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A couple of weeks of running, more of the same, some of the other

Wednesday, just an easy jog at lunch. Very easy. This followed a workout earlier that morning. One of those trying to wake myself up deals.

Met Lucas and Brent Tuesday for a 6.5 -7 mile run thru town. It was cold and windy! We all wore shorts, longsleeves, and gloves. The wind was the problem, hit ya in the face. Anyway we cruised along at an easy pace gradually picking it up. Averaged about 6:50 per mile.

On Friday, I met the high school punks Armon, Patton, and Patrick for a workout over near the Research Park. It was cold again! I even wore tights today, a fleece over my short sleeved under armour shirt, a hat, and gloves. Of course, it did not take long to remove my outer long sleeved garment once we got going with the workout.  First we did an easy 1.5 mile warmup jog, then 4 X 400m, 2 X 200m, 4 X 400m, and 2 X 200m with the same distances for recovery between each. The fun part was they were all uphill. Not a super steep hill, but a good, steady one with the second half of the 400m stretch more steep than the first. We all did ok though considering the hill and cold. Armon and Patton was a bit faster, usually around 1:14-1:16 or so, followed by me and then Patrick. We kept the 200s slightly faster, mine was 33 to 35 seconds. Armon and Patton had a couple of speedier ones, and Patrick did really well on these as well. All three concentrated on good posture and overall form while doing these repeats. We grabbed a swig of water then did a cool down jog in the dark around the Research Park loop.

The weekend started out chilly and then basically it rained all day Sunday. I took this opportunity to rest my legs a bit and did not run. Usually, I take time off after I have some minor injury, and, of course, two day off is not much, but I am trying to be smarter with my running as I get older. So I took two days off when I felt great! I did an upper body workout on Sunday. Mostly a bunch of pushups and dumbbell curls and shoulder presses with 35 lb dumbbells. Was doing lots of reps and super setting stuff. Lots of reps with 35 lb dumbbells for shoulder presses means first doing 15 reps of curls, then about 50 reps of shoulder presses in a row, then another 10 or so reps of curls, then some shrug type deals, then some pushups (slightly elevated with my hands on the dumbbells). Interspersed this stuff with loud music, weird drawing and painting, and some lively stretching!

Monday, COLD!! At least for Mississippi. I again met Patton, Armon, and Patrick for a workout as they gear up for the USA Track & Field XC Junior Olympics South Regional Meet this coming Saturday. We met at 4 PM and ran the main loop in Longmeadow, a wonderful residential neighborhood with little traffic. We all wore long pants, jackets, gloves, and hats today. I had CWR running tights on under my warmup pants, and a short sleeved shirt under a long sleeved Under Armour shirt and a loose Nike running jacket over that! I lost the jacket pretty soon, but was happy to have everything else on. Today was the last “real” workout for them. Nothing crazy. You don’t get better the week before a race and you sure don’t want to hurt yourself! So, we started with a warmup jog of 1.25 miles. Needed that warmup too because it was in the mid 30’s F and quite windy! After the wamup, we did some leg swings and light stretching.  So, yep, then we did 4 X 25 second strides to loosen up those legs a bit. Then some mile repeats at tempo pace with 2 minute rests. I had Patton and Armon, who have been running a little more and a bit faster than Patrick, do 4 of these. I wanted them to be around 5:45 each, and they were spot on averaging about 5:46. Patrick and I did 3 of them. I wanted him to be about 5:55 to 6:00 minutes per mile, and he also was spot on averaging about 5:55 for each one. Mine were 5:54, 5:46, and 5:44. Patrick’s shins were a bit sore, I think from running in some VERY worn out Saucony Kinvarras, which should have been replaced two months ago! PATRICK! That was partly why he only did 3 of the mile repeats. Anyway, we finished up with a cool down jog around the neighborhood. Did some leg swings and light stretches and got out of there just after dark.

