Micah White, Joseph, and Will. First 1/2 to 3/4 mile was easy warmup, then Micah and Joseph seemed to be easing up the pace without looking like they were. So deceiving! I was able stay with them though, and we were at the first water stop (about 3.5 miles) in just over 22 minutes. Pretty good pace given we started slow. Got and poured water then headed out. Micah was like, “man, what the hell am I doing? I am running 20 miles today, I better slow down some!” So, it was pretty much me and Joseph the rest of the way. Ended up doing the 11 miles at a about 6:28. Not bad at all, other than the crazy assed pitbull that charged at us on Hwy 12.

After the run, I was talking with some folks, and Jennifer Spradling told me that her fast running 9th grade son Lake PRed this past week at a XC meet in Hattiesburg running an 18:19! Great job bud! He runs for Starkville Academy where Nancy Christiansen is now coaching. They also have a new transfer from Pensacola, FL who is running well and was a few seconds ahead of Lake. By season’s end, they could/should be running sub 18 minutes for the 5k. Nice.

Later, I  did an easy run with the kid at 6 PM. About 40 minutes. Beautiful weather!


Sunday, AM – Joseph did upper body workout; PM – 9.125 mile run, 6:55 pace

Monday, AM – pushups and crunches; PM – 45 minute easy run, last half not so easy;)

Tuesday, PM – easy 10 k run with fast last mile on gravelly, hilly roads

Wednesday, PM – easy 5.3 mile run, 38 minutes

Thursday, AM – upper body/ab workout, PM – 30 minute mostly easy run, with a 7 minute 2000 m faster part in middle

Saturday, AM – 11 mile run, 6:28 pace; 3 mile hike later; PM – 40 minute easy run


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