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A couple of weeks of running, more of the same, some of the other

Wednesday, just an easy jog at lunch. Very easy. This followed a workout earlier that morning. One of those trying to wake myself up deals.

Met Lucas and Brent Tuesday for a 6.5 -7 mile run thru town. It was cold and windy! We all wore shorts, longsleeves, and gloves. The wind was the problem, hit ya in the face. Anyway we cruised along at an easy pace gradually picking it up. Averaged about 6:50 per mile.

On Friday, I met the high school punks Armon, Patton, and Patrick for a workout over near the Research Park. It was cold again! I even wore tights today, a fleece over my short sleeved under armour shirt, a hat, and gloves. Of course, it did not take long to remove my outer long sleeved garment once we got going with the workout.  First we did an easy 1.5 mile warmup jog, then 4 X 400m, 2 X 200m, 4 X 400m, and 2 X 200m with the same distances for recovery between each. The fun part was they were all uphill. Not a super steep hill, but a good, steady one with the second half of the 400m stretch more steep than the first. We all did ok though considering the hill and cold. Armon and Patton was a bit faster, usually around 1:14-1:16 or so, followed by me and then Patrick. We kept the 200s slightly faster, mine was 33 to 35 seconds. Armon and Patton had a couple of speedier ones, and Patrick did really well on these as well. All three concentrated on good posture and overall form while doing these repeats. We grabbed a swig of water then did a cool down jog in the dark around the Research Park loop.

The weekend started out chilly and then basically it rained all day Sunday. I took this opportunity to rest my legs a bit and did not run. Usually, I take time off after I have some minor injury, and, of course, two day off is not much, but I am trying to be smarter with my running as I get older. So I took two days off when I felt great! I did an upper body workout on Sunday. Mostly a bunch of pushups and dumbbell curls and shoulder presses with 35 lb dumbbells. Was doing lots of reps and super setting stuff. Lots of reps with 35 lb dumbbells for shoulder presses means first doing 15 reps of curls, then about 50 reps of shoulder presses in a row, then another 10 or so reps of curls, then some shrug type deals, then some pushups (slightly elevated with my hands on the dumbbells). Interspersed this stuff with loud music, weird drawing and painting, and some lively stretching!

Monday, COLD!! At least for Mississippi. I again met Patton, Armon, and Patrick for a workout as they gear up for the USA Track & Field XC Junior Olympics South Regional Meet this coming Saturday. We met at 4 PM and ran the main loop in Longmeadow, a wonderful residential neighborhood with little traffic. We all wore long pants, jackets, gloves, and hats today. I had CWR running tights on under my warmup pants, and a short sleeved shirt under a long sleeved Under Armour shirt and a loose Nike running jacket over that! I lost the jacket pretty soon, but was happy to have everything else on. Today was the last “real” workout for them. Nothing crazy. You don’t get better the week before a race and you sure don’t want to hurt yourself! So, we started with a warmup jog of 1.25 miles. Needed that warmup too because it was in the mid 30’s F and quite windy! After the wamup, we did some leg swings and light stretching.  So, yep, then we did 4 X 25 second strides to loosen up those legs a bit. Then some mile repeats at tempo pace with 2 minute rests. I had Patton and Armon, who have been running a little more and a bit faster than Patrick, do 4 of these. I wanted them to be around 5:45 each, and they were spot on averaging about 5:46. Patrick and I did 3 of them. I wanted him to be about 5:55 to 6:00 minutes per mile, and he also was spot on averaging about 5:55 for each one. Mine were 5:54, 5:46, and 5:44. Patrick’s shins were a bit sore, I think from running in some VERY worn out Saucony Kinvarras, which should have been replaced two months ago! PATRICK! That was partly why he only did 3 of the mile repeats. Anyway, we finished up with a cool down jog around the neighborhood. Did some leg swings and light stretches and got out of there just after dark.