Tuesday afternoon I met Brent, Patton, Armon, Patrick, and Lake Spradling for a 5.8 mile run thru town. Lake is the star runner for Starkville Academy. He is a sophomore with lots of potential. He and some of his SA teammates will be traveling to Nashville, TN this weekend to participate in the Cross Country Coaches Youth National Championship. This is a fun deal and one of about 5 different national meets in the USA. Of course, the other three high school boys running with us will be at Choctaw Trails in Clinton, MS this Saturday for the USA XC regional. Cool. And cool also described the temps again today. About 37° when we started and closer to 32°F when we finished. Brent and I wore running tights, jackets and gloves, Armon also wore long pants (warmups), a hoodie, and gloves, but the other three wore shorts. Lake even wore a short sleeved shirt and seemed fine. I was way fine in my tights though. Easy run today, started super slow and ended with about a 6:55 average. I had the high school punks finish off with 6 X 200m strides. They are all looking really good right now.

Patton, Armon, Lake, and Patrick

Patton, Armon, Lake, and Patrick

I did not get another run in until Saturday this week, as I traveled to Savannah, Georgia to pick up Joseph for his rather lengthy winter break. When we got back, we both snagged an easy 7 mile run with Brent Wallace Saturday morn at 11 am at the refuge. It was beautiful! Run was harder than usual. I think the fast out and back trip to Savannah played a part in that. In fact, my left calf was pretty sore, I think mostly from the 18 hours spent driving. Still we averaged 6:34 per mile fairly easily.

The high school kids ended up first, second, and fourth at the South Regional meet in Clinton, easily qualifying for the national meet. I should mention that hardly anyone actually runs in this south regional. However, lots of awesome runners do participate in other regions and there will be some quality runners at the national meet. I met one such runner, Ammar Moussa, about four years ago when I took Joseph and some other high schoolers to the national meet. This young feller now runs for this year’s and last year’s NCAA I national champion xc champion University of Colorado’s team. In fact, he came in 5th at this year’s national meet himself leading his team to a second straight national championship!

Did not get to run Sunday, but did work out. Did an easy 5 miler on Monday at a 7:27 average pace. Still recovering from trip and being somewhat sore. Not bad today.

Tuesday, just me and the kid, 6 miles thru town at 6:39 pace. Wednesday, a repeat of the same route with Brent and Joseph at 6:40 pace. Felt ok.

Did not run on Thanksgiving day. Back to it on Friday with a 4 mile run in Sessums with Joseph at a 6:25 pace. Planned on getting in a nice run on Saturday, but did not. Worked out, of course. Sunday at 3 pm, I ran with Joseph and Brent again. I was feeling a bit dehydrated today, but managed to make the 6 mile loop at 6:36 pace. Hard though. Combination of low energy and not enough water the last couple of days. Can’t complain about 6:36 pace too much though.


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Spartan Race Entry Give Away Winner, Nice hill workout, good ten mile run, and great weather…

Me and the Brent dude got in a nice 6 miler on Tuesday afternoon around 4 pm. Through town and campus, so had to put up with some lights of course, but mostly hit them pretty good. Run started easy as usual, 7:22, 6:36, 6:32, 6:36 (some hills on this mile), then 6:11, and finished with a 5:41. Sweet. The 6:30 paced miles are feeling pretty danged easy right now. Likin’ dat!

Man,  busy, missing some runs! Did not get to go Monday or Wednesday. Ah well, probably need the break. Just me and Brent again on Thursday. We went early because I needed to be at the local “Holiday Showcase” group exhibition at 5 PM. I needed to be there because I am a cochair of arts in public places and I had art in the show (read it about the show on my art blog). So, we started our run at 3 PM. Nice, but very windy today! Started easy as usual and picked it up along the way. Only did 5 miles. Here are the splits: 7:20, 6:25, 6:18, 6:19, and 5:40. Overall average was 6:24, the four miles after the “warmup” mile were 6:10 average.