Tuesday afternoon I met Brent, Patton, Armon, Patrick, and Lake Spradling for a 5.8 mile run thru town. Lake is the star runner for Starkville Academy. He is a sophomore with lots of potential. He and some of his SA teammates will be traveling to Nashville, TN this weekend to participate in the Cross Country Coaches Youth National Championship. This is a fun deal and one of about 5 different national meets in the USA. Of course, the other three high school boys running with us will be at Choctaw Trails in Clinton, MS this Saturday for the USA XC regional. Cool. And cool also described the temps again today. About 37° when we started and closer to 32°F when we finished. Brent and I wore running tights, jackets and gloves, Armon also wore long pants (warmups), a hoodie, and gloves, but the other three wore shorts. Lake even wore a short sleeved shirt and seemed fine. I was way fine in my tights though. Easy run today, started super slow and ended with about a 6:55 average. I had the high school punks finish off with 6 X 200m strides. They are all looking really good right now.

Patton, Armon, Lake, and Patrick

Patton, Armon, Lake, and Patrick

I did not get another run in until Saturday this week, as I traveled to Savannah, Georgia to pick up Joseph for his rather lengthy winter break. When we got back, we both snagged an easy 7 mile run with Brent Wallace Saturday morn at 11 am at the refuge. It was beautiful! Run was harder than usual. I think the fast out and back trip to Savannah played a part in that. In fact, my left calf was pretty sore, I think mostly from the 18 hours spent driving. Still we averaged 6:34 per mile fairly easily.

The high school kids ended up first, second, and fourth at the South Regional meet in Clinton, easily qualifying for the national meet. I should mention that hardly anyone actually runs in this south regional. However, lots of awesome runners do participate in other regions and there will be some quality runners at the national meet. I met one such runner, Ammar Moussa, about four years ago when I took Joseph and some other high schoolers to the national meet. This young feller now runs for this year’s and last year’s NCAA I national champion xc champion University of Colorado’s team. In fact, he came in 5th at this year’s national meet himself leading his team to a second straight national championship!

Did not get to run Sunday, but did work out. Did an easy 5 miler on Monday at a 7:27 average pace. Still recovering from trip and being somewhat sore. Not bad today.

Tuesday, just me and the kid, 6 miles thru town at 6:39 pace. Wednesday, a repeat of the same route with Brent and Joseph at 6:40 pace. Felt ok.

Did not run on Thanksgiving day. Back to it on Friday with a 4 mile run in Sessums with Joseph at a 6:25 pace. Planned on getting in a nice run on Saturday, but did not. Worked out, of course. Sunday at 3 pm, I ran with Joseph and Brent again. I was feeling a bit dehydrated today, but managed to make the 6 mile loop at 6:36 pace. Hard though. Combination of low energy and not enough water the last couple of days. Can’t complain about 6:36 pace too much though.


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Back to work, and running in the mud

Been off for Christmas break the last 3 weeks! Nice. But, have to go back to work tomorrow. Ah well. One last decent run in before going back. Sunday afternoon was sunny and in the low 50’s! Not bad. Joseph and I met Brent Wallace, Steve Shaffer, Walker Mattox and Patrick Bell. Walker and Patrick love running. They are like crazy wildebeests and run with that happy abandon that only teenagers can muster. Good to have those mugs out there to enthuse us with their zest for running. With all the rain we had yesterday, it was fairly muddy on the farm roads today. Thought about running downtown, but this was not quite the group I wanted to take on that route. Despite the wet conditions, I opted to try out my new Brooks shoes.  I have to admit, I really liked them. My plan was to use these on the paved roads and to use the new Sauconys on the gravel, but  could not wait. Awesome shoes, even on gravel.


Brent Wallace, Joseph MacGown, Walker Mattox, Patrick Bell, and Steve Shaffer

The run was not bad. Joseph and I got in 7 miles at a 6:45 minute pace. Brent did 5.5 miles, and the others all finished up with 5 miles. We all started together. Joseph started out faster, running the first 3.6 miles at probably a 6:25ish pace. Brent and I ran together for a couple miles, then he faded a bit, and I gradually caught up with Joseph. He ran the last 3 miles with me. The others all ran together for their 5 mile route. Pretty steady run. Was planning on doing more, but I guess we were semi lazy!