Friday at 4 PM, I got in 6.5 awesome miles with Brent, John Mooney, Patrick Bell, Armon Borzjani, and Patton Little. Patton and Armon are the top two XC runners at SHS and Patrick is about 4th. Good to have those speedy jokers with us.  Today, we hit the hilly University Estates neighborhood. Mooney wanted to do 8 X 1 minute hills, so we did. I could not believe it, but other than Brent, no one even knew about the cool hills over there! Anyway, in our 6.5 mile run, we hit the hills pretty good. Felt good to me anyway! Awesome run. Chilly though, I actually wore a tank top! Mooney was the only one crazy enough to go shirtless.

Saturday, I was in Jackson, MS with coworkers Audrey Sheridan and Lois Connington giving a bug presentation at the Mississippi Food Summit and Agricultural Revival. So, no run today. While I was there, Joseph was running in his XC conference meet in West Palm Beach Florida. His team ended about where they figured in the Sun Conference with a second place finish. Joseph did not have a great race, but I think that was due to high temps down there and an attempt to go hard early hoping for a remote possibility of beating the very strong Embry Riddle team out of Atlanta. Anyway, they finished up the season as runner up champions in the conference, and their girls won the conference championship. Good job. The guys team is super young with the best runners being sophomores and freshman, so that bodes well for their future. Not to mention that apparently Embry Riddle will be moving to the NCAA next year, meaning, at least theoretically, that the SCAD boys have a great chance of being number one in the Sun Conference the next few years and a much better chance of winning the conference meet. Winning the conference meet gives automatic selection to the national meet.

Sunday, 2 pm run with Brent “space cadet” Wallace, John “Moon Man” Mooney,  and Drew “Secret Agent Man” Boyles. We hit the campus, research park, and north farm then returned to the south farm entrance for a 10.2 mile loop. We ran a very comfortable easy average pace of 7:13. After getting some water, Drew and John headed out on the south farm for a few more miles, but that was enough for me and Brent today. I had stuff to do and needed to head out. Otherwise I probably would have ran another 5 or 6 miles. The weather was a perfect 60° F and after some of our faster runs that we have had lately, this “easy” 7:13 minute mile pace was a piece of cake. We chatted back and forth the entire run. Super Cool.

John Mooney, Brent Wallace, and Drew Boyles

John Mooney, Brent Wallace, and Drew Boyles

No run Monday, had some meetings interfering with that. Bummer.  Of course I did some workout stuff at home.

Worked out a couple of times on Tuesday beginning with about 500 pushups, 50+ pullups, some curls, crunches, and a few other things and finishing up at lunch with a few sets of curls, military presses, and pushups. At 4 PM, I met Patton, Armon, and Patrick for a run in Longmeadow. Since their XC season is over now, I am working with them as they prepare for the USA Track and Field Junior Olympics XC South Regional Meet coming up in Clinton, MS on November 22. They all three looked good today. We started with a 2000m easy jog, then some light loosening up. Then  2000m (one nice loop around the neighborhood) at 5k race pace or slightly better. Armon and Patton both ran together doing the 2000m loop at a  5:12 mile pace. I ran with Patrick most of the way, but finished slightly ahead of him with a 5:34 pace and he finished with a 5:42 pace. About 5 minutes rest, then another 2000m loop. This time, Armon and Patton, who again stayed together, averaged 5:20, I was 5:36, and Patrick was about 5:45. A shorter rest, then a quicker, “lighter” 800m run with Patton and Armon at 2:28, and me and Patrick at 2:32. Short jog, then 1 minute pretty fast (sub 5 minute mile pace), then a 30 second jog, then 30 seconds fast uphill. We followed that with a 1.5 mile cool down jog at an easy pace, then some leg swings and light stretches. In total, about 1 hour was needed for the entire workout including warmup and cool down. Great job guys!

***Spartan Race Entry Give Away Winner***

Eric Wisniewski is the winner for the free entry to a Spartan Race. Eric will be participating in the Fenway Park Spartan Sprint on the 15th. This guy is hard core and loves these races. Good Luck Eric and Congrats on winning a free entry to the Spartan Race!

 Eric Wisniewski

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run, swim, kayak, pushups, bike, pushups, stuff….

Monday, Woke up, rolled out of bed, and did 4 sets of 50 pushups and a few crunches. Then I wrangled that wascally kid out of bed and we then ran a few easy miles. He got in 5 and I did 4. Did some more ab stuff when I got home, then headed to work!

Lunch time! Translation, awesome workout time! Another good one. Yippie chippie! Then lunch, also awesome! Salad and a nice juicy cut of t-bone stead. THICK. RARE. YUM.

Later, at 7 pm, ran another few miles with the Joseph Smoseph. Good day.

Tuesday, Six AM, 400 pushups in 4 sets and several sets of ab stuff. Then, on my mountain bike, I paced Joseph during his tempo workout. This was on a paved country road in the Sessums community where we live. He did a 2 mi WA jog, easy, then stretched/loosened up a bit before starting the tempo stuff. Today he did 2 X 10 minutes and 1 X 5 minutes at tempo pace with about 2-3 minute rests, then about a mile jog after. Already semi warm and of course very humid by the time we got started, but he was pretty solid today with the first 10 minutes at 5:34 pace, then next 10 minutes at 5:32 pace, and the final 5 minutes at 5:28 pace. So, that was a good start to the day. One of the neighborhood dogs joined us for the 2 mile WA and the first 10 minute faster section. I guess that was enough, because he did not rejoin us for the rest!

Lunch time! First, did another 600+ pushups to add to the day’s total, plus pullups, lots of ab stuff, some curls, shoulder presses and flies. Nice. Steak fajita nachos for lunch!

Had a solid 7 miler at 6 PM with Will Kallfelz. Pretty hot! Cruised thru town and the Greensboro District. Will had already run 13 miles that morn! Pretty relaxed and easy pace in the mid 7’s, but I did pick it up on the last couple with them being about 7:10 and then 6:43.

Wednesday, Got in a few easy miles (no watch on) this morn at 6 AM. Couple of friendly Sessum’s dogs ran with me much of the way. Later, at lunch, I came home and did 8 X 400m intervals on my trail. WHEW! Super Hot! In between each, I did a set of 30 pushups just because. Not an easy loop at all with the harsh turns, roots, and respectable semi-long hill at the end. Managed to keep them between 1:19 and 1:25 today, with the last one the faster. Really, 7 were right at 1:25 and the last one was 1:19. Man! I was hot. So, I did some more pushups, pullups, a few curls and shoulder presses, and a few ab things out on my deck. I was sweating like  CRAZEEE! That shower after felt soooo nice! Yep.

Joseph also had his own double run today.

Thursday, Morn, got up at 5:30ish and did some stuff! Pullups, pushups, ab crunchy things and oblique things, both with 45 lb weight in hands, some light (30 lb) dumbbell curls. Took about an hour. Nice workout!

Rain coming in. So, got in a run at lunch. Pretty hot. But, heh. Did 5.3 miles at a decent pace. Felt really good. Might be getting in shape or something?? Oh yeah, it was hot! Afterward, as I stretched, I saw a dead Polyphemus moth on the ground. Beautiful moth!

Polyphemus moth

Polyphemus moth

Noon! Hot!

Noon! Hot!

Another run at 6:30 after the storm. Ran with Robert Morgan, Morgan Henry and Juan Villarreal! Good run. First mile was 7:30, then 6:55, 6:55, 6:49, 6:20, and about 6:15 pace for the last. 0.3 miles! Yeah baby! Of course, Joseph was off doing some crazy fartlek that would have made my run look like a walk. Ah well. Good deal.



Friday, No run, but worked out in morn, and another light one before lunch. Lunch! Steak and vegetables! Tasty, tasty.