Monday, ran with Joseph and Nathan Gaudin at 4 pm in Longmeadow. Love this neighborhood to run in. Not too busy, a few decent loops. We ran the main loop today, which is about 1.25 miles one time around. Chilly, but not terrible. Shorts and short sleeves! First did the loop once for a warmup at a 7:15 mile pace. Then ran the loop twice faster. Joseph finished this 4k distance in 14:06, I was 14:50, and Nathan was somewhere not too far back (probably in the 16’s). I felt good for the first loop, then I started to feel my two double cheeseburgers and fries that I had for lunch at Hardee’s!! That second loop was hard! Anyway, then we ran a fast 600m or so. Don’t know the pace, but brisk. Worked on good form and gliding. We all ran together. Then jogged around the loop some more, then did a couple of 300m type fast runs, and a nice little 50m stride, with jogs between and after. On the last 300m run, Nathan decided to fly and finished well before Joseph and I. That kid can move when he wants too. He could probably be a pretty decent 200m or 400m guy if given the chance. One thing is for sure, he looked good today. But, yep, overall, a very satisfying run. When I got home I did 500 pushups in 5 sets and 5 sets of 40lb dumbbell curls in between (15 per set). That was enough for today, feeling a bit tired with this whole back to work thing. I am going to have to start going to bed before 2 AM or something. Topped everything off with a mackerel sandwich (canned mackerel) with hot sauce and mustard, a hunk of habanero cheese, and a Little Debbie snack cake. Tasty.

Tuesday, Brent, Arash, Joseph, and I got in a few miles at the South Farm. Brent opted for the 5.5 mile route, as he needed to lead the physical fitness training for the Air Force ROTC group the next morning. The rest of us ran a 10k distance more or less (I was 6.3 miles). Joseph finished up around 41 minutes, I was 42:05, and Arash came in a bit behind us. Not a bad run.

Got a late start Wednesday, plus it rained a bunch, as it seems to be doing every other day lately. Kept it simple and did an easy 5 miles with Joseph in Longmeadow. Easy.

Thursday. Rained like crazy! I ended up running by myself at my house. I have a cool trail with a 400m loop that I measured with a wheel. After a warmup, I ended up doing 8 of them.  For my rest, I did 60 pushups between each 400. They were not fast. First one was 1:45! Then, the rest were 1:27-1:30. The last few were the fastest. Essentially, I had to almost stop at each corner to avoid sliding into trees! It was pretty fun slopping through puddles and mud. Got done and hit my punching bag a while. Anyway, mud running is all the rage nowadays, and this was free, so what the heck!

Friday, Joseph and I ran the 5.5 mile loop at the South Farm. MUDDY!!! Seven minute mile pace. MUDDDY.  Lots of young calves in the fields frolicking about. They amaze me in their ability to run as fast as they do. They don’t look like they should be able to run fast, but they do. And they do it with such happy and cute abandon. This is about the only age that cows appear to enjoy life. I guess I can’t blame for not being happy later in life. Do they know that they will most likely end up as hamburger???

Saturday at 3 pm it was slightly overcast and 73°F! Breezy too. Supposed to have rained all day, but nope. So, me and the kids and Dr. Steve Shaffer ran the campus, University Commons, and Bardwell Road Route. Added a bit at the end to get in a 10k distance. This is about the hardest loop you could do in Starkville due to the supremely awesome hills in the University Estates neighborhood and along Barkwell Rd. We ran at about a 6:55 mile pace today. Steve cruised in a while after as he was taking it easy today after an interval workout the day before with some of the SHS track kids. Man, it was nice to be able to run without shirts on! Crazy, one day its freezing, then its pouring, then its hot. Mississippi weather is so trippy.

Back to it tomorrow, weather permitting!

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