Saturday, Morning run with the Boardtown group. I stayed up too late, but was still able to run the 11 mile route. Not fast today, but not bad. Just plugged along with Patton Little who is a junior at Starkville High who runs XC and the 800m run in track. He has come a long way from being a slow chubby kid (his description, but basically true). Now he is just over 6 feet tall, pretty dern skinny, and running quite well. He has a lot of drive. I briefly coached his older brother Layton at Starkville Academy a few years back. Layton had a good build and natural talent, but Patton is more driven and is really coming along. We averaged about 7:22 per mile mostly chatting the entire way, but at mile 10 we picked the pace up and ran that last mile at 6:10. Nice.  When we finished up, Joseph was heading back out for another 3 miles. Patton joined him, and, with that additional three miles, they both got in 14 miles total for the morn. Awesome. This was Patton’s longest run ever I believe, and he was super happy to be able to run with Joseph for a while. Joseph is something of a local running hero to the high school kids around here. Speaking of which, Joseph once again had a nice run with Houston Franks and Jay McCurdy  on this super humid morn!

We left there, then hit the farmers market to get some goodies! Then bought some swordfish and salmon at the store and headed home. Both Joseph and I got in an awesome upper body workout when we got home. I did not count how many sets of pushups and pullups and other things I did today, but a lot! Cha ha ta cha.

And lunch! Ah. Grilled fish; purple rice with fresh diced cucumber, bell pepper, and tomato on top; a nice mixed salad; and afterward banana, peach, and strawberry smoothies! Man. SUM goood eatin’.

Sunday, Got up early and we headed to Choctaw Lake on this beautiful overcast morn. Started out with some atrocious swimming! Joseph, who used to be on a swim team (although he has not swam much lately), gave some pointers, some of which may have helped. He also pointed out the obvious fact that my body is probably not meant for swimming with my dense upper shoulder chest area that does not seem to have any propensity for floating. And, of course, he then showed me that he could still do the backstroke and butterfly stroke with no problem. Punk.

After quickly wearing myself out, we jumped in the kayaks and leisurely paddled around the lake. As per usual on these Sunday mornings, we had the place to ourselves once again! Lots of birds flying around including egrets, Canadian geese, and others, and a ton of insect activity on the shoreline flowers.

Joseph in the yellow boat of power

Joseph in the yellow boat of power

Me on the boat! Howdy

Me in my my blue boat! Howdy

Choctaw Lake

Choctaw Lake

shoreline flowers

shoreline flowers

We goobed around for a while on the lake, then ran about 4.5 miles on the mountain bike trail. Legs felt like rubber for a little while, but it got better. By 10:30 am or so, it was starting to get pretty warm and we were getting hungry. Jumped back in the water to cool down, ate some snacks (banana, protein bar, water) then headed on home. Great day at the lake for sure!

When I got home, still had some energy, so I did about 5 sets of pushups (70-80 reps) and about the same with weighted crunches. Yippie! Did not eat lunch ’til 3 PM. Left over steak (just a small bit really) and a bunch of salad.

6 pm run with Joseph, Robert Morgan, Morgan Henry, Drew Boyles, Brian Laird, and John Mooney. Pretty warm and very humid, but still a decent run. Only 5 miles for most of us. John caught us in the middle of his 14 mile run. Despite having run and done lots of other stuff earlier, I still had a decent, jog. I stayed with Joseph today, with Drew and John mostly hanging with us, for about a 7 minute average pace per mile with first mile slower and 5th at 6:30. Drew, who had run over to meet us, dropped off around the four mile mark (5 or 6 for him) and headed home to cook supper and eat. John briefly dropped off to stretch his legs and finished up just a bit behind us. The other mugs dropped off here and there, but showed up not too long after us. Good run! Robert was pretty hyped up and inspired by my recent loss of 20 pounds and getting back into decent shape, so he decided to go add a few miles after and help Mooney finish his run up. Mooney, incidentally, won yet another triathlon yesterday in Jackson, MS and even broke the course record. Apparently, he is the man around this region right now! Congrats Mr. Mooney!

I was still pretty hyped up myself after this pleasant and quite sweaty jaunt thru town, so I did 5 sets of pushups (50-70 reps each) and some hanging oblique raises when we got home! Yeah baby!


